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Novel By: angellynn
Young adult

Penelope was a young inspiring fashion designer. When her interview with one of New Yorks finest designers turns Into a dream come true. The company she applied for was owned by her worse enemy, the Rodders. Penelope was determined to avenge her familys loss. Even If It mean't befriending the enemy...

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Penelope Samantha Jamerson, do you take Christopher Donnathon Rodders, to be your lawfully wedded husband? To have and to hold, from this day forward... "Stop!" Penelope screamed. " I cant do this," she crys to the minister. "What am I doing?" Penelope sees herself at her wedding. Her gown flowing behind her, laced In satin,with pearl lined edges.A design of her own creation. The most perfect wedding dress. The only problem Is, the man standing at her right, Is'nt the man of her dreams. This man Is Penelopes worse enemy... So why Is he standing here? And why does she keep having this same nightmare? Is It really Penelope behind the veil? Or Is It someone else wearing her gown? Just as the minister says " You may kiss the bride," Christopher reaches to reveal the brides face, suddenly Penelope wakes up...

" That was crazy," Penelope thought, jumping out of bed. Penelope takes a shower and dresses for her interview. She was excited and so hopeful about getting the job. Penelope finished Fashion Design Academy with high honors. But It will be a challenge for her to find a designer, who Is willing to hire someone so young and with no experience.

Penelope really wasn't inexperienced. She just hasn't ever had a real job. Penelopes parents had a clothing store and she spent alot of time helping her mom and dad out. Thats what got her interested In designing clothes. Her mom was amazed how quickly she caught on to the business. At seventeen, Penelope had her own line of proposed designs. She hoped one day to develope her creations.

Penelopes parents went out of business, after tenty-five years. Their business was over taken by a new department store, " Weddings Plus." It was owned and operated by the Rodders. A family that Penelope grew to hate. It was the Rodders Intentions to close the doors on her familys business, and they succeeded. It killed Penelopes dad. Losing the business put him In his grave. Her mom works at a local resturant, waiting tables. Penelope couldn't stand seeing her mom work so hard, just to get by. They were doing so well when they had the store. But the Rodders put an end to their dreams and their future. Penelopes mom put her through design school, with the little money she made at the resturant. Oh, how Penelope hated the Rodders...

It was a busy day In the city and New York was blooming with opportunity. Penelope crossed her fingers as walked Into the building...

She walks up to the large desk that sat In the middle of a luxurious room. The bold golden letters CDR DESIGNS, told her she was In the right place. Penelope didn't know what they stood for, and really wasn't concerned about It at the moment. She was just too excited about the interview...

It had been two years since the Rodders put her family out of business, and a year since her dad passed away. Penelope was away at school when the Rodders opened their store. Looking around the room, Penelope couldn't help but shed a tear for her dad. This was his dream, to have a big business like this one. It would have happened too, If the Rodders hadn't taken all the business In the area. It was In their plans to cause my parents down-fall.The Rodders are greedy and decieving...

A tall slender woman comes out and looks around. Penelope Jamerson, Miss Ryder will see you now. I couldn't hardly get out of my chair, I was so numb from my nerves.

The woman led the way to Miss Ryders office. When I entered, Miss Ryder reached out to shake my hand. " Miss Jamerson," I assume, She smiled. " I'm Catherine Ryder, I'll be interviewing you today.

" Yes, I told her shaking all over. My knees were so weak, I couldn't hardly stand. She finally ask me to take a seat. " She Is so beautiful," I thought. The outfit she wore was absolutely breath-taking." If you dont mind my asking, Miss Ryder. Did you design the out-fit your wearing? "

" Why yes, I did." she smiled. " Do you like It?"

" Of course, Its lovely," I had to admit.

" I'm sorry you had to wait so long. I've been going over your portfolio. I must say, I'm impressed. I see here you dont have any prior employment." She frowned at me.

I could tell by her expression, That It would be a problem. " Your correct, Miss Ryder. I'm only nineteen and fresh out of design school. The only job training I have was In my parents store." I told her crossing my fingers under her desk.

" Are you familar with " Weddings-R-Us?" I asked.

" No Penelope, I'm afraid I'm not."She answered shaking her head. " Was your familys store In this area?"

" actually It wasn't." I told her diappointed. We were In the Manhatten district."

" The Manhatten district!" She said surprised. " We have a store In that very area. This Is the main branch. Why didn't you just apply for a job In your area?" She asked.

" I'm sorry, I said confused. I haven't noticed a store by this name."

" Name?" Oh! Honey your confused, she laughed. The golden letters are the abbreviation of the owners of these chain of stores. Wedding gowns aren't their only line of clothing.

" What do the letters stand for?" Pretending I hadn't already figured It out...

" I'm sorry, Miss Ryder." I told her picking up my portfolio." I dont think this Is the right job for me." Walking away from a promising future...


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