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Alexandra Ellisson has been exiled to boarding school in England. Her crime? Her sense of adventure and lack of dignity.
On her way she meets the hyper and caring guy that is Frank Iero.

I solemnly swear that they are up to no good. View table of contents...


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'What the H.E double hockey sticks?' exclaimed Rose. That is, after I explained my...exciting morning. It was lunch and Frank, Rose and I were sitting on one of the school's 'nature areas' ( so students could reach and connect with the earth; or at least that's what the sign said) We'd all finished our lunch and were trying to catch a glimpse of the sun before Winter took it way. The rest of the day has passed uneventfully. I made sure that I was polite and quiet, so that when I carried out my planned pranks, I would not seem suspicious.
I turned my face to the sky and took a deep breath. After the 1 hour lecture that I'd received, I was forced to change into the horrible nun like uniform. I'd promised Mrs. Bonemeade, the principal, that I would not 'display such childish behaviour again'.
I wonder if putting vinegar in the teachers milk supply was childish. Well, I'd be finding that out sooner rather than later.
I lay back an closed my eyes, reminiscing about my childhood. I was alway polite and respectful. I guess my rebellious antics now are my way of making up for the fun-less childhood.
I felt something heavy on my stomach. Looking down, I saw Frank using me as a pillow. I let out a soft laugh and closed my eyes again. I was...happy. A happiness that I hadn't felt in a long time. Of course, it wasn't fated to last long. A shadow fell across my face and I opened one eye to see who the perpetrator was. Enter Ellinor.
The best way to start any relationship that seems like it won't last, is to lie. If the relationship does turn sour, then you can cut all ties with them without having to worry about your secrets getting out. With Frank and Rose, I was willing to take my chances and trust them. They seemed to be decent people and they were fun. (Also I wanted to see how far Frank and I could corrupt Rose, but shhh!)
With Ellinor, I was going to lie 'till the end.
Ellinor was an onomatopoeia. She looked exactly how her name sounded; graceful, elegant, pretty. And she was one of the most arrogant, obnoxious and selfish people that you'd never wanna meet. I sat up, causing one unhappy Frank, and looked up at her. Her straight, ebony hair spilled over her shoulder as she bent over to look down at us. I knew instantly from the way her eyes gleamed that she was trouble.
'Hello' she smiled. It's was a wide grin, showing all her perfect pearly white teeth. It was probably meant to look alluring, but I my opinion, she looked like a oompa loompa. She sat down beside us uninvited, on my jacket (as not to get her uniform dirty), and started to talk. She didn't even bother to introduce herself, assuming that we already knew who she was. And boy, did we. Rose had filled us in on her; a classic date, buck and chuck girl and a reputation as a witch. With a capital B. I was sure we were going to get along horribly. She was drolling on and on, and I completely zoned out. Although I wasn't paying attention to what she was say, I was picking up on what she was doing. Or, at least trying to do. The way she fiddled with her hair, laughed at everything Frank said, leaned towards him. She was trying to flirt! I smiled at the fact that, unknowingly, Ellinor had just provided me with a little bit of entertainment. I cleared my throat.


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