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This is actually the story that follow the lives of four rising stars. If you've ever wanted a peek into the lives of your pop idols, then this is the story for you. LIving in the lime light isn't always what it seems to be. Follow Liam, Tommy, Nigel and Finn as they try to figure out growing up in the fast-paced and highly competitive lifestyle of being celebrities. How do they handle the women, love, money, drugs, sex, music while still being teenagers themselves.

Penne Dawson is your average teenage senior with her not so innocent best friend Amber growing up and taking life as it comes. Liam Cowell, Tommy Payne, Nigel Sumners and Finn Thomas- Instant Play- are four teenage boys growing up too fast in an adult world trying to live up to their stardom and be who they think the world wants them to be. Penne likes Liam; but Liam is attracted to Amber- she's a girl who asks for nothing and takes whatever is given to her for granted. Unfortunately for him he needs Penne who understands him better than himself- and that scares the hell out of him.

Featuring the lyrics of songtress Vishakha Nair. Follow her here: http://www.wattpad.com/user/VishakhaNair View table of contents...


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"Oh MY God did you see?"

"Yes I saw… I'm watching it again right now."

"I know… I wish I could but our 'Net is dead."

"You don't have Internet? Ew-ew…"

"Dad decided to switch providers- today of all days."

"At least you got to see him singing live… Oh God I just love Liam…"

"Yea I love him too… but I wished that I had seen Nigel singing his solo."

"Don't worry tomorrow the entire concert will be uploaded."

"Ooh… we should do a sleepover and watch… My house…" Amber calls it first.

"We'll order pizza… It's Friday anyways."

"That's right, my parents are going on a holiday."

"Yea? Without you?" That would never happen with my dad. He believes in making every moment counts.

"My parents don't baby me like your dad does."

"That's probably why you sleep with every guy in school." I mumble underneath my breath.

"What? I heard that!" She has never been very good at feigning like she's offended.

"Did I lie?"

"You're just jealous."

"Yea you're right, I'm jealous of not being the biggest slut in school."

"I'm not a slut! I just fall in love easily." She defends. "Hey guess what?" She abruptly changes the subject- instantly I know it's about a boy. "Instant Play is going to be in town next month."

"No shit?" Finally something to be excited about.

"Yea, they just posted on their fan page. And there's a contest…"

"Contest? What kind of contest?"

"Hmm, win a free concert for your school?"

"What? A free concert!" I can't stand it. I'm up pacing my floor in excitement. "What do we have to do how?"

"It's an essay contest- 500 words explaining what it would mean to your school for Instant Play to give a concert. I'm entering it and I'm gonna blast it over the school website."

"Great idea! Me too… Me too… Wouldn't it be unreal if our school won?"

"Oh God if our school won I can't even dream about. Look we should get busy… I just finishing blasting it on the school website."

"Cool, I'll blast it via our phones to everyone we know and tell them to pass it on."

"Oh God, it feels like we really might win this thing."

"I dunno; I can't imagine how many girls are reading this and blasting it out too."

"Let's think only positivity. You start your essay and I'll start mines, 'Kay?"

"Okay see ya in school tomorrow."

"And don't forget the sleepover tomorrow. Maybe I'll invite a few more friends." Hanging up the phone I immediately get busy on my laptop. Opening up a fresh WORD document the blinking cursor stares me down.

"Hmm…" Sighing my frustrations I nibble on the rest of my snaps that I brought upstairs. The egg pudding is cold but still tasty- the salt more settled now.

Instant Play… I type not knowing how to express my feelings on paper at the very idea of the possibility of having them do a live concert at our school. Thinking about it makes my brain freezes and the electrical patterns cease. Tommy is my favorite- he makes my heart race with his dark brooding brown eyes.

"Stop fantasizing… think… think…" I'm already frustrated and I've only typed the band's name. "Shit…" I'm thinking about giving up, but dang I haven't even given it a good try. I get up and go back over to my bed- their posters on my wall are watching me. "Hi" I'm smiling and they're smiling back at me. Tommy has eyes for me. The thought relaxes me and soon I'm dreaming and we are together and they're singing to me and all of the girls envy me.


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