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Used & Abused : About a little girl

Novel By: AmiBrewis
Young adult

Holly is sick of getting bullied at school. She is sick of her alcholic father and she is sick of life. One day her dad asks her to steel some money for him and come back when she is done. But will she ever come back ?

This isnt a true story but unfortunately , things like this do happen. :( View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 14, 2011    Reads: 522    Comments: 6    Likes: 2   

The school bell rang. "Another frightfull day of torture" I thought to myself as i wondered inside the school building. I took my seat next to Brad. Brad was a boy who wasn't much older then me, but he was never nice to me. He couldn't go a day without calling me a name or hitting me when the teacher wasn't looking. i doodled the entire lesson. The entire day infact. Brad and the others didn't bother me all day either ! Which was good. After six dreadfull hours, the school bell rang one more time. Home time ! Yes !

We all piled out the school gates wanting to get home quick. I had a good day today. I never got picked on at all ! As I was walking down the big bank, I heared footsteps coming from behind me. But i didn't care. Nothing could put a downer on me today, I heared voices coming from behind me. I heared a few giggles before everything went silent. Suddenly I got pushed from behind. "Alright Holly ?" Ashleigh said walking next to me. Ashleigh was a huge bitch. She never cared about any one but herself and loved showing of infront of her friends, Shannon and Emma. I carried on walking, faster and faster. "What'ya doin' ?" Ashliegh demanded , giving me a slight push. "Go away !" I shouted , trying to get away from her , and to my suprize she did. I heard whispers again coming from behind me, and i knew for a fine fact that ashleigh wasn't alone. I turned around quickley to see what their problem was, but none of them were there. Thats weired. I could of sworn i heared them whispering....

I turned the corner into the allyway when I got the shock of my life. Shannon and Emma standing there, right in front of me. Determand to not let me past. I tried to push them away but they pushed me back. And I fell into the arms of Ashleigh. " Leave me alone !" I screamed, almost crying. Ashleigh had chucked me to Emma and Shannon, who were now holding my arms. No matter how hard I struggled I couldn't get loose. They were just to strong. I was praying for someone to come and rescue me but nobody came. I elbowed Shannon in the gut , my desprit attempt to escape. She let go of my right arm instantly. I tried to run but Emma grabbed my hair and pushed me to the wall. I banged my head of the brickwork and ended up falling to the ground. "You fucking Bitch ! You've just gave me cramp !" Shannon shouted angrilly. I whimperd in fear and got as close to the wall as i could. "C'mon , she needs to learn her lesson !" Ashleigh said, rolling her sleaves up and punched me continusley , untill i bled. Emma raised her foot high , about to kick me in the face. I put my hands out , trying to protect myself. " Please ! Dont hurt me anymore! I'll do anything ! Just dont hurt me !"

Ashleigh,Emma and Shannon both looked at each other and grinned. "Well....There is something you could do instead....." They all said smugly with a faint smile across their faces......


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