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Why can't i remember (post)

Novel By: Allylove123
Young adult

Angel is a typical teen, well sort of anyway. She has a boyfriend, a family, and a house. That makes her normal, right? No, it doesn’t if your family doesn’t know where you are, your boyfriend’s brother is keeping you away from your boyfriend - even if he is in the same house- and threatening to kill your family, and the house you’re in is a prison in disguise. See Angel made a couple of mistakes in her past and now it’s all back to haunt her. Except… well there’s the funny thing of an experiment done on her and her cousin Virginia to wipe their memories and turn them into perfect beings with a little... let’s say boost. In this novel, follow Angel on her way to finding her memories and ultimately exposes Jameson Clothing View table of contents...


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Chapter 1: Dark

It was a dark place. Everything around me was dark. Cold even, how had I gotten here? Why am I here? I couldn't move my body wouldn't let me. My eyes closed and it was dark for a long time. No light, then suddenly there was light, beautiful light. A girl stood there staring down at me with hurt in her eyes. I want to ask her who she is, but my mouth would not form the words. Her eyes filled with tears as she said something I couldn't hear.

My heart sunk as I watched her cry and a sickening feeling filled me. "Angel!" she screamed. Then I was awake. I look around, and see nothing at first. Where am I? I think to myself. I see a desolate window covered by purple drapes. A locked gate lay straight in front of me. I blink a couple of times and the room comes into view.

It wasn't a real room I soon realize it was more of a cage. Only a mirror stood on one of the sides of the room. I take a look at myself; my eyes were a weird color. A beautiful purple, the eyes were the most distinct, my skin was light brown and my hair was black with a few red highlights. I was suddenly filled with rage as I realized my hands were chained behind my back. I started to cry and tried to move my arms, they hurt but I wouldn't stop trying to get free.

"It's useless Angel you won't get anywhere" said a voice. I looked up and saw a boy standing there with a key. "Where am I?" I manage to say, my voice sounding a bit dry. "If I told you that I'd have to kill you" the boy said unlocking the chains. It felt good to have my arms free and I looked at him in shock. "My master wishes to see you" the boy said rubbing his head. "How old are you?" I asked the boy. "I'm six, you are sixteen, and my name is Lentos" said Lentos leading me through the hallways.

"No more questions, okay?" Lentos asked smiling and pulling me along. I laugh and walk after him, we soon reach the end of the hallway and he leads me through a red door. The room he had led me to, was covered in colored cloth. Lentos beckoned me to sit down, so I did. A young girl of about eight walked in next, followed by another girl my age. Then walked in a man, he was holding a baton in one hand and a whip in the other. I cringe at the sight of the whip and whispered too lentos "is that your master?" Lentos shook his head in reply. Then a boy walked in he looked to be about seventeen. Not that I was the best at guessing ages. "That is my master, his name is Ceil Jameson" Lentos said smiling. "That big guy with the whip is head butler" Lentos whispered.

"Do you mean Jameson clothing?" I asked. Lentos nodded in response, "he will take over the company once his father dies" he added with a slight admiration in his voice. "Okay then" I said laughing a little. My laugh echoed throughout the room. Everyone turned to look at me; I just smiled and realized I didn't mind the attention. As a matter of fact I liked it.

"Miss, may I ask you what is so funny" said the head butler, unlatching his whip and moving towards Lentos. I stepped in front of Lentos, and blocked him from the head butlers view. "No you may not!" I said with more power than I should have been able to manage. Considering the fact that a whip was in front of me; I was doing very well.

"Move Angel so I may punish this boy" the head butler said in a gruff tone that scared me a little. "No" I said firmly refusing to move. At this point Ceil seemed interested and was getting out of his seat. "That is enough Barnabas" Ceil said frowning. So maybe I was wrong, maybe he wasn't interested in seeing my show of defiance. "Leave them be they have done nothing wrong," Ceil said, taking the whip from Barnabas.

"Maria take Lento to his room, I think he's had enough excitement for today; I will call you both when it is time for dinner," Ceil said to the eight year old who promptly nodded and took Lentos' shaking hand and led him toward the exit to the far right. I shook my head as Lentos looked back at me. I'll be alright I mouthed to him, and with that Lentos smiled and let Maria lead him away.

"I apologize for my servant, he is quick to anger, a brute, and refuses to think before he acts," Ceil said smiling cheerfully. Barnabas just shook his head, rolled his eyes, and proceeded to walk out. I let out a sigh of relief, happy that part of the day was now over. On closer inspection Ceil was cute. I shook my head I couldn't think that now I had to escape.

"You are scared?" Ceil said looking me straight in the eye. "A lady who just stood up to my butler is scared of me?" Ceil said with a slight shake of his head. "No" I replied sitting back down. "No?" Ceil questioned me. "No Ceil, I am not afraid of you" I replied haughtily.

"You are a brave one; I'll give you that Angel" Ceil said walking over to the other girl. "Angel meet Virginia, Virginia meet Angel, you two will be spending a lot of time together" Ceil said grabbing both of our hands. He led us out the same door the servants had gone through. I have to say my face went red, when he grabbed my hand. Virginia's was too, whatever we were here for it made me nervous.

He led us down a flight of stairs through a long hallway and finally stopped in front of two gigantic doors. He opened them and led us inside. The room was beautiful. There was a small living area with a couple of appliances, there were also two doors located on either side of the room. Bedrooms I thought, and of to the left I could see a kitchen; where a maid stood patiently.

"This is where you two will be staying for the next few months," Ceil said walking out the door. "Goodbye," he said as it shut behind him. "Months" I said to Virginia who promptly shook her head. "I don't know how I got here but I intend to find out" She said walking towards the kitchen. "I was thinking the same thing" I said with a slight smile.

Virginia smiled back, she looked a little like me except on one side of her face was a heart shaped birthmark. I had one just like it but mine was on the back of my neck; how I knew that was a bit shocking as I hadn't seen the back of my neck. "So do you remember anything before you woke up in your cell?" she asked sitting down on one of the kitchens stools. I shook my head "all I remember is the dream I had, but besides that I can't remember a thing," I replied looking through the kitchen.

I didn't find much, just basic food and kitchen supplies. Some kitchen utensils and once I looked in the fridge I realized it was full. It was like a cook's paradise, the maid just smiled as my face lit up and Virginia laughed. "Why don't we explore the rooms?" I suggested to Virginia who nodded. I took the room on the right and she took the one on the left.

The room was beautiful. It was the dream room I never got to make. At least that's what it felt like. My heart was singing. The room's walls were pink and green striped and the bedspread and lamps matched and so did the curtains and the floor was covered with a lush grass like carpet. There were flowers everywhere and the room looked like a garden with a fountain in the middle and trellis in front of the bathroom door.

I walked through the trellis and entered a beautiful bathroom. It continued with the theme of gardens. It was a breathtaking sight for me. Even though I couldn't remember why I wanted a room like this it was beautiful. I walked through the bathroom to a walk in closet that was filled to the brim with clothes all my size.

I found shoes also, and a cell phone lay on a table in a box. I took it out of the box and smiled it was an attractive cell phone. I looked around again, and saw a little mini skirt laid out on the closet table; next to it was a blue crop top with a little zipper down the back. Now this was my style; when was the last bath I had taken, I thought to myself looking down. I decided this would be a great time to take a bath.

After the bath I searched for underwear and other stuff which I found- in the exact size that I needed. It was creepy in the least, after that I pulled on the mini skirt and the crop top and headed outside to meet Virginia. Instead I found Ceil standing in front of me. I had to say those green eyes took my breath away.

He was tall I noted now that I finally had time to study him. He was also pretty cut, it just made him seductive. Wait, what am I thinking I thought staring at him even more. "Ms. Angel may I have your attention" Ceil said with a sly yet seductive smile. I hated him for it but I laughed. "You have the cutest laugh," he said smiling. I was about to lose all feeling in my leg so I decided to sit down.

"Thank you," I managed to croak out. Of course Ceil didn't get the hint and sat next to me. Virginia walked outside of the room then and I immediately jumped up but Ceil pulled me back He smelled so good; I could almost melt into him. No, I had to get off of him. Virginia was starting to get a pained look and so far she was the only friend I had that I hadn't gotten into trouble. So I started to try and get up but his hands were locked firmly around my waist. "Stop struggling," he whispered in a calming voice "Just, except it," he said I could hear the smile in his voice.

So I relaxed; I wasn't going to make this harder then it needed it to be. I felt him ease me off his lap and put me on the chair beside him. Oh great I was scared of him for nothing. He got up and smiled, he knew he had me scared and I hated him for that. "I came to invite you two to dinner so I can explain your situation," Ceil said walking towards the door. "Please dress formally my father will be joining us," and with that Ceil walked out the door.

I let out a sigh of relief and Virginia laughed and gave me a hug. "So did you enjoy that?" she asked smiling. I shook my head in denial but on the inside I was screaming yes. My head hurt a lot but I didn't fully understand why. "Virgin" I didn't get to finish her name as a fell to the ground and blacked out. "Angel, can you hear me, Angel" I awoke to Virginia shaking me.

"How long was I out?" I asked, frowning.

"About a half an hour, we have to get ready for dinner now," Virginia said in a rushed tone. So I got up and ran to my closet. I saw a short black dress hanging in the closet, it was strapless and the bottom was ruffles. It was pretty with a little embroidery of small diamonds in the middle but next to it was a red one just like it.

I decided to go with the red. I found a pair of black strappy two inch heels. I put those on and headed to the main room and found Lentos standing there. I smiled and gave him a big hug which he returned. "Angel, you need makeup," Lentos said frowning, heading into my new room he came out with a makeup kit.

He then began his work, and when he was done I was shocked at how good he had done. My skin was shimmery and beautiful, I almost laughed at how cute I looked.

"We need to fix your hair," Lentos said smiling that secret smile of his. I recognized that smile… but I couldn't place it.

He soon went to work with my long hair; first brushing then combing. The end result was beautiful and lush looking. I smiled at how beautiful I looked and hugged Lentos again. "Okay Angel, you're ready!" Lentos said with a smile leading me to Virginia room.

Virginia stood in a black floor length dress that suited her very well, she wore little makeup if any; and I was starting to get uncomfortable in mine. She smiled a smile that didn't reach her jealousy clouded eyes. I saw the look of jealousy but didn't understand it. Why was she so jealous…? I wasn't pretty.

"Come on ladies chop, chop the masters wait for no one," Lentos said pushing us through the door. We made our way to a formal dining room that was beautiful. An older version of Ceil stood at the head of the table. Ceil stood at his side, and I had to say he was staring at me. I looked down at myself to make sure nothing was wrong.

I looked up and then watched as another boy about the same age as Ceil walked out. If it was possible they looked almost exactly alike. Except Ceil had green eyes and this boy's eyes where brown, I took a deep breath as they both were now staring at me. I looked over at Virginia who just shrugged and gave me an encouraging smile that reached her eyes.

Next I saw a girl walk out she looked to be about 15, she was very pretty with striking purple eyes and long blond hair.

"This is my family, we welcome you with open arms," said a women's voice. I look towards the direction of the voice and found an older lady with beautiful brown eyes. "My name is Agatha, and I will be your hostess for the next few months," she said, walking over to us.

"You've met Ceil, now meet Giovanni and Sophie," said the man walking towards his wife. "I am Tyler Renaldo Jameson CEO of the Jameson clothing line," he said smiling. Giovanni was staring at me and making me a little uncomfortable. Then again any guy staring at me made me uneasy.

"Pleases be seated," Agatha said guiding us to the chairs. Virginia sat next to me and then Lentos sat on the other side. I was relieved that I wasn't going to have to sit next to Ceil or Giovanni. "Let's discuss why you girls are here," said Tyler making a serious face. "One of you girls will marry Giovanni here, and the other will be killed," Sophie said smugly. I nearly collapsed after hearing that but I was in a chair so I was okay. "What!" Virginia screamed.

"So all of this is to pick a wife for Giovanni Jameson? Heir to the company" she said with a smile. "Well yes as Sophie so bluntly said" Agatha said with a worried look.

I noticed that Ceil wasn't speaking, but was staring at his father as if to say you're going to regret this. I frowned, as the food was brought out and I was given a salmon with lime. I smiled at how good it looked, but started wondering again how they knew so much about me.

"Of course we had Sophie here stalk you for a few months to see what you were like so we knew what you would want or need," said Giovanni staring at me in particular. I coughed as my throat started to feel tight. Ceil and Virginia let out a slight giggle and Lentos patted my hand under the table. Virginia looked at me with worry in her eyes; I could tell she was worried about our predicament.

I mouthed "we'll get through this," at her and she nodded. "Alright let's eat!" said Ceil finally breaking his silence. We all laughed and nodded and began to dig in to the delicious food before us. The fish tasted really good and for dessert they gave us a big slice of chocolate cake with whipped cream and strawberries.

After dinner I excused myself from the table and walked out of the room. It was not until I was halfway down the hall when I felt a hand grab me. "Shhh, it's only me," Ceil said. I could hear the strain in his voice, something was bothering him. But this was getting to be uncomfortable as my dress was slowly riding up.

He released me and I straightened out my dress. "First of all let me say how sorry I am you have to go through this," he said taking my hand in his. I rolled my eyes and smiled. "I'd also like to say that you look beautiful," he said with a seductive smile. I blushed and looked away "thanks," I said briefly. "Please understand me when I say I don't want to see you die, but I also don't wish for you to marry Giovanni.

"So I'm at an in pass, I can either watch you die or watch you marry my brother," he said backing me against the wall. He reached into his pocket and I thought he would kill me right there. But he just pulled a necklace out of his pocket. "I won't let you die, so take this as my promise to you okay," He said putting the necklace around my neck. The necklace had a single jewel a ruby pendant. "Now go and don't tell anyone what I said to you okay," he asked releasing me. I nodded as he walked away down the hall. I didn't move until he was gone.

This week was going to be a long week.


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