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Immortality: Angels and Demons Book One: Flawless Desire

Novel By: BeautfulPixiePrincess
Young adult

All about love && no laws keeping people away

NOT finished
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Chapter One: Avalon: Perfection
Los Angeles has this strange beauty to it at nighttime, with the colorful lights and the moving people. Avalon loved it here, everything was so wonderful. She lived here for as long as she can remember; she left the City of Angels a long time ago. Being the Angel of perfection was a blessing and a curse wrapped into one. Everything had to be perfect; nothing out of place, if it wasn't it would consume her. She wouldn't be able to think about anything else, she would spend days, months even years making sure it was one hundred percent perfect. She could never find love; nobody seemed to meet her expectations and those few who did was never able to handle her constant need for perfection. Avalon used to hide away from the world; she was afraid she wouldn't be able to perfect the world's imperfections but that wasn't how it worked, not in this world anyway. She could walk away from something quite easily as long as she didn't get too involved otherwise her whole life depended on it. She had it better than a lot of the other Angels; some will actually die if they do not feel as if they succeeded in their tasks. Each Angel has a tattoo; they get them after they are born. It act's like a birth certificate in the City, any Angel can access your basic information if they themselves have a tattoo and is using it for good. Those that attempt it for evil will die; they have lost their purity. Her mother had her tattoo done on her right hand; a beautiful star and when another Angel looks at it, it begins sparkling. The best part of being an Angel is being able to sense that another Angel is around. It's like an electric shock; all Angels can feel chemistry towards each other which is why she left. She never really knew if someone really loved her or if it was just that little spark that made it seem like that. Avalon wanted love, true love; she would find it and it would be perfect. Nell was the only Angel is knows, She met her a few years after moving here; she worked for the Label she now owns. Nell is the Angel of beauty; it made sense to keep her as the face; any man or woman couldn't resist her beauty. Nell loved the attention, she basked in it; if someone didn't acknowledge her beauty she feels a pain only a demon would understand. She was cursed for being beautiful by the Gods because she had willingly rejected him, so anyone who rejected her or didn't tell her how beautiful she was she got to feel the pain the demons were condemned to feel every time t hey didn't listen. But she has yet to feel that excruciating pain; no one had ever rejected her or never said she wasn't pretty. Avalon tells her she is beautiful every time they are together, not because she has to but because she wouldn't want to lose such an amazing friend. Since perfection and beauty usually go hand In hand with each other it was easy to be around the other. It was the perfect fit; both enjoy each other's company as well. Speaking of Nell, wondering what is taking her so long; they had plans to go out tonight. They decided to head up to the mountains; it was a full moon and since Los Angeles doesn't have that beauty of peace and serenity Nell so desperately wanted they figured they'd head over there. Glancing in the mirror she saw one of the prettiest images staring back; her looks had been one thing she felt the need to perfect. Her beautiful long gold hair and flawless ice blue eyes. Yes she was the definition of perfect. Tonight she chose a pair of black tights, a white long sleeved shirt with a black vest and a pair of fur winter boots. In that moment she heard a pop, turning around she faced such a beautiful creature. Nell stood staring at her with piercing grey eyes and a smile that would make anyone melt.
"Ready?" she asked. Avalon nodded and wrapped her hand tightly around Nell's wrist. In one second they stood upon the mountains. Looking down, the moon shining on the water, making it twinkle ever so beautifully; the air was cool, the wind felt like a slap in the face. Taking a deep breathe Avalon turned and headed to the Cabin. She knew that Nell needed to take it all in by herself, just adds to the beauty; being alone with nothing but the sound of the night surrounding you. Standing by the fire she could feel something, someone is out there. Not really sure if it's a human or not but there is no possible way it could be another Angel, she'd be able to feel that pull, the chemistry. Worried about Nell she ran back out only to find her staring at the night, taking a breath of relief she moved to her side.
"Nell, someone's here, I can feel it. Come to the Cabin, we'll be safe." Taking her by the elbow, she guided her to the Cabin. They'd have to spend the night; if any one saw anything out of the ordinary they might try to harm them. Once they were safely inside Nell finally broke out of her trance; when she finds something with such a beauty, it consumes her. Her body becomes relaxed and she grows stronger; it's a blessing but also a curse. If she find's something with an impossibly beautiful sight she goes into a trance and she could be in left in it for eternity. The trance is why she picked this place; to her it is only beautiful when night has fallen. It is also the reason she comes with Nell; if something were to happen she would be there to pull her out of it.
"Sorry. I know I can feel it too; it's not an Angel though. It could be a human; they come out here a lot during the summer. Something about the beauty of the snow; the way it sparkles when the sun hits it."
"I don't think so. I have this fire burning in me. Like a sign; maybe it means danger?"
"I once heard when an Angel feels the burning fire it means one of two things. Number one they have found love or two a demon has come." Taking a minute to process what was just said, Avalon knew it couldn't be love; no one came close to her standards, except for Kian. Although he was human he was such a beautiful and perfect man; she had fallen head over heels for him. He had purposed to her and was to be married six months after but she had lost him when he had gotten sick. After that no body has ever compared to him, hasn't even come close. He was her lover, her everything. Taking a deep breathe, she faced the fire. Hoping to remove him from her mind; she didn't like remembering.
"It couldn't be a demon, could it? They've been in isolation for such a long time. Aren't they sentenced for Eternity?"
"Yes, but they have ways out; most can flash out. Avalon there really isn't anything to be worried about. We've been on the same planet as them for such a long time, it's not as if a war is about to break out."
She knew Nell was right but she couldn't help but to feel like something was about to happen, something that could change everything forever. Saying goodnight to Nell she climbed in bed and closed her eyes.
Waking up, Avalon went to the kitchen; it was time to get the day started. Making breakfast for her and Nell; making sure everything was set up perfectly. Plates had to line up with the cups which had to line up with the silverware and the silverware had to be set on the napkin in a certain way. Taking a step back to admire her work, smiling because she knew she got it right.
"Everything looks so wonderful Ava, like always such perfection," Nell said, moving to stand beside her and admire the beauty of the table setting.
It felt good to have someone acknowledge her work, although she never needs to hear it always made her smile when people did.
"Thank you, my beauty."
Nell sat in the chair that faced the sliding doors; it's so she can enjoy the morning scenery. It wasn't the beauty that could send her in a trance but it was pretty. Avalon enjoyed the beauty of it; it was peaceful, the best part about her and Nell is they don't need to talk, the silence says so much. Avalon cleaned everything up; making sure everything was placed nicely into their rightful places before grabbing her jacket and heading out the door. She loved going for walks up here, the sound of the snow crunching beneath her feet relaxed her in a way. The snow sparking in the sun's light, the tree's had been glazed with a blanket of white snow, making the sight even more breath taking; for her this was magnificent but to Nell it was just pretty. Nothing has ever felt more perfect, being here with Nell. It was right; nothing could ruin this moment. Or so she thought; there stood the most magnificent creature. He was tall, with such masculinity. His beautiful green eyes burned into her as if he could see her soul, his facial expression held a look of disgust as if he didn't like what he saw when he looked at her. He leaned against the tree, not taking his eyes off of her. Avalon glanced over him, his upper body exposed to the world, he was a brown beauty. He looked almost fairylike; majestic and serene, like nothing you have ever seen. He took her breathe away. It was like he was suffocating her, she couldn't take a breath; her heart was pounding so fast she thought it'd beat right out of her. She started feeling weak, her body seemed to be failing her and she didn't enjoy the feeling of no control. This has never happened, looking up at him their eyes locked and in that moment she knew exactly what he was; he was danger. The last thing she saw was his unforgettable green eyes; when she woke up she was back in the cabin. Nell must've found her when she went for her morning walk, they normally to in different directions so they can have some time to themselves. Carefully sitting up she looked around for Nell who wasn't anywhere around her; getting up she ended to the shower. She needed to clear her head and the only way to that is by distracting herself by perfecting herself. Standing under the water, she closed her eyes; those green eyes haunted her. There was something about him she just couldn't figure out what that was exactly. What happened out there? Does he have some controlling power or something? He was so beautiful, the way his pants hugged his body; showing every inch of him. Was that what made her feel so hot? Just the thought disgusted her; was that why he looked at her like he did? Was he disgusted by how she reacted to his body? How else was she supposed to react? She just wanted to forget him. Getting out of the shower she grabbed her make up bag, carefully taken everything out and lining them up in a straight line. Starting with the cover up, apply it slowly. Making sure she doesn't screw it up then she applied a perfect black line of eyeliner under each eye, finishing up with mascara. Glancing at her work, she did such a wonderful job; looking great as always. Putting on a white sundress that hugged her breasts and flowed down to her thighs, it was her favorite dress; it made her feel like perfection. Walking towards the edge of the mountain she saw Nell sitting on a rock, she usually sat there for hours just staring out at the world but today she was looking at her fingers. Taking the spot next to her Avalon reached over taking her hand into hers.
"What is it love?" Avalon asked, looking out at the water.
"When I found you lying there, I stopped seeing this place as beautiful. All I can see is your body laying there; still as the day."
"Nell, my beautiful Nell this place is such a gorgeous sight. What happened out in the woods had nothing to do with what you see here."
"What did happen?"
"Remember that feeling we had? I saw him; he was such a breath taking sight. I couldn't concentrate on anything; when I looked into his eyes I saw it, I saw his demon. Not well enough to know what he is possessed by but enough to know he is one. He made me feel hot, and weak; I couldn't breath. I guess I passed out."
"Hmm, Ava you should have been more careful. You know looking into his eyes only brings trouble; he has access to your whereabouts now. He could follow you, hurt you, and even kill you."
"You yourself said we have nothing to worry about, maybe he thought I was an enemy. I will be fine Nellina, don't worry."
"Ugh, you're using my full name now?"
Giving Nell a little nudge before grabbing her wrist; it was time to go back home. Being flashed always made her feel queasy. She had a choice of what she wanted; it was between flashing and insight. Each Angel is offered a choice when they become adults; Avalon never enjoyed flashing so she chose insight. It became very useful when she first came into the "real" world; she was able to understand how humans worked quick enough to perfect it all within the first month. Nell chose flashing because that way she could flash to the most breathtaking places and not worry about having to pay for every trip. It was just convenient. One of the Angels has the power to enter dreams; they could be human, Angel, Demon or even a God. She was the only one ever given that choice, but for her it was the only way to interact with people; to help. Never once has she used it for evil; that's probably why she was given it. But no one really knows. Nell had left a few hours ago; she had a Vogue shoot to do; leaving Avalon to be alone. Her mind kept going back the demon with mesmerizing eyes; in all her life she has never met a demon or really any other Angel, most of them go to quiet, secluded areas. Not her she wanted to experience life for what it is; joyful, beautiful and in her eyes perfect. She didn't know what to do, or even how to react; he acted as if she was the plague. She'd make him see how perfect she was; even if it ended in her death. She didn't care, it was a challenge and she was ready to purse it. Besides she wanted to know why he hated her so much; he doesn't even know her. Maybe she can find out what his demon is, and how he came to be cursed. She heard multiple legends; she would love to figure out the truth. She would figure it out; she had to now that she has set her mind to it and she won't stop, not until everything makes perfect sense. He'd have to deal with it; whether he wanted her around or not, she'd fight. She closed her eyes and a smile came across her perfect lips; she'd win and he would see her as perfect. She felt him again, his eyes burning into her; her blood was getting hot again. This time she'd be tough and not faint, this time she'll offer the challenge. Walking out to the balcony she saw him, standing barefoot in the sand. This time he was wearing a buttoned up shirt although the top three were undone. He must love showing off that body of his; he must take pride in it. In which he should it's too die for; and those eyes, such beauty. Avalon shuddered, focusing she looked at him directly in the eye; holding his gaze. She refused to back down, she couldn't faint again; she needed this. She needed truth, she needed answers, and she needed him. No, that can't be it, she doesn't need him; he's a demon. He's dangerous, harmful, and bad for her. Yes that's what he was, bad for her; shed make it known that he was a quest and that is all. Holding her gaze just as hard and cold as his; a slow half assed smile came across his face. Her heart melted; she could feel her whole body relax, it was such a perfect moment. But this wasn't the time, he wasn't the one and she wasn't about to break the rules. She hardened her gaze, frowning at him. He moved closer to her, taking small steps at first then it all became a blur and when she was able to fix her eyes he stood right in front of her. She could feel his breath, hear his heartbeat, and she couldn't help but to forget everything. The way his body looked, it was a beautiful brown. Not like a dark brown either but a golden brown; his sea green eyes were like diamonds. Shining so bright, he looked at her like no other has ever before. Her knees were getting weaker, praying to the Gods for strength. She couldn't fall, not here; not in front of him that'd only make her look weaker than she really was. That smile was so breath taking; she couldn't stop herself. Her knees buckled and she was quick to fall. He moved fast, wrapping his muscular arm around her waist; pulling her close to his chest he jumped off the balcony and ran off into the dark night.
Chapter 2: Avalon: Anger.
She woke up to a cement room, she couldn't focus; everything was far from perfect. Her whole life is unbalanced; she couldn't help but to worry about Nell, she'd need to an escape soon. LA was only beautiful once a year and that day already past. Taking a deep breath she began perfecting this hell of a place. She began with the bed, and then moved throughout the room. Once she was finished she sat on the bed, careful not to wrinkle the sheets. She sat there for what seemed like forever when a door opened and the magnificent man stepped in; without saying a word he reached for her hand. Pulling her behind him, he led her out of the room and into a huge living room. There were black leather couches and a giant television screen with multiple gaming devices. He must have no life, no friends, and n o lover. She almost felt bad for him, almost; maybe if he didn't kidnap her she would. He stood against the door way staring at her like he knew her, did he? Has he been spying on her? She just wanted out, wanted her life back. She never even noticed that she went around the room straightening objects that were out of place, or replacing objects to make it look better. She looked out the window and saw such a stunning sight; the balcony over looked a lake, beautiful clear blue water. She could literally see the rocks and all the fish; it was something Nell would love to see, if she ever got to see her again.
"What do you want from me?" Avalon asked, getting straight to the point. He walked towards her stopping just an inch away. "What are you? You aren't human, I figured that much out. Ever since that night in the mountains I've been thinking about it and I just, I can't seem to find any answers," he replied.
"I know what you are; you're nothing but a demon. A dangerous and good for nothing demon; I know you are all bad people sorry I meant immortals."
"Dangerous? I suppose you could say that. Good for nothing? Now that's a little bit harsh, don't you think? I have done a lot of good for this place. If it wasn't for me they wouldn't have been able to re-build this place after it was attacked. So let's try this again, what are you? Before you say anything stupid or smart assed remember I can control if you live or die."
"I don't care. Kill me if that's what you want, obviously it's better than being alone with you for the rest of my life."
He looked as if he was about to hit her, when another man interrupted.
"Man what's with the broad?" he asked. This man was almost as beautiful; he had shaggy blond hair that feel in his eyes, he had these blue eyes that were so cold they could freeze someone in their place but they were nonetheless beautiful. He was gorgeous, his body was muscular and his soft white skin. Yes he was something else.
"Liam, it's nice to have you home. Where's your lover?"
"She's around, think she went for a shower. So who's the chick?"
"Fuck if I know; she's determined to remain silent and press my buttons."
Liam looked at her and smiled a cruel smile "I'll give it a go." A cruel laugh escaped from his mouth; making the other one smile and shake his head. Liam moved closer to her, stopping literally an inch from her face. She could smell his minty breath; just the smell was enough to make her end spin and heart race. Running his hand across her face, he smiled. "Your not human, and your no demon so what are you?" she looked at him, her eyes found his and in that moment she knew; he was the demon of lies and had the power to get the truth out of anyone. Mortal or immortal; she was screwed. Looking down "I'm an angel," she whispered loud enough for the both to hear her. Liam took a step back and drew a breath. "Shit" was the only response he could think of. Looking over at his friend Liam shook his head "Dude, what the fuck we going to do now? She can't leave, not now; she just can't be trusted."
"She'll have to stay here. We'll set her up in the other room."
"Nah man, she'll have to stay in the cell."
"No, we will not make her a prisoner; well we won't treat her as one."
She looked at them; they expected her to stay here? They wanted to keep her as their prisoner? No this wouldn't do, she wouldn't allow this.
"Come with me woman," the other one said.
"No, not until I learn your name."
"Cason, that's my name."
She smiled; it was a beautiful name for a beautiful man. "Well I'm Avalon, so you can stop calling me woman."
He looked at her and for a second he thought he had seen her smile, but when he looked again her face was back to being hard. He grabbed her by the wrist, she kept trying to get out of his grip but he was definitely stronger than her.
"Let me go dammit; I'm not going to run." He let her go and headed up the stairs. She wanted to be mad, to hate him, to try and escape but there was something about him; she only wished she'd know why. Demons and angels can't possible be together'; it just doesn't work like that, it couldn't work like that. Cason led her to a room that was bigger than pretty much her whole house; everything was so clean, so together. It really was perfect and she could live with it; at least for now anyways.
"This is your room; you have your own bathroom. You can do as you please, well except for leave. At least until we can figure out a way to fix this mess."
"Cason, wait." He looked stressed, almost consumed by it. She wanted to touch him, pull him close and kiss him. To feel his body, to feel his hands touch her; make her melt.
"What happened to you? Why did you get cursed?
"That is not your business; understand this now Avalon, we will not speak of my curse, my demon or my life. In fact we will not speak at all."
Avalon felt as if she had been slapped in the face, she turned around just as the tears began to fall. Moving to the bed she laid down; yes this would be a nightmare; she already felt trapped. She closed her eyes and saw a gorgeous woman, stood there with such poise and grace, her brown hair fell to her shoulders, and her eyes were big and brown. She wore a stunning red dress that fell to her knees. Avalon had never seen her before, not in her life. Not even in the City Of Angels but she knew that's what she was; her tattoo began sparkling.
"You're an angel?"
"Of course, my name is Laney."
"I'm Avalon. Why are you here?"
Laney moved closer, taking her hand in hers. "Follow me my sweets, we have a lot to see." Avalon was confused but still felt obligated to follow, after all Angels can't use their gifts for evil or selfish intentions that may result in the death of others. "Avalon, I need you to know who I am and why I'm here but first you have to make a promise."
"Ok, I'm a little confused. Lay it on me; I'm sure this promise can't be too difficult."
"You have to learn to accept and forgive Liam and Cason; they may be demons but everyone deserves to be forgiven especially those with damned souls. You need to promise to never leave, and to always be there for Cason."
"I can't promise I won't leave, that place is hell."
"If they release you, you may be free. But Cason needs you, he needs love. He will be the one for you so please take the time to try. Give him as many chances as he needs. My love he will open up to you, you'll know his secrets. Give it time."
"Fine, I promise I won't leave. I promise to always be there and do as I can to help. But I guarantee he and I will never be together. He is a demon and I am an Angel. I crave perfection and he is far from that."
"You'll see princess."
Laney moved forward, taking Avalon's hand they flashed out and ended up at the cabin she and Nell had stayed just a few days ago.
"Why are we here Laney?"
"I want you to see what happened that night between the two of you; you need to understand why he was there when you were. But before any of that, we will go get warm and I will tell you everything about me that is needed to be known."
Avalon unlocked the door, and went to the kitchen to make them hot chocolate. She brought in the drinks as Laney was getting the fire started; taking a sit in her favorite chair she waited for Laney to begin. "I am the Angel of forgiveness and I was called here to make sure you understand how important Cason really is. He may be a demon but not by choice, he has a big heart and is capable of being perfect. He cares for you; I know that sounds weird because of recent events."
'You believe everyone should be forgiven even those that do wrong? How can you forgive those who have committed crimes like murder?"
"It's not about me forgiving them as much as it's about them forgiving themselves and being able to find someone who can forgive them for their actions. Love is such a powerful thing but can be destroyed by the simplest of actions and they need someone to show the way back to each other; forgiveness is that key."
"Cason doesn't need love or forgiveness."
Laney stood up "Come on, it's time I show you this."
She flashed them to the same spot in the woods where she and Cason had been. Oddly enough she could see still see Cason.
"Are we reliving this moment?"
"I'm showing you what really happened before you get all judgmental on him."
They sat in silence for a while before another voice came through the woods; there was another person there that night? Wait; there was a group of people that night. She knew Caleb he had been trying to get with her for such a long time. He loved her, he told her about a year ago and when she turned him down yet again he became obsessive. She just couldn't deal with a guy like him; he was far from her standards. From head to toe he just wasn't what she had pictured and he hated that. Caleb warned her that it'd be the last thing that she ever did and when he presented himself again she would have him. If he was going to come ask to have her again what was with the group of men then?
"Caleb, man is this really necessary?" the one asked.
"Yes, the bitch rejected me one too many times for me to be able to let it go. I mean who does she think she is, the Queen of Sheba? No this woman will pay, I will slit her throat. She'll plead and beg for me to save her life, she'll even agree to have me but this time it won't be enough. I will kill her." Caleb yelled, slamming his fist in the nearby tree causing a pile of snow t come crashing down.
"Buddy, calm down; we know she did wrong but aren't you going a little too far? I figured you'd try to get with her, maybe even force yourself upon her. I know I would but killing her is just a little too extreme."
"You're welcome to leave all you want, but if you do you won't be able to have your way with her." Caleb smiled knowing he got his friend on board; every man wanted to get with her, she had this perfected look to her and no one seemed to be able to turn away from her. They continued their journey up the mountain, talking and laughing as if it was the most normal thing they've ever done. Avalon could feel tears coming on; she had hurt him to the point he wanted her dead. Not only had she broken his heart multiple of times she had turned him into a killer. Focusing her attention back to the guys just in time to see Cason come from behind, taking out the last guy silently so none of the others got on. Catching him before he hit the ground, he quietly laid him down and then attacked the other two before grabbing a hold of Caleb. Spinning him around and pinning him against a tree.
"Who the hell are you?" Caleb demanded.
"That's not your fucking business, what is my business is you trying to kill that beautiful young woman."
"She deserves it, thinking she's too good for me. Well I'm going to show her how good I really am"
"You won't touch her; I will be there to protect her. Forever, she'll always be safe." With that Cason took the knife and slit his throat allowing him to slump to the ground and stain the snow red. Cason flashed out, and Laney quickly grabbed my hand and flashed to follow him. They were at the tree where he was leaning; she could see herself too. She looked beautiful, flawless, and so perfect. Trying to concentrate on him she fixed her eyes on his face. He looked at her with disgust, she was right! But why save her if he hated her? What was going on, how did this happen?
"Laney I don't get it; why did he save me?"
"That I can't answer love; he will have to tell you. I wish it was simple though, I really do."
"Wish what was simple?"
"Everything is about to change and your about to be challenged. My only advice is stick with Cason; he is the only one who can save you now."
She flashed them back to her bedroom. "It's time to wake up, the battle will soon begin."
Avalon opened her eyes, terrified of what Laney had said. She went in to the shower, getting everything lined up perfectly. Taking off her clothing piece by piece, trying her hardest to avoid her conversation with Cason that was approaching. Once she was done her shower she looked for some clothes, after a while she found a pair of sweats and a tank top.
"Fuck it, this will have to do." She muttered.
She didn't know where he was but she was determined to find him; she decided to start with the living room where she found Liam and some girl. She was pretty, not like gorgeous but just enough to be pretty. She had short purple hair, her eyes were a gold color; there was a hoop going through her lip. Normally she thought facial piercings were ugly but she made it look really pretty.
"Liam, do you um, know where Cason is?" she asked hesitantly, not taking her eyes from the ground.
"He went out, said he needed to get some things. Avalon is it?"
"Yeah, so do you know when he'll be back?"
"Nah, whenever he shows up. He doesn't have much of a timeline now that he knows your safe."
"Babe, shut it. She doesn't need to know any of that." The woman said, standing up to stand in front of her. "Hi, I'm Rayven." She said, and then reached for her hand.
"Liam, we'll go make some lunch, go get Cason."
"So are you a demon as well?"
"Kind of, it's a little more complicated than that."
"How so?"
"Well I was born a fairy, and when I met Liam the Fairy Queen told me she'd curse me if I chose to love him. I thought she'd let it go when she saw how crazy in love with him I was. But she failed to see it like that and cursed me to live the Demon life. Although I am a fairy and not a demon I feel the pain they suffer at night time and I feel everything that Liam feels. It sucks, but I love him and would want nothing more than to be with him forever."
"You chose the life you live? But why? I mean I get that you love him and everything but it just seems so wrong being here, loving a demon."
"At first it sucked because Liam barely went out because he…well anyway what would you like for lunch? We have pretty much everything."
"Salad of any kind please. Ooh how about Chicken Caesar Salad? I know that Liam is the demon of Lies; I saw it when he looked into my eyes, some demons allow it to be seen as others tend to keep it hidden; like Cason."
"Yes he is. Well now that you know that I guess I can tell you. Liam couldn't go out with having the need to lie, or to make people see that others were lying; it was really hard for him. But now we go places all the time. We go to the places no one else goes to. It's really quite romantic and he lets me go wherever I want."
"He isn't afraid you'll never come back?"
"Nah, he knows I love him."
Rayven busied herself to avoid the questions she so desperately wanted to ask; she highly doubted Cason would tell her anything himself and she just needed to know what was going on. Cason and Liam came strolling in; giving Rayven a kiss Liam whispered 'I love you'. Rayven grabbed two bowls of food and she and Liam moved to the living room. Avalon grabbed her own plate and sat at the table, Cason followed right after her.
"Avalon, I'm sorry for how I reacted earlier; my curse, my demon is personal and I really don't want to discuss it."
"Fine; but there is something we have to talk about, whether you want to or not."
"And what's that?"
"Laney, the angel of forgiveness came to be this morning, or last night; don't really remember but anyway she said that the battle was just about to begin."
"Hmm, is that all she had to say?"
"Well no… she also took me the woods again."
"You left?"
"Well my spirit did, not my body. Anyways I know what really happened that night; I know why you were there. You didn't expect to see me that night did you?"
"No, I figured you'd be inside with your friend. I made it known that I was there to keep you out of the woods but you still didn't care."
"I didn't know that my life was at risk, normally people just happen to love me. Whether they want to or not."
"Maybe so, but this guy sure wanted you dead. What did you do to him? Turn him on and then turn him away?"
"No, I'm not like that. He kept trying to get with me and then a year ago he made it clear he loved me; I turned him down. He just wasn't what I wanted, or what I needed. Being the Angel of perfection your standards are higher than most and everything has to be perfect to my liking. He wasn't perfect, he was no Kian."
"Never mind, he isn't important right now."
"Yes he is. Is he your boyfriend? Your lover?"
"Is some one jealous?"
"Absolutely not! I need to know, so we can figure this all out."
Cason stood up and went out on the balcony. Avalon followed; not really wanting to be alone.
"It's so beautiful" She said, looking out at the water.
"Yes you are beautiful." Cason said, smiling and reaching for her hand. "I'm sorry if I sometimes get mad; everything is just really complicated."
"I forgive you Cason, and I will further down the road."
Pulling her closer to him, he kissed the top of her head than turned and walked inside the house. Avalon was left confused; how was she going to make him open up to her? He was stubborn, rude, but yet he was sweet and caring. So again she was confused; do I hate him? Or do I like him? She wished she could go back home and be with her beloved best friend; Nell was probably freaking out right now. She worried she'd never get to see that beautiful girl; she won't be able to say how beautiful she thinks she is, or be the one to help her when she needs it. She figured she'd talk to Ray, maybe she could help get what she wants. Heading to the living room where she found Rayven watching some demented television show. "Ray, can we talk? Away from the ears of the boys?"
"Sure. Come with me honey." She got off the couch and headed up the stairs, entering the second door to the left. It was one of the smallest rooms she had seen so far but the balcony made up for it; there was a hot tub on it. The room held many different kinds of bathing suits, from bikini's to one pieces, and even two pieces. She picked a white bikini; knowing white was the one color that made her perfect. Rayven picked a purple and black bikini; she was tiny. Her naval was pierced twice; both bottom and top were done. They slid slowly into the water, both feeling more relaxed.
"So what's up Avalon?"
"It's my friend Nell, she needs me. She needs to hear how beautiful she is, she needs to see something beautiful; if she doesn't she could die."
"What do you mean?"
"She's the angel of beauty. Which means she needs to see the beauty in the world, she needs to know she's beautiful."
I have an idea. Let me talk to Cason and Liam first though."


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