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(Here's a little something I've been working on for a bit along with Somethings Shouldn't Be Said)Lulu is a murderer and a morbid one and that. On the night of a ball, she goes on one of her rampages. She finds Lucy hidden in a closet and it reminded her of her so when Lulu takes Lucy into her care, everything changes.

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Jimmie and I had decided it would be best if I went the next day, which I did. But I decided I'd pulled both Jimmie and Lucy along with me. The shop isn't large, but it's not small either. There were enough celebrities to come in and the studio was large enough for both of my parents. "Margie?" I called through the shop as I entered the dress bags were draped over arm. I never knew that three dresses could be so heavy.
An elder woman walked out from behind a door at the end of the shop. Her expression to see me standing there was priceless. "Lulu!" Margie shouted, running towards me with her arms wide open for a hug. I only returned the hug with one arm seeing as the other was occupied. "Who is this little girl? You're daughter?" Margie asked in a curious tone of voice.
"Adopted daughter and that's her father," I said nodding towards Jimmie who just stood there with no idea what to say. "I don't know if I'm going to stay long, but I have these for you," I said gesturing to the three bags that held the dresses.
Margie grinned and took me into the back room. Jimmie and Lucy followed close behind. The elder woman took the three bags from me and hung them up on hooks. All three bags were off the dresses quickly and Lucy seemed to flinch. White dresses in different styles were there all of them splattered with red dye to look like blood. Margie looked at me with a confused look.
I smiled to her in return, crossing my arms over my chest. "Murder is in this season. I called them the 'Silent Murder' line," I explained to Margie. From behind me Jimmie began snickering. Both Margie and I turned to face him. It was obvious that he was trying with all of his will-power not to start cracking up. Jimmie had to leave the room, leaving Lucy with Margie and me.
"Where'd you get the idea from?" Margie asked, running her hands along the dresses.
Did she really have to ask such a thing? "The dress I was found in when my parents were killed before me. You remember that night, he had spared my life," I told her, being partially very honest. From beside me, Lucy looked up at me with a worried look. I had just told her my story without really telling her directly.
Margie frowned, wrapping her long arm around my shoulders. "I'm just glad to see you again and I'm glad to know you're okay," Margie said with a small smile, looking at the dresses still. I nodded stupidly in response, staring at the dresses.
As I looked at the two dresses, I couldn't help but see myself and Lucy sitting next to each other. I was the same age she is now and I sat there sobbing, the way she had been last night. Was this some cruel trick of fate by chance?
Lucy's small hand held tightly onto mine. This was something new! Sure it's only been a few days since I brought her in with me but I believed she would never accept me. "I think we're going to head out… I'll stop by in a few days to see how you're doing," I told Margie, giving her a quick hug with my free arm.
With that Lucy and I left the studio seeing Jimmie there talking to Margie's daughter, the one who I had never actually liked. She was closer to the same age as Jimmie, so it didn't shock me to see the two of them flirting. My face dropped and I held tightly onto Lucy's hand. "Lulu?" Lucy asked in a whisper.
Was it obvious that I was jealous? "Let's go wait in the car…" I whispered in response. I loosened my hold on the small hand and walked out of the shop with Lucy.
The two of us waited in the car for the next half hour in complete silence until Jimmie finally came back. "Guess who has a date tonight!" Jimmie said in a sing song tune, grinning widely. Fabulous. I thought that I could have had a chance with him at one point, but I guess I'm wrong!
"Good for you Jimmie," I said trying to sound happy for him. In honesty I wasn't. "Where are you taking her?" I asked curiously.
Jimmie smirked and turned his head towards me. "The restaurant my family owns, you know, Markus & Annie's Bar and Grille," Jimmie told me with a grin. It was obvious I was jealous, I made it that way! But Jimmie was far too oblivious to notice it. "I think I took you there for your 19th birthday right?" Jimmie asked as he started the car.
All I did was shrug in response. Of course he had, at the time he still liked me. The three of us who sat in the car buckled up as Jimmie began driving home. Sure I have my own car, which I prefer more than Jimmie's, but I hate driving unless it's a must.
"Alright ladies, I'm heading out! Don't wait up," Jimmie hollered through the loft before leaving. I never replied and neither did Lucy. The two of us just stared at the TV watching the movie "Elvis and Annabel".
Lucy's face dropped and I burst out laughing. "What are they doing in the car!?" Lucy shouted and I grabbed the remote, turning the TV off quickly. She didn't need to know.
The small girl still just looked at me with her jaw hanging down. "Want to go out for dinner tonight? I don't want to cook right now…" I lied. I felt like cooking. If anything, I don't want to go out for dinner!
Lucy looked at me with a completely serious face. "Fix that question," Lucy demanded, crossing her arms over her chest.
"Would you like to go out for dinner…?" I asked again in a confused tone.
"Fix it again!" The look made me realize she knew what my intentions were.
I let out a sigh, looking at the stubborn little girl. "Would you like to go spy on Jimmie while he's on his date with Caitlin?" I asked correcting the question.
Lucy grinned and hopped off the couch. "I would love to!" She's such a clever little girl… I didn't exactly have to tell her what we were actually doing for her to know! Lucy hurried off upstairs to get dressed and I followed close behind.
We both walked into my bedroom where I had put her clothes away and where she had been sleeping for the past two nights. We both changed into dresses. She wore a dress I had bought her from H&M and I wore a little black dress from Hot Topic. Not normally what I would wear, but it would do.
Lucy looked at me curiously as I began digging through my closet in a few boxes. "What are you doing?" Lucy asked as I stood up with two wigs. I had pulled out two black wigs along with their caps.
The one I would convince Lucy to wear was long and curly. I had owned it since I was younger, so it should fit. Mine fell down to my shoulders. "It's going to be itchy… But we can't be caught." I told Lucy with a soft smile. This would just have to do.
Lucy was scratching the wig again. She wasn't please wearing it. "Just the two of you?" The waitress I knew very well asked. Amelia Horne was a close friend of mine for a little bit. I hadn't realized she was back in town until now.
I nodded in response, giving Amelia a smile. "Are you two out here on a mother daughter date…? Or here to spy on Jimmie's date…?" Amelia asked as she led us to our table.
My jaw dropped as Amelia just smiled. I didn't think she had actually noticed. "Spying… But this is my adopted daughter, Lucy," I said giving Lucy's hand a small squeeze. Amelia laughed, placing us in a booth across from Jimmie's. It was probably the best view of Jimmie I could get.
It seemed that the two of them had just gotten here before us! It must have been quite the drive from Caitlin's house. Lucy was looking through the children's menu, as well as coloring on it with the crayons she had been given. I couldn't bring myself to look away from him. "Why don't you tell him you like him?" Lucy asked as she concentrated on the drawing.
I laughed a little as I turned my attention. "I have…" I lied. If I didn't lie, she'd make me do it now.
"Tell him again, tell him now. It'll ruin the date and you'll get a good laugh," Lucy told me and my jaw dropped. Is this five year old actually saying this kind of thing to me!? They should believe in people having a chance at romance with someone even if it hurts another person.
Lucy wasn't going to give up. I pulled out my iPhone and pulled up Jimmie's name. "Fine," I muttered with a sigh as my thumbs were braced above the key pad. I can't do it… But if I don't, Lucy won't get off my back about it.
"I love you Jimmie," That was it, if I could only bring myself to send it. "You send it," I told Lucy handing her the iPhone. All she has to do is hit the small 'send' button. Lucy pressed down on the button and I shut my eyes tightly. My heart was racing from behind my rib cage, just waiting now. Lucy set the iPhone back on the table and I looked over at Jimmie's table.
Jimmie pulled out his own iPhone from his pocket. His face brightened and my heart nearly stopped. Was this a good thing? I kept my eyes on Jimmie as he responded and I turned my attention back to my phone. "Are you ready to order?" The waitress asked and I looked at my menu wide eyed.
"Yeah," Lucy replied and I clamped my mouth shut. Lucy ordered iced tea with some chicken dinner. I had paid much attention because my phone had gone off while she was speaking.
"Cola and ultimate mac 'n' cheese," I said before handing my menu over quickly. As soon as the waitress left, I grabbed my phone and unlocked it.
Thankfully it was from Jimmie, but at the same time I'm too scared to look at it! I hit "open" and read the text. "I know. I do too. Also I can… See through all your disguises…" I said awkwardly. Lucy burst out laughing and we both looked over to Jimmie who was staring at us with a smirk.
I really should get my hands on some better disguises… I looked down at the table awkwardly as Lucy sat there giggling, doodling on her paper. Well it had gone better than expected really. I was expecting a huge rejection which would end up in me bawling my eyes out. I know that there's a huge thirteen year gap between Jimmie and I, but to me it was only just a number. "You are such an ass!" Caitlin hollered over the room and my face dropped.
Lucy and I looked over again, seeing Jimmie covered in water. I bit down on my lower lip and Caitlin stormed out. Had he just told her what happened!? That wasn't exactly a smart idea. Jimmie grabbed his napkin and wiped the water off his face with a laugh. He didn't even seem guilty at all!
How heartless…
Jimmie stood up from his seat and walked over to the booth with Lucy and me. "Well, fancy meeting you here," Jimmie said as he sat next to me in the booth. It took a ton of will power not to start laughing at Jimmie. He was just drenched in water.
Lucy looked at Jimmie with a huge grin plastered on her face and he returned the smile. Right now I couldn't exactly tell if this was all just a dream, or if it were real. It all seemed to perfect to be a dream.
"While you're here, I want to show you your next target," Jimmie whispered into my ear. Now I know it's not a dream. I just sat there letting Jimmie speak. "Look ahead and turn your head a little to the right. It's a large balding man in a tweed suit."
I followed directions and saw a large man there with a young woman who wore a red dress. "That's his mistress, Helena. She's your target." My face dropped. It was always harder to kill a woman than it was a man. With a man there's always the option of seduction, but with women it takes such a long time to kill them. There's gaining their trust as a friend and waiting for the right moment. "Start your process tonight," Jimmie told me and I scoffed.
Was he being serious? The last single suspect I had became my best friend. What if it happened again? I took of one of my high heels and looked at it with a frown. "Great… These are my favorite too!" I complained as I began trying to break the heel.
It broke off with a few tugs trying to snap it. "You owe me new pair now move," I said as I pulled the broken high heel on. Time to get back to work, I guess.
Jimmie got out of the booth and I slid out after him. Lucy looked at me curiously and I gave her a small smile. "I'll be back soon, don't worry, nothing will happen," I told the small girl and made my way towards the washrooms which involved passing Helena. It was like I was limping and it didn't take long for Helena to notice.
"Oh doll! You're heel broke!" Helena explained and I looked down forcing a frown.
It actually had made me sad. I loved these shoes! "Yeah… I'm going to try and figure it out now," I said with a sigh. There's no repairing such damage!
Helena automatically jumped up from her seat. "I'll help, I'll be back Harold." Maybe this could be easier than expected! Helena and I walked into the washroom and I took of the shoe that was broken. Walking around in it made me feel highly un-ladylike. I hoped up onto the counter, holding the shoe and broken heel in two different hands.
This isn't going to go back together. I pressed the two pieces together with a sigh and Helena looked at the shoe frowning. "How did such a thing happen?" Helena asked, taking the shoe and heel from me.
My boss is a total ass and forces me to go to extreme lengths to kill a person. "I'm not exactly sure, it just randomly snapped. I'm glad I wasn't walking when it had snapped though," I lied with a laugh. Helena furrowed her brows, just staring at the broken shoe.
"Yeah that's a good thing," Helena said setting them down on the counter. There was no fixing it. I wish there was, but it's nearly impossible now.
I looked over at the shoe again before adverting my eyes. I'd get a new pair. The wig was beginning to annoy me so I pulled off the actual wig and the cap came off right after. "That's better… Don't ask, I was just here watching over a friend of mine," I said setting the two pieces next to me. My fingers ran through my hair, trying to make it a little more controlled.
Like that would happen. I've got troll hair most days. Helena's jaw dropped. "I know you! You're Lulu Vitus," Helena exclaimed and my eyes widened. How did she know this?
Helena gestured to the dress she was wearing and I looked at it. It was the last dress my mother had designed before being killed. My heart sank and I slid off the counter. "That's the last dress my mom designed…" I told her with a small smile.
"I am so loyal to your parent's dresses. How come you never got into designing?" Helena asked and I slipped on the broken heel.
I gave Helena a smile and flattened out my dress. "I just started, my silent murder dresses are on display in the shop, hopefully," I told Helena and her face brightened. It was god awful. "I've got to go, sorry," I excused myself and left quickly. I hurried back to the table and slid in next to Lulu.
Jimmie raised an eyebrow, looking at me curiously. "I can't kill her, she wears my parents dresses," I muttered feeling embarrassed. How shameful. Not capable of killing a person because they wear your families clothing. Not like I actually blame her, the two were fabulous.
Jimmie sighed and Lucy's jaw dropped. "You were going to hurt her!" Lucy exclaimed and I sunk down in my seat.
Not anymore I'm not. "I won't hurt her Lucy, I can't," I told her honestly, pulling her into a hug. Lucy looked so scared of me sometimes and it's not like I blame her! She's witness a monster in action.


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