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"My god, that guy is hawt!" Terra was licking her lips and eyeing the guy working in hot topic.
"Terra!" I whine, exaggerating the 'ah' part five seconds longer then i need to.She hates it when people say her name like that. But i hate her embarrassing me.We accept eachother and that's whyshe's still my best friend.
I know he can't hear her but we were right across from the door! he could turn around at any second, see her checking him out and come over here. What could i possible say to someone who came over here to flirt with my friend? Nothing! I'd have to leave awkwardly...
"You know you were thinking the same thing." She says, winking in his direction and then pawing at him making a small growling noise. It was really weird but we both laughed hysterically any way,falling into eachother, our heads banging making us laugh harder. Well I guess you could call it giggleing. But that sounds way too girly and cute for what was happening right now.
"Okay, Okay,Okay...." Terra starts to talk while she laughs and i join her, "Okay, Now right, now! Now, Now, Now." We both say in unision and laugh harder. It's like our minds are synced when we both shout "Now!" Trying to imitate our Study Hall Teacher Mr. Esele. He was always trying to get us to shut up on que. We never did.
Even though we both know nothing that happened is funny anymore, we keep laughing, basically falling to the ground. Sometimes we get like this and just can't stop laughing, mostly because of our faces, Terra's always get beet red and her face scrunches up. Its Hillarious. I don't really know what mine looks like, but i hope it's not as red as hers.
This goes on for awhile and people walking in the mall just kind of walk past us, but then we see two sneakers standing in front of us and a quiet voices asks us to stop making so much noise. Terra and I try to compose ourselves and stand up using eachother for support.
When I finally stop laughing i see the worker from hot topic standing there and staring at us through his dark hair. Terra is still hiccuping with her face down, so i grab her arm and tug it alittle and she looks up.She composes herself and immediatly starts to flirt with him.
"Hey, um... Sorry for disturbing your store. We're really, really sorry." I can't believe Terra is apologizing. She's only doing this so he thinks she's sweet. But,this is a HUGE feat for her. Go Terra! Maybe now she'll be nicer to people everywhere... I better not push my luck. Don't get me wrong she's not mean. Just... spunky? I laugh to myself.
The Hot Topic guy looks at me while answering Terra with a small smirk, "It's Okay."- Insert sexy hair flip here -"But I'm going to have to escort you out of the mall, because if i don't my manager said he was,"- Insert sexy hair flip here - "going to call "Mall Security" and things would get "Official" " I don't think i will ever look at hair flips the same way. And he actually used air quotations.
Is he still looking at me? I look at Terra and she is just eyeing him. i give her four seconds after we start walking before she starts to flirt with him and i slip off behind the two of them. He's still looking at me and when he flips his hair again i take a chance and look in his eyes. They're like gray. And they're stunning. But then his dark brown hair, it almost looks black, falls back into them and i can only see his right eye. But i still hold his gaze.
"Uh..." Terra starts to talk and his eyes move away from mine. It was good while it lasted.
" I guess you should start escorting us then shouldn't you?" Terra winks and all I can do is wait for him to fall in love with her. She's so lucky. She's like 5'2, with wavy hair, which she dyed an ashy shade of blonde.She's curvy in all the right places but a healthy thin everywhere else. She even has dark blue eyes that almost lookblack. Sometimes i get jealous of her, but it's not a big deal for me. When i became her friend i was aware at how much better she was then I was. Even her nose is pretty. Its not big but not really small and it has a tiny stud on the left side. I don't like nose rings but on Terra, she could make a preist want one.
We start walking and Terra is already giggleing and leaning into him. She's only had two real boyfriends. How is she so good at flirting. I take out my ipod touch and search for deccent music, my mom's music is unfortunetly on my ipod as well as my own. I find "Candle (Sick and Tired) by White Tie Affair" and begin to put my headphones on, when someone decides to invite me into the converstion. Maybe Terra is actually getting nicer! But, it wasn't Terra.
"So, What's your name, Headphones." I think he just called me headphones. I think he just gave me a nickname. Wait. Headphones? What kind of nick name is that?
" My name is not headphones. It's Cyndy. With a y." I always tell people it's with a 'y' becuase it makes me feel special. And then they don't have any excuses for spelling my name wrong in the future. I love that my name has a 'y'.I don't know really understand why.
"That's a nice name, headpphones." His eyes are laughing at me when he turns around and starts to walk backwards.
"Thank you? Could you stop calling me head phones?" Everything i said sounded like a question. So of coursehe actually starts to laugh at me. I get self conscience and look to my left, pretending to be looking at some dresses on display.
"I can't stop calling you headphones. And i can't stop thinking your adorible." I look at him, he has a sly smile on his face. I stop walking. Terra stops walking. And he bumps into a women with a baby carriage.
That's what he gets for walking backwards...
...And making me blush.


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