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Sucks To Be You

By: AtomicBlackCherry

Chapter 9,

I cleared my throat.

 ‘Frank.’ I started, keeping my face straight (which was really hard to do). ‘Ellinor is obviously flirting with you. She wants to either date you or sleep with you, maybe both. Since her flirtatious attempts of wooing you are giving me a headache, and you please lay down your verdict.’

And then, there was silence. Ellinor narrowed her eyes and gave me a spiteful glare, whilst Rose just sat there, her mouth open like a fly trap. Frank’s reaction was the best. He sat there, his eyes closed with a smile trying to worm its way onto his lips. Suddenly his eyes snapped open and he gave me a wink, before addressing his victim (for no other word would describe it better).

‘Ellinor. Sweet, beautiful Ellinor, I bear my heart to you in this answer.’ His mock British accent was terrible but that made the moment even more enjoyable. He grabbed her hands and she started to turn a nice shade of ruby red and I had to bite my cheek to stop myself laughing.

‘Ellinor, my honey darling,’ he paused again. ‘Nope, not my type. To be honest I prefer girl which have a natural skin colour and not look like they’ve bathed in baked beans.’ He then pulled Rose and I up, linked arms with us and we three skipped away. Rejection burns


Fact; making yourself an enemy of the most loved (and most manipulative) girl in you school is not a good idea. But, when your male best friend is that aforementioned girl’s new date, buck and chuck victim, little harm will be done. Or at least that was my theory.

The rest of that week was...let’s say interesting; one shredded uniform, school books in the fountain, pushes and pinches.  But other than that, it was mostly uneventful. The weekend came and I snuck Frank into the dorm, with Rose’s help. Unfortunately we did get 4 in the morning...while we were jumping on the bed. We were having a competition to see who could get a splodge of nail polish on the wall the highest. After a trip to the principal’s office plus a sentence of 1 week full of detention for Rose and Frank (I got 2 weeks for being a ‘repeat offender’) we were sent to bed and told to ‘reflect on our actions’. Pfft, there was no chance I was doing that, I had revenge plans to carry out. And I knew the best person for the job.


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