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Let Me Rest

By: AnotherLovelessMachine

Chapter 1, Three years ago, Michelle pushed her twin sister Annie out of the way from a crazed masked man who was going to shoot her. To this day, Michelle has been wandering around as a ghost unable to rest due to the fact they haven\'t found her killer. Michelle tries daily to have her mother and sister notice her, but it never works in her favour. One day, Annie finds someone who is able to see the dead and tries to help both Michelle and Annie.

"Michelle Harris was always a well loved girl and would put her family and friends saftey before her own, which was what she did on the evening of her ninteenth birthday. Michelle pushed her twin sister, Annie, out of the way before a masked-shooter pulled the trigger in a crowded restuarant. Michelle took the bullet for her sister and in result, Michelle lost her life. The shooter has yet to be identified but witnesses are saying that-"

Annie sat on the couch with her mother crying as she stopped the recording of the news report from three years ago. "Annie, sweetheart, you watch this every night and it just isn't going to get any better," Dolores told her daughter while stroking her hair. Annie just wiped her tears to no avail, they just continued to fall down her face.

The brunette shook her head and sighed. "You know that I won't stop watching it until they find the person who killed her. Who ever it was, they were going after me! And I wish it was me, every day, I wish it was me. Michelle was always so bright and bubbly and so loved," Annie said remembering what her sister was like. The two were always so close. Where ever one twin was, the other was right there or close by. "They've probably stopped looking though... It's been three years."

Dolores hugged her daughter close and let her cry a little while longer. It was the same routine everyday. Annie would get up early in the morning and sit around for awhile, looking through old photo albums that contained pictures of her sister, she would leave for work and come home around six to help her mother cook dinner and she would spend the rest of her day re-watching the news report.

"Maybe you should go out with your friends, you haven't done that in awhile... You guys can even just come and hang out here. Maybe make cookies or cupcakes like you all used to," Dolores said and Annie just sat there silently. It had been a few months since Annie last went out with her friends.

It was becoming unhealthy habbit of Annie's to block her friends from her life and just sit at home thinking about how things used to be. "I guess it could be a good thing," Annie said shrugging slightly.

Dolores patted her daughter's lap before standing from the couch and left her alone in the living room. Annie pulled out her phone from her pocket and for the first time in a few months, instead of playing mindless games, she sent messages to her closest friends.

On the opposite side of the couch sat a girl sitting in an identical position Annie was in. The girl with the long brown hair that was curled to perfect smiled at Annie. Her pale lips rarely ever cracked a smile. The girl walks around in her favourite pink dress that has been ruined and black high heels. Everyday, she goes unnoticed by her own sister despite the fact that she follows her everywhere she goes. "Annie..." Michelle said sadly as she reached to her sister.

Michelle made daily attempts to touch her sister but her arm would always push right through her. Annie shivered and sneezed before going back to messaging her friends. At least she attempted even though she knew each time she would fail. "One day I'll see you again," Michelle said before standing from the couch.

Everyday Michelle would try to communicate with her mother and sister but to no avail. Only Michelle can see herself. Sometimes Michelle will stare at herself in the bathroom mirror for hours on end. She would try to clean the bullet wounds that were loacted on her chest and abdomen but the blood would go no where. Michelle would even just sit in her sisters room for awhile and wonder if she would be this way forever. "You'll see me someday..." Michelle whispered to herself as she watched her sister.

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