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"Everything Changes"

Novel By: Awaiting Judgement
Young adult

Stacey and Charles are the couple everyone aimed to be. Now, Charles has broken up with Stacey and went for her best friend's cousin, Amelia. The two settle their differences but, then, Stacey gets thinking about Theo, a guy Anja is crushing on and wants for her boyfriend and begins thinking of a way to steal him away and make him hers when she sees him on her way home from school. Will Theo give in, or will he stay true to Anja, the girl of his dreams? View table of contents...



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"Everything Changes"
Part I
"I guess that we're through here?" Stacey asked her boyfriend, Charles.
"I don't want to do this anymore than you do, Stace, but I have to. I have to break up with you.
Stacey's face fell to the floor and smashed into a million little pieces that were beyond repair. "You're kidding, right?" she asked.
"I'm not… I'm sorry, Stacey, but I love someone else."
"Can we not do this in front of the whole junior class, please?" she asked, tears staring to form in her eyes.
"After I get my new girlfriend, we can go to an empty classroom. Sound fair?"
She nodded and sat down atop a desk. "How could he do this to me, in front of all those people?" she said under her breath.
"Hey, Stacey?" a girl's voice said. Stacey looked up and saw Amelia Jenkins, her friend Anja's cousin. She had long hair that was in a ponytail instead of hiding her beautiful face like it did a couple of years ago and amazingly pretty green eyes that occasionally caught the sunlight and made them look like green stars.
"Yeah?" she asked.
"Could I talk to you?"
"Sure… just not here, okay? I don't want everyone knowing your business."
"Okay." Stacey hopped off the desk and followed Amelia out into the hallway where Charles was waiting for them.
"Hi, Charles," Amelia said.
"Hey there, pumpkin," he said.
"'Pumpkin'?" I said, ready to puke and cry all at once.
"Yeah. Stacey, Amelia is my new girlfriend."
"You're shitting me, right?"
"What, you don't believe me?"
"I do, Charles… I'm just shocked; you know I don't take surprises well."
"Oh, okay," he said, softly.
Silence. Then the bell rang and people began flooding the hallways.
"I should get going. Don't want to get caught in a hall sweep or anything like that," Stacey said loudly. She turned to walk away, but Amelia caught her arm.
"Here's my phone number," she said, shoving a piece of paper into Stacey's hand, "Your boyfriend didn't mean to fall in love with me, but he did and I want to make the grieving process easier for you if it's at all possible."
She looked up at the pair of them, so immensely happy and caring.
"Thanks, you two… for everything," Stacey said, crying freely now. She turned away again and walked out of the building. A new life without Charles. She was single now, single and alone, and didn't know how to do anything about it. Sure, there was Theo, the really hot guy who was in the year above her, but her best friend, Anja was after him and she knew better than to take something that did not belong to her, especially if that would ruin her friendship with her.
What could it hurt, though? It would just be to give her some friendly competition. But what if you go too far and hurt her? The good side of her conscience nudged at her for a moment before the bad came in and said, "You know Theo's hot and single right now. You know Anja wants him. Why not just say 'Screw you, Anja,' and take him for yourself? Besides, she doesn't really care about him…"
Both sides fought it out for a while as she walked to the bus stop and then just as soon as they made up their minds, a guy who looked familiar came walking down the street. "Hey," she said when she got in earshot of him.
"Hi," he said. He looked at Stacey for a moment and then asked, "Do I know you?"
"Probably. I'm Stacey."
The guy smiled and said, "You're Charles' girlfriend, right?"
"Not anymore; that would be my best friend's cousin, Amelia."
"That suicidal chick?"
"How did you know that?"
"Anja told me."
A plan was forming in Stacey's mind when he said, "Anja told me." "So you know Anja?" she asked.
"Yeah, we have a few classes together. She helps me out with my Math because I suck at it to be honest with you. But we're just friends." He paused and said, "I'm Theo, by the way."
Stacey smiled wider and extended her hand. "Nice to meet you, Theo." She pulled out her blue pen, took Theo's hand, and scrawled her number on it. He looked at it, bemused.
"In case you'd like to talk," she clarified.
"Um, thanks, I guess," he said. "I should get going; I told Anja I was going to pick her up for lunch at Burger King-would you like to join us?"
"No thanks," Stacey said. "I should get going, but you're welcome to call me when you're free, okay?"
"Sure, no problem," Theo said, and walked away.


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