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(Here's a little something I've been working on for a bit along with Somethings Shouldn't Be Said)Lulu is a murderer and a morbid one and that. On the night of a ball, she goes on one of her rampages. She finds Lucy hidden in a closet and it reminded her of her so when Lulu takes Lucy into her care, everything changes.

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Right now, the only thing I'm running on is coffee. Pure black coffee. It's been twenty-four hours since I last slept. Somehow Lucy has been able to sleep peacefully for the past nine hours! I've managed to shower, go out for breakfast, bring Lucy food (even though she was still sleeping), run out to the mall, grab her some clothes because I don't want her having to trip around in my tops. It's a little bit chaotic.
"Hey Lulu," Jimmie said as he walked downstairs in his flannel pajama pants. Dirty blonde hair was scattered everywhere making him look like a total mess. "I had this really weird dream last night about you bringing home some little kid… Funny right?"
All I gave Jimmie in response was a blank look. The look on his face was priceless. He realized that it wasn't a dream. There really is a little child upstairs. "I've got to go check on her," I said standing up from the couch, grabbing the paper bag with string handles. I made way to many trips.
Ever since my parents died, I've been living off their inheritance (which was too much for a child to handle when they first died, but now I make a good use of it) and I also run their large company of clothing stores. They were also designers so I'm still trying to live up to their legend.
I was hoping I could make it upstairs without Jimmie seeing the bags I was carrying. "You went to Burberry?!" Jimmie hollered at me and I tensed up. "What'd you buy her?"
Slowly, I turned to face a fuming Jimmie. "Two dresses… A coat… A sweater," I mumbled with a shrug. Of course I had gone to other stores, but Burberry was my weakness! Especially for their children's clothing. Jimmie was going to say something, but I managed to charge off just in time. I don't want to hear it today.
I reached the door to my bedroom and knocked gently. "Lucy?" I called into the bedroom as I opened the door slowly. It was still dark in the bedroom and Lucy was where I had left her. Had she even moved through the night? I walked closer to the bed where Lucy lay motionless. "Lucy?" I called again as I reached the bed right next to her. The grey blanket was still wrapped around the small body. I moved the covers, seeing Lucy's purple dress was covered up in blood.
All the blood that Lucy was covered in made her look dead. "Wake up Lucy…" I said softly, shaking her shoulder gently. Slowly, bright blue eyes flickered open, looking up at me. She still looked scared of me. I don't exactly blame her. "I brought you some clothes… If you want to go shower you can."
Lucy sat up in bed, the blankets falling off of her. I gestured to the bags that sat at the edge of the bed on the floor. Small arms wrapped around my waist in a tight hug. Can't lie, it confused me to no end. "Thank you for not killing me…" She was thanking me for not killing her? I thought she'd be crying by now.
My arms wrapped around Lucy, returning the hug. She was so tiny I was scared I was going to break her in half. The blood was dried up on Lucy now and it was on her face and in her hair. I wonder what she looks like when not in a dress or covered up in blood better yet.
"Do you want to go shower?" I asked carefully, breaking out of the tight hold. Lucy nodded and climbed out of bed. "You can go pick out what you want to wear after you're shower from the bags," I told her as I gathered up the blood covered sheets.
Once Lucy had pulled out the clothes she wanted to wear I led her out of the bathroom and down the hall. There was an awkward silence between the two of us. I've never been an awkward person in my twenty years of life, but now that I'm dealing with this small child… Well it's just a different story now.
As the two of us walked, I dropped off the sheets in front of the door where the washing machine was. In the closet next to it were the towels. I pulled one out for Lucy and handed it to her. "Do you need me to start it?" Lucy shook her head no and asked me to leave her be.
Not wanting to be a burden to the child, I complied. This was going to be quite the task. "Lulu, I need to speak with you… Now," Jimmie said as he shoved his glasses onto his face and walked into his home office. My face dropped, but there was no arguing with him.
I slowly made my way into Jimmie's office, taking a seat in one of the black leather chairs the sat across from his glass desk. There were a few clicks of the mouse to Jimmie's computer, until his attention was directed towards me. "Her name's Lucy Helen Gruber. She was born October 31, 2007 which makes her five, almost six. She's home schooled and her grandfather was the host of last night's ball. She lived with him because her mother tried to sell her for drugs and he wouldn't have any part of it. No one knows of the fathers whereabouts and she has no other family," Jimmie told me and I was as still as a statue.
All of that just made me feel even guiltier than I already do! The poor girl has already been through so much in her life. "Do you still want to keep her?" Jimmie asked, staring at me with a serious face. Damn writer!
I crossed one leg over the other, staring at Jimmie momentarily. Do I really want to keep her? There's no way she'll have any better of a life in foster care. I can get her a home school teacher and I'll still be able to do my work. I'll just have to keep my private life out of her life. "Yes. I've always wanted a daughter, you know that and it's the one thing you won't give me," I responded with a smirk, resting my head in my hand.
Jimmie rolled his eyes, looking back at the screen. "I'll forge a will for you that'll look like Charles Gruber and you were lovers. It'll say that you were his only lover that got along quite will with Lucy… I won't give you a child because I'm thirteen years older than you are Lulu," Jimmie said as he began typing away, managing to forge a not.
Apparently it's true; some criminals make the best lawyers. They know how to not get caught doing the dirty work by sending someone else out for them. "Want to kill my boss?" Jimmie asked with a grin.
"Want to kill mine?" I asked in return as I stood up from the leather chair.
Jimmie looked at me with a blank expression. "I am you're boss…" Jimmie pointed out.
I smiled slyly before turning on my heel. "Go kill yourself then," I said over my shoulder as I left the room. After that comment, I could hear Jimmie laughing to himself.
The door to the bathroom opened as I walked back in that general direction and Lucy stepped out wearing dark blue denim jeans with the Burberry pull over sweater. It took so much effort not to start squealing. It just suited her so well. "Feel cleaner now?" I asked as I walked towards Lucy. She nodded slowly stopping to look up at me. "Are you hungry?" I asked again, forcing myself to stay looking at her.
Lucy nodded again slowly. I nodded in the direction of the stairs and began walking down them with Lucy following close behind. "I'm going to adopt you Lucy… If you're okay with that…" I told her as the two of us walked into the kitchen. Lucy just stopped in place.
"You know nothing about me! You can't," Lucy exclaimed in a sad voice. I don't think she'll ever actually be happy again; or at least for a little while.
I crouched down to Lucy's height, staring at her with a serious expression. It seemed to have scared her because she flinched and backed away from me. "You're five years old and you turn six on Halloween in a few days. You're grandfather took care of you because when you were a new born, you're mother tried to sell you off for drugs. They probably would have tested all that nasty stuff on you and you wouldn't function properly. No one knows where your father is and you have no other family," I started explaining, sitting right on the floor in front of her.
"You've been homeschooled and as of last night, you've seen scary things that will haunt you for the rest of your life. There's no taking back what I did or what you saw, but I can change and give you a proper life," I finished off with a sigh. Lucy's chin was wobbling and she burst into tears.
My arms opened up to the small girl who ran into them, hugging me tightly. "I hate you!" Lucy shouted at me as she hugged onto me.
Lucy's entire body was shaking like an earthquake as she cried. "That's okay, hate me all you want but I will be taking care of you," I told her as I rubbed her back, trying to sooth her.
It seemed like forever that I held Lucy in that spot, allowing her to cry until Jimmie walked downstairs with his coffee cup in hand. "Uh… Bad time right now?" Jimmie asked rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.
Lucy turned, looking over at Jimmie who looked like a total mess. The tall male tensed up looking down at the small girl. "I'm Jimmie…" He muttered awkwardly, trying to force a smile to her.
"I'm Lucy…" She replied as she stood up right. "If you're going to be my mom… Does that mean he's going to be my dad?" Lucy asked and I burst out laughing. Jimmie just shot a glare at me.
Jimmie walked up to Lucy and lifted her up easily. "Yes and seeing as Lulu is already doing an awful job at being a mother, what do you want for lunch?" Jimmie asked walking to the fridge.
Lucy tried to squirm out of his hold, but he refused to let her go. It almost seemed like he was trying to keep Lucy from me. It's not that I even blame him; I am a monster after all. "I have work to do… Jimmie, watch her for now please," I said leaving the room without a response. They'd be fine for now.
The two of them were laughing from the kitchen about god knows what as I walked back upstairs and into my studio. It was plain… There was a drawing table on one wall with all my designs up on the same wall. A bunch of different fabrics leaning against one corner. There's a mannequin in another corner and my sewing machine on a desk that's filled with threads.
I can't seem to live up to my parent's legacy. The two of them worked so well together and it was rare that they fought. The first person I killed was the man who killed them. It turned out it was a security guard at a fashion show three years ago. I killed him in the back room and at that point I became better friends with Jimmie. The fool decided he'd help me, but it turns out he was going after the same man for such a long time.
I sat down at the drawing table, looking down at the dress I was trying to design. It was awful so far. I was never into the entire weird block looking dresses. I've designed dresses that someone like Lady Gaga would wear, but that design never even left the room.
This dress was just bothering the living hell out of it. It hit me right then. I thought back to last night's events. Seeing Lucy sitting in the closet, her blood covered in dress, my dress as well which had been covered in blood. That's what I had to do! Blood stain dresses. Maybe not actual blood, but dye on white fabric. On the bust, skirt, sleeves even.
As soon as the idea hit me I grabbed my pencil and scrapped the piece I had been working on already. It landed in the trash tin with a small thump and I began working on the blood stained dress design. It will be awhile until I leave this room again unless I run out of fabric.
It only took approximately a day… Maybe more even, of running off only coffee trying to get this dress finished. In the corner of the room blue tarps hung from the walls with dresses hanging off of hangers. Sitting in front of them, I had a bucket of red fabric dye and a few knives/ swords that varied in size. They had been used to splatter "blood" onto the dresses.
"Jimmie!" I hollered as I ran out of the room. Just like the other night, Jimmie came charging up the stairs but with Lucy in his arms. "Don't bring her in… It might be a little much for her right now," I told Jimmie as I looked at Lucy.
Jimmie placed her back on her feet, told her something that I couldn't hear and hurried into my studio. "That's what you've been doing!?" Jimmie asked sounding amazed with my work. I nodded to him in response with a huge grin. Maybe this is what I've needed to do to live up to my parent's legacy as fashion designers! "Are you going to show case it in their shop?"
The store that my god-mother now ran is the same one my parents and I spent countless hours in together. "Yeah… I will," I said with a small smile. It had been such a long time. I feel like my parents are disappointed in me for being a killer yet at the same time, right now their proud of me.


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