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Darkness and Light - Chapter 1

Novel By: annemarie
Young adult

This is the first chapter of a novel that I have been working on. It is about a young girl who shies away from making friends because she sees herself as different from everyone else. She sees herself as invisible. It is the first book in a series and deals with Werewolves and Vampires. The first book mainly deals with setting up the world that she lives in. View table of contents...



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The alarm clock had only been blaring for a few seconds when a small hand darted out from under the blankets, slamming down the snooze button silencing the grating music that had suddenly filled the room. It was only after the snooze button had been assaulted at least four times that the girl cocooned under the blanket pulled the covers from over her face, revealing a small pale girl with mousy blond hair. Squinting, she felt the rays from the morning sun piercing her retinas like needles. Aryel was not now or would probably never what anyone would call a morning person.

Aryel pulled herself, groaning, from her warm comfy bed and dragged herself sleepily in the direction of the bathroom as she did every morning as she prepared for school.

For as long as Aryel could remember, she had always had a hard time sleeping and when she did finally get to sleep, she always had strange dreams that she never could quite recall when she woke up. After the dream, she always had a vague recollection of running or possibly being carried and a sense of panic. It seemed to her like it was some sort of distant memory dredged up from the recesses of her mind but of what she had no idea.

"Aryel?" Her mother asked as she entered into the kitchen, not looking away from the television screen that was sitting on the kitchen counter. "You go to school with a girl named Becca Chalmers, don't you?"

Aryel had gone to school with Becca Chalmers for most of her life. Becca, who was on the polar opposite of Aryel in terms of social status, was one of the most popular girls at school. She never had to eat lunch alone in the cafeteria like Ariel - who didn't even merit a spot at the loser table. There was just something about Becca that seemed to draw you in. Aryel wished she could be more like Becca but she often felt that she might as well be invisible for all the attention she got. Aryel honestly thought that no one would even notice if she just stopped going altogether. She supposed that the others would have nicknamed her "The Invisible Girl" years ago if she was anything more than a blip on their radars. Even the teacher could never remember her name and had to look up her name on the seating chart.

"Yeah. Becca's in my grade. Why?" Aryel asked noticing that her mother was still looking at the television screen. When she looked she saw Becca's school picture splashed across the screen.

"There were no witnesses to this grizzly attack," A reporter was saying. "But there is speculation that Chalmers, a student at Rancho Del Sol was attacked by some sort of as yet unidentified animal." The announcer went on to describing "Chalmers' " as a popular fourteen year old and Aryel watched in stunned silence at the picture on the screen.

"Had Becca been attacked?" Aryel wondered as she listened in confusion to the report. As Aryel kept watching she realized that Becca hadn't jut been attacked, she had been savagely attacked. It was only when she heard the announcer saying something about a memorial service did it click in for Aryel that Becca had died. Aryel had never known anyone her own age who had died before. Her adoptive father had passed away when she was quite young and she supposed that her birth parents were dead but she had no idea who they were or who she was for that matter.

Becca and Aryel had never been friends. They hadn't really even spoken more than a few words to each other over the years that they had gone to school together but somehow Aryel felt a feeling of loss. Some people seem to shine more than others. Becca was one of those people. When she walked into a room, the atmosphere changed somehow. It was as if electricity filled the air wherever she happened to be. There really was something about her that made her the complete opposite of Aryel.

"Maybe I should drive you to school?" Her mother suggested nervously.

"Don't you have a house to show?" Aryel asked thinking that her mother really shouldn't be allowed to watch the news - ever.

Every time her mother watched the news she developed a new phobia-du-jour and started hovering over Aryel. She understood where it came from. Just after Aryel had been adopted, her husband had been killed in a car accident. The loss had been a lot for her mother to bear especially when it meant being left alone with a small child. So Aryel understood why her mother was anxious, but still it got annoying.

"You're right." Her mother nodded looking at the clock. "But I want you to be careful."

"I promise not to talk to any strangers or go off with anyone offering me candy." Aryel said sarcastically. Her mother gave her a warning look. She never did have much of a sense of humor. "Mom. I'll be fine. No one's gonna attack me. So don't worry." Aryel said.

"How do you know that?" Her mother asked. That was something that her mother had asked often. The truth is that no one knows when something bad is going to happen to them. If they did they could avoid the bad things and life would be easier. Aryel had a kind of sixth sense about things. She knew that something was going to happen the day her adoptive father had died. She was barely four years old but she still remember being scolded by her mother that day.

"Children who lie don't go to heaven. They stay in purgatory forever and ever." He mother had told her when she had sent her to her room. But Aryel hadn't lied she was telling the truth. She learned a lesson that day that deeply impacted her life. Don't speak.

Aryel wished that she could talk to her mother about how she knew that nothing would happen to her but she knew that her mother wouldn't understand.

"Because I'm the Invisible Girl remember?" Aryel answered plainly.


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