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Lily's Destiny

Novel By: Anjela Myrick
Young adult

Lily is a teenage Fae. She just wants to a regular teenage in the human world. When the Council decides to bring back the monarchy will she accept her destined role, or will she refuse in order to live an ordinary life. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 29, 2012    Reads: 99    Comments: 8    Likes: 2   

Chapter 1

Lily stared out her bedroom window as the rain fell. She loved watching the rain it always gave her a sense of renewal, like no matter what everything would be better in the morning. It had been raining since yesterday after school. She loved the rain the way it smelled the way it made everything clean. Unfortunately it was interfering with her weekend.

As much as she loved living with her community of Fae, she wished they weren't so against technology. The elders acted like one iPod would be the destruction of them all. As far as she was concerned being sixteen and without a cell phone should be a crime, she felt so isolated from all her human friends at school. Of course that was the whole point, to separate us from them.

She has enough a little rain wasn't going to keep her locked up in the house. She went to her tiny closet and got out her raincoat, rain boots, and umbrella. She looked at herself in the full length mirror wishing that she had better looking rain coat.

Fae were taught from an early age to appreciate the looks nature gave them, but she could never stop wishing. She had light brown hair and green eyes. She was slender like her mother but not as tall at only 5'5, her skin was usually a pale pink but changed with her moods. Not a fun trait for a Fae. Most Fae with her ability learned to control the color at her age. Her mother kept saying she needed to get some training. She might have to take that into consideration.

She walked into the living room and found her mother reading in her favorite chair by the window. Her mother Violet was also a color changing Fae she preferred to stay light purple to match her name. Her hair was blonde with blue eyes and she was a slender build at six feet tall.

"Lily, where are you going in this weather?"

"I'm going to see Maggie."

"A human?"

"Yes, a human. I go to school with mostly humans. What do you expect?"

"I expect you to distance yourself from those humans, you are better than them. You are Fae, the direct descendant of King Tierney. The greatest King in the history of our people."

"Mom, I don't want to talk about this right now. I'll be back in a few hours."

Lily left the house and almost changed her mind about leaving. Even with all her rain gear her hair was bound to get wet. She walked a mile down the road before she passed her neighbor's house where her childhood friend Cyclone live, he saw her and stuck his head out the door.

"Hey Lily, Where you going in the rain."

Cyclone was from a family of Fae who could control the weather. Unfortunately the only thing he could do is make wind. He was short for a Fae at only 5'8 and had metallic light blue skin with blue hair and eyes to match. Lily walked over toward his house and stood under the cover awning.

"I'm going to town, to visit my friend Maggie. I can't take being cooped up in the house anymore."

"Want some company?"

"Are you sure, she's a human." Lily asked.

"It will be fun. Slumming with the humans." Cyclone laughed.

"That's not funny; if you want to come you have to be nice."

"I promise on all the Fae before me I will be very nice to the human girl, of course if she cute I will be extremely nice." Cyclone said as he gave her his famous flirty laugh.

"I think I would rather go alone."

"If you take me I'll show you something I've been keeping the biggest secret ever."

"Fine show me your big secret."

They walked out in the rain; Cyclone led her toward a big empty field. The eventually reached the tree line and out in the woods was a building of some sort. The rain finally slowed down to light a drizzle. Lily was able to fold up her umbrella.

"What is this?" Lily asked.

"This isn't the secret it's what's inside. Come on you'll love it." Cyclone ran ahead and opened up two big doors and when he opened them up it revealed a motorcycle. Lily couldn't believe what she was looking at. It was shiny and blue in color other than that it looked like an ordinary motcycle.

If the elders found out he could be punished or even banned.

"Oh my goddess Cyclone, it's a motorcycle. Where did you get this?"

"I bought it. I've been selling my wood carving at the marketplace since I was ten. I've saved every penny."

"Do your parents know?"

Lily knew for a fact his parent's would never allow such a thing. She remembered going to Cyclone's 10th born ceremony. That was the Fae version of a birthday party; a family friend that lived in the city came and for a gift gave him an electronic book. They totally freaked.

Technically according to the elders, small electronics that don't need to be plugged in are okay to have. Some Fae however have taken it one step further, like Cyclone's parents and don't use anything that requires batteries either.

"You know as well as I do they would never understand, I just feel so trapped. I wish I could go to human school like you."

"You want to go to a human school, seriously?" Lily asked. Cyclone never showed any interest in the human world before. Of course most Fae would never let it be known even if they were.

"It would be nice to be with a bunch of kids my own age even if they are human. Are you ready to go into town?"

"On that?"

"That's right, here put on this helmet, it protects and disguises."

Lily took the helmet, she smiled as she looked at the color it was pink just a few shades darker than her skin. Even though she knew she shouldn't she went ahead and accepted the ride.

"Will you go slowly?"

"I promise, I would never let anything hurt you, are you ready?" Cyclone held his hand out to Lily. She grabbed it and hopped onto the back of the bike.

What am I thinking?


Lily and Cyclone arrived into the outskirts of town 15 minutes later. He did start out slow as promised but Lily ended up enjoying it much more than she thought and encouraged him to go faster. They arrived at Susan's house just as the rain finally stopped completely. Lily really hoped she was home. Having no phone made it so hard to hang out with her friends from school.

"Wait here, I'll go see if she's home."

Lily ran up the path to the porch. Maggie's Mom answered the door and smile.

"I'm sorry Lily; Maggie went into town to check out the new coffee place on main street."

"Oh, I know the place. I'll go and see if I can find her."

"Would you like me to give her a call for you?"

"No, I have a ride it's only downtown, I'll get there in a flash."

"Ok sweetie, have fun." Lily ran to the bike where Cyclone was sitting watching the neighborhood. Since the rain had stopped children were just starting to come outside.

"She's downtown at the coffee shop, do you know the way?"

"Yeah, I do. Hop on my lady"

"Your such a dork."


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