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indigo sunday

Novel By: becky4173
Young adult

this a story about a group of friends who form a band.

this is my first novel, so could you please leave a comment about what you think. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 20, 2009    Reads: 214    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

"We should start a band"
Everyone looked at me. Their faces all had different expressions. Ben looked as if he was going to burst from restraining himself from laughing. Danny looked intrigued by what I had just said. Max. Well, he didn't seem to show any sort of emtion- as always
I looked at Ben and continued .

"We haven't got anything else to do. And we all play different instruments"

We all played different instruments. I played the drums , I was lucky enough to own my own drum set. Ben played guitar. Our parents insisted we learn to play an instrument. Since we couldn't fit a piano in our living room, we were allowed to choose the instrument we played. They even paid for lessons , so we could perfect the art. Luckily, I had enough money saved to pay towards getting my own drum kit. Ben, on the other hand had to buy his own guitar. Danny played keyboard and Max also played guitar.

I looked around again before continuing again. Ben's reaction had changed, he seemed more interested in what I had to say.
"all we need is someone to be on vocals. I was thinking of asking Chloe. You know Chloe from down the road to be out singer. She's got and amazing voice and she's isn't shy about it"

Danny started laughing. Max smiled . Ben's cheeks turned pink. We all knew Ben fancied Chloe. Everyone knew, even Chloe knew . But he never admitted it . This was Ben Michael Collins and he never admitted anything. I smiled at the thought of Ben making a complete fool of himself in front of Chloe. He's literally falling over and bumping into things whenever she's around. When she's talking to him , he says the most stupidest things. It's hilarious, seeing him make a fool of himself in front of a girl he likes.

Usually, Ben has girls throwing themselves at him. Girls go crazy over him and he knows it. I once asked some of them what they saw in him,they all answered he was gorgeous. He's got blonde hair, which looks like he's just got out of bed and he's got green eyes, while i've got brown hair and brown eyes.Girls seen to die whenever he smiles. He's gets a dimple in his right cheek when he smiles. He's had so many girl friends I've lost count. One time he had a new girl friend every week. First it was Elle, by the following Wednesday, she was replaced by Joanne. She was gone by the next week and he was with Michelle. I don't' think there's any girl in this city, apart from Chloe he hasn't been out with.

"I got to go. I'm meeting Stacey in a bit" Ben said getting up to check his hair in the mirror which hung above the fireplace. He looked at his hair from every angle- left , right , front.

That's another thing about Ben he's the most vain person in the whole wide world. Seriously, there probably no vainer person then him on this earth.

"bye guys " he called from the hallway. "tell mum and dad not to make me dinner. I'll get something from subs" We all heard the front door slam behind Ben .

This is weird. I'm sitting in a room with a guy I'm mad about and his best mate.

Danny was watching TV. He seems more interested in some documentary about some whale. I looked over at Max. He's staring back at me. My heart felt like it was going to rip thought my chest. His sapphire eyes deep as the ocean . His dark brown hair was sort of shaggy and it often fell into his eyes. He had a slight tan , which gave him asort of glow as well as emphasising the blue of his eyes. He was wearing a black sweater and a pair of faded jeans. He had his own style, he didn't need to copy the latest fashions- like boys wearing skinny jeans.That was another reason i like him, he didn't need to copy everyone else, he was his own person. Images of the time we had all gone to the beach filled my head,his body shimmering in the warm sunshine as he came out of the water after surfing with Ben.He's one of those kind of guys who doesn't really talk that much, but when they do you should listen. One of those tall silent mysterious types. The one some girls go crazy for and I'm one of those girls.

"well I think I better be going as well" said Max getting up and walking across the living room towards the door.

"bye Danny"

"see ya" Danny replied , not talking his eyes from the television. He had changed the channel and was now watching a police drama.

" erm… bye Nina" he mumbled before walking in the hallway.

I was in shock. My mind was racing. Had he said bye to me? Well, I was the only Nina in the room. Was he really talking to me or did I imagine it. Max never talks to me. Well maybe I'm exaggerating , I don't remember the last conversation we had.

i heard the door slam behind him.

"so what's going on with you two?"
His voice made me jump. Danny had turned away from the TV and was facing me.

"sorry what did you say"

" I said what's going on with you and him?"

"who? Max? there's nothing goin on . What makes you think there is?"

"well maybe because every time you stare at him and he looks at you , you turn pink."

"I do not stare"

" yes you do. So how long have you liked him"

" I don't like Max, I just see him as a ……….a mate"

"yeah right. I wasn't born yesterday. I see the way you look at him. I know you fancy him . No point of denying it. "
There's was no point of denying it now. I just hope I could trust him. The thing was me and Danny aren't really that close, not like he is with Max or Ben.

"since the uni" I mumbled.

Max, Danny and I had been in the class and once, about 3 years ago,we had been chosen to visit a university and experience a real life lecture. Anyway,there we were all sitting excited 14 year olds in a university. Anyway the lecturer asked if anyone could play an instrument..Max had raised his hand and said he played guitar but he didn't think he was good. The lecturer told him to come up and play. When he played the whole room was in shock, even the university student who were just sitting there were gob-smacked.He played like a professional guitarist in rock bands. When he was playing his face lit up, like he was in his zone. When he sat back down, he had this huge smile on his face like a kid who had just got what they wanted for christmas. The lecturer told him he had a gift and that he shouldn't lose it. That was 3 years ago.

Ever since that day, I've never looked at him in the same I had before the trip.

Danny smiled "that's along time. You should tell him"

"NO! he's going to think I'm some annoying little child."
Even though me and Max were in the same class in school. He was 9 months older than me, which is almost a year.
"no he won't. don't you think he might feel the same?"

"no coz he would have said something to me"

"the same way you did to him"

"but i'm different. he's Max and he'll ....you know "
i couldn't think of a vaild excuse to why i hadn't told him.

"okayyy...anyway I better get goin. "

" I'll see if Chloe's at home"

Danny started laughing "you were serious about his band thing. I thought it was some sort of joke"

"yeah I was being serious"

Danny smiled, "I've always wanted to be a rock star."

"the band hasn't even officially been formed and you thinking about the rock star lifestyle, partying and god knows what else."
We both laughed.


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