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The Angel of Life

Novel By: Angel Of Life
Young adult

Tags: Angel, Life, Fantasy

Avaline, is an angel of life. she is assigned to someone who needs her and helps them go through life. View table of contents...



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The Angel of Life

chapter 1

"Avaline, you will be assigned to your person in a few days, it would be best if you studied for the test." the headmaster said to Avaline. Avaline sighed as she got her notebook out. "but headmaster, why must we study about people's problems if we are going to find out about them when we meet them?" she asked. the headmaster looked at her and replied " because, what if your person needs help fast and you dont know how to help quikly? Or what if you dont help the person right?" Avaline looked at her and moaned. she opened her notebook and began reading. her headmaster gave her a quike smile and left her room. after reading the first few pages, she put the book to the side and got up from her desk. She and her friends were going to the Loving River to make their wishes. After all, thats what all the angels do before they get assigned to someone.

chapter 2

Avaline looked in her wardrobe. she had many fine dresses, but she needed a fantastic one for this occasion. she looked and looked, untill she finally remembered the dress her sister gave her before she was assigned. it was in a fancy box in the corner. Ava ( short for Avaline) opened it and gasped at the elegance of the dress. it was baby blue, the length was just above her knees, and sleeves were long, but they were white and lacey. it had many white sparkles on it and it flowed out big. it was big around the bottem, but tight around the waist and it had fragile white chains around it as belts. along with the dress, there were white shoes and an amazing clip. it has light blue and white jewals all in a line and it sparkled more than a diamond. After Ava got dressed, she did her hair. it was very long and golden brown. she got her special flower. it was what she would float down the river when she makes her wish. the flower was yellow in the center and turned dark red on the outside.on the outside, were also tiny white spots. she looked at her self in the mirror and headed off to the river.

chapter 3

"Ava!" Janice called. Janice was Ava's best friend. they were set in the same nursery when they were born, so they knew each other from birth. "hey Janice! i have missed you a bunch!" ava said as she was hugging her. sadly, Janice was going to be assigned tomorrow, so this was the last time they would see eachother until they have finished their duty. when the person the angel is assigned to, dies, then the angel is free to be themselves in their land. because janice is leaving the next day, they both decided to do the wishing today. " why hello, Ava" said Dimitri. he was their best friend also, but they only knew him since they were five. after they were all done hugging and catching up, they each knelt down beside the river. Janice was wearing a red dress that fell below her knees and had no straps. it kind of looked more like a party dress. she gently put a little flower in the river. it was the most perfect honeysuckle Ava has ever seen. she could smell it's sweetness from where she was sitting.Janice whispered her wish and then it was Dimitri's turn. he put a beautiful small calla lilly in the water. he whispered his wish and looked at Ava. she slowly took out her flower as her friends gasped at its beauty. she gently placed it in the water and whispered, " i wish, i really wish, that when i help my person, i do it right, and they will have a happy life and that i dont mess up. i want to be an amazing angel of life, but i want my person's life to be amazing also." the three watched as the flowers floated down the Loving River.

chapter 4

a few days passed and it was test time. Ava studied and she was ready. after she took the test, she stepped up onto a big stage like place. everyone else was sitting on the bushes or floating on the trees. she looked up and saw a sparkle falling. once it landed into her hands it got bigger and showed a picture. it was a 16 year old girl with short black hair and green eyes. Ava sighed in happiness. in a while, she would disapear into sparkles and go to her person. this is what she was waiting for. she looked around her but could only see white sparkles. it tickled her when they passed and soon they began to disapear. she looked around and saw a girl sitting next to her.

chapter 5

" omg, who are you?" the girl asked. Ava smiled. " i am Avaline, i am your life angel. i will help you get through the hard times in your life." she replied. the girl slowly started smiling. " my name is Becka." she said. " im glad your here, my brother just got married, so he isn't living with us and my mom is working alot so im home alone all bored." Ava looked at her and asked, " what about your dad?" Becka sighed and started "well, my parents made alot of money, right, so then my dad was like ' why dont we actually spend it' and my mom was like' no, no, no, we should save it for something big.' and he got mad. i mean like who cares if she wants to save money, right? so then he was like ' ok then, why dont i buy a house and spend my own money' and my mom was like ' fine then, get out of this house! you would have made us broke anyway!' so then he left and now its like this." she finished with a big sigh. Ava just looked at her and sighed too.

chapter 6

the two girls pent a lot of time talking about their lives and about the whole life angel thing, after they finally finished they were tired. " Becka, why dont you sleep. dont worry, i'm gonna be here in the morning, you just have to call me." Becka looked at her, " how?" she asked. " just say ' Ava, i need you' and i'll pop up, oh and dont worry, only you can see me." she finished off. Becka nodded and went to sleep. Ava also fell alseep beside her. this was her new life.

chapter 7

( from Ava's point of veiw)

" Ava?" i heard a voice call out. i appeared in front of Becka in an instant. " hey Becka, what's up?" i said. she laughed and said " are you hungry?" i looked at her and said " i am, it's a good thing i can eat normal food." we both laughed and headed off to the kitchen. there was a stack of pancakes on the table. " you can have as many as you want, i already ate." she said. i nodded and ate one. " this is good, did you make it?" i asked her. she chuckled and replied " no, no, my mom got them at the store, i just heated them up." after hearing that i chuckled too. " i do the same thing" i said. then i sighed. " Becka, i have to go now, you can call me when you really need me, or think you need me. you can call me if you are lonely or need compony, but i have to go." i said to her. she sighed and nodded. i gave her a quike smiles and disapeared.

chapter 8

( Ava's POV)

i heard her call out to me. i appeared in front of her and noticed a man standing in front of her. i knew what what going on. i silently said the words " she knew not, this would be, make him exposed, for all to see" and i blew the words to him. all of a sudden he started itching himself. while he was doing so, he stumbled backwords and made a loud crash. then everyone looked out their window. she was safe now. i gave her a hug as she whispered "thank you" and i disapeared again, this time happy, knowing i helped her life be better.

chapter 9

( Ava's POV)

i heard her call me again. i cant beleive its been a week already. this time she was sad, like she was crying. i quikley appeared next to her. " what's wrong? are you ok?" i asked. she shook her head as the tears fell off her cheeks. " my friend, she, she said that i spread a rumor about her and she wouldn't beleive me and she said she never wants to see me again." she cried to me. i gave her a hug and replied " dont worry, if she is really your frined, then she will find out what really happend and will come back to you. if she doesn't. then maybe she just said that because she was done. but no matter what, its not you, its her. just saying." she chuckled and said " at least i have you" as she hugged me again. " but only until you have a better life, then i leave for good." i said to her. she nodded slowly and replied to me " if you make my life better, or not, i will remember you, and if your not here one day, you have already made my life better, by knowing there is someone that really does help me, and wont leave until my life is better. to me, that's amazing." i hugged her tightly. i knew that her life, wont need me for long, because i knew what she needed for a better life, someone to love her and care for her, a soul mate.

chapter 10

( ava's pov)

"getting her a soul mate will take a while, so i should help. next time she needs help, i will send someone over with my magic and it will work out." i sighed." a setup? no, that wouldn't work." i kept thinking to myself.i popped up next to Becka and saw her with someone. i quikly hid and watched them. it was perfect. she was happy and thats all that mattered. i am so happy now! but, not too happy. i hope she will still need me too, i am her life angel after all. i watched them. they looked perfect together. i watched her walk away smiling like crazy and walked up to her. " what happend?" i asked excited. " well, me and him are together and he asked if i wanted to go on a boat trip with him to paris!" she basicly scream as she explained the rest. i hugged her and said, " i dont want your heart to get broken. so i will do this." i said and whispered the words " heart not broken, please never be, is he the one, please let me see" and a sprakler appeared. it turned pink and made a heart shape. he was.

chapter 11

( Ava's pov)

i said to her, " now, you have two people to help you. i made your life better, and now so will he, but i am still here for you. call me anytime you need to or want to." she smiled and hugged me. " okay, Avaline, thank you so much, even with the little you did, you did make my life better." i smiled too. i then disapeared. and for the rest of Becka's life, i helped her, i even watched he wedding. and her life was never horrible. she never hated it. she had an amazing life. the day she died of old age was the end of my mission. she had a happy life, and now, i asked to help others instead of retirement. now, i go around and help people have better lives, and who knows, i might be helping you next. ;)


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