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Okay. My lockers done, Terra is in her first period class and I'm looking for mine. I search for a little while and still have no luck. I guess this is the beginning of my junior career. lost and confused. Alone and wandering.
"Hey, you." Room 317... room 320.... room 304. What the hell. Why can't I find room 323! Am i bad at counting or something? God.
"Hello? You there! The only other person in this hallway. Turn your head this way." 323 should be right here.
"Okay. Girl. Jeans. White sweater. Brown hair. Hello. Turn around!" Was that guy talking to me?
I turn my head slightly. Yea... He was. And I ignored him. I'm am ass.
"Oh... haha, sorry. I was.. deep in thought?" This guy is new. I don't know who he is. Well it's possible i have just never seen him before but this school isnt that big and he is pretty good-looking. So I'm sure Terra would have talked about him at least once in her life.
"That's okay.I saw you walking up and down this hallway so i assumed your looking for room 323?" Intuitive.. are we.
"Yeah.. actually I am." I fumble around in my backpack, trying to put my room assiaghnments away.
"It's actually harder to find then you think. Run straight at that wall, you'll be in Narnia. Ask the goat man. He'll tell you how to get to your class room."
"Oh. Really??
"Yes, I'm being totatally serious." I raise my eyebrow at him. i sling my backpack over my shoulder and face the wall and get into a running pose.
"Are you being serious? Or should I stop while I'm ahead and go ask a teacher?"
"Haha! So i guess your a Harry Potter/Narnia Nerd."
"Or maybe I'm just that gulliable." I smile at him. His hair is dirty blond and he runs his hand through it.
"I bet you are, but actually the classroom is in room 320, it's really weird, the door to get into that classroom is against the left wall next to the chalk board. I'm on my way there now, I had to ask a teacher myself."
"Then lead the way."
When we got into room 320 there was a class already going on and we interupted their lesson. They all stared at us while we walked to the door and into our classroom.
There weren't that many students. Maybe like... fifteen. I bet all of the others were lost.
"Hello Hello Hello! Welcome Welcome Welcome!" A short man ran around the front of the room. He was kind of pudgy and had a mushtache. Oddly enough it was red while his hair was graying brown. He reminds me of a scottish terrier.
"Mine name is Mr. Greiken And your name is..... Sandra! While yours is... Lemme think! I know it! It's Ricky!" He looked kind of crazy. But i may like this class.
"No, my names Cyndy. With a 'y'. But close!"
"Ooo... Well did i get your name right kind sir?"
"Yeah. You did. How'd you know what my name was?"
"That's because, my good fellow, You were the only boy on the class rooster that didn't show up yet. Hahaha..." He started to write on the board and then turned around.
"I am your thinker teacher. Some people call this period Study Hall. Some people think it's a joke. But I am not going to baby-sit while you finish Homework that should have been done at home, I mean you can do your homework here, and i will not stop you, but i actually have a say in your grade point average so if you don't participate in class disscussionsor in exercises,your grade will drop." Wow, he suddenly became a whole lot more serious.
But i know the person I sat next to. We used to hang out in middle school. I think her name is Kim. Maybe we'll start talking agian. This class couldn't be too terrible.
" I also forgot to tell you that I shall assign you partners that you will keep all year and become very close with. "
Kim gets sent across the room, with some guy named Tyler. People are moved all over the place and they have to move their desks next to each other like in elementary school. I get paired with Ricky and that's okay. I'vejust met him but he didn't seem very boring.
The noise his chair makes when he moves it close to mine makes my skin crawl. I cover my ears.
Eh!I hate that sound. It's so painful.... Maybe Ricky's gay and I'll have my very own gay best friend! There's a gay guy in my group but he isn' my best friend. I wonder why. we always talk together but i guess we just don't click. OH well. Haha. If Ricky isn't gay and i accidently tell him that i thought it would be cool if he was gay then he might get offended. That would be a funny conversation...
'Oh hey, I was just thinking about how great it would be if you were gay, even though we flirted in the hall way it would be so cool if you could be homosexual so we could have sleep overs and paint eachothers nails, With Terra of course!'hahaha. My mind is just filled with strange thoughts...
"Hey, what's so funny?" I look to my right and his face is right there. Nevermind. I hope he's not gay. His dark brown eye's were searching my face for an answer. Play it cool. EVen though that never works.
" I was just thinking about how Terra would love to have you as a gay best friend." FUCKSHITFUCK! He was looking at me like I just accused him of killing some guy! how to fix the situation?
" I mean,I hope your not gay, because you're hot, but if you were,Terra and I would love it, except you're straight so she would probably date you and say it was becuase I have Dustin, this guy from the mall, who is also very hot, so i thought it would be cool if you were gay so we could have sleep overs... but your not gay." BLAH! i made the situation worse. I turned to look at the board Where Mr. Grieken was writing about the rules of the classroom. I think he was trying to explain what the topic of the day was about. I have no idea whats going on. Why did i just blabber on and on? I never word vomit.
Turning to see what Ricky was doing i found him in the same posistion, his face very close to mine, laughing.
"I hope I'm gay too, if it means we can have sleepovers. Haha." Okay, so he's straight and a jerk.
"What? Perv. " I turn around in my seat again.
"No, I was kidding, but I'm not gay.andI forgive you for hopingI was. Thank you for calling me hot but i have a girlfriend. But, I would still like to be your friend! I'm new here this year. By the way, I'm RIcky, the goat-man from Narnia."
"Thank God! I'm Cyndy, the fox from NeverLand." I feel a hand on my shoulder and at first i think it's Ricky's but it's not, he's looking up at something behind me.
"I thought your name was Headphones." What the heck?
" Hey! Dustin! What are you doing here man?" Dustin's hand leaves my shoulder to find Ricky's for a high-five. Ricky knows Dustin? Why is Dustin here? I'm pretty sure my face crumpled up in confusion. Haha. i wonder what my face looks like now. My once confused face lets a small laugh escape my lips.
" Nothing, Aunt Laura ask me to come give you your lunch, She said it was an emergency." Dustin smiled at me, looking at me while he talked to another person, just like at the mall. And flipped his hair. Wow. That is way hotter then i remember.
"Could you not call me headphones...?" I was supposed to be apologizing to this guy, but that name is very annoying. I don't even know why i have such a problem with it.
"Oh! You were talking about this Dustin from the mall! Small world!" No! Dustin will think i talk about him. I almost bang my head on the desk.
" Why are you calling her headphones?" Huh. That's a nice question. yea why does he call me headphones.
" It's because at the mall she was wearing them and she looked really..."
"You, young man behind Sandra. Why are you here? And where is your pass." Mr. Greiken saves the day. I don't even care that he called me Sandra.
"Uh..." Dustin looked at me, his gray eyes even more noticeable. "I came to give Ricky his lunch, I have a pass, but I don't go to this school... Mine doesn't start for another day." He flips his hair and puts his hands in his pockets. He's wearing gray skinny jeans and a black band shirt.
"Sandra are you okay with that?" Huh? what did Mr. Greiken just ask?
" Uh.. Yea. Definitely. But my names Cyndy." What did i agree to?
" Yea man, sit down. " Ricky seems very happy about this. I wonder how they know each other. Maybe they're cousins.
" Yes, It is decided, you will stay in class with us this period! Join Ricky and Cyndy's group." Oh. Wait. Can he even do that? This period has just been really peachy. I wish Terra was here so i could just stand behind her. Blah.
" I'm sorry, Mr...... but I can't stay. Thank you though. I told the office I'd be in and out." He moves his hands from his front pockets to his back pockets and turns to go.
"Sure, Sure, Bye Bye." Mr. Greiken starts talking with other kids about the topic on the board.
"Bye dustin. Tell my mom i said thanks. " I look up again, Dustin seems really nice. The party probably won't be that bad, If he still comes.
" Yea.. sure... Bye Headphones. I'll see you at that party. Bring your ipod 'kay?" My eyes drift to his and I nod. He half waves and flips his hair. Kind of saluting me. And for some reason it kept replaying in my mind. Why would someone so hot want to go to a party with me? I can't believe he wants to go with me but didn't give into Terra's flirting.
"Haha. He's such a strange guy. I bet you like him. " I face Ricky, again his face to close to mine. Even though he has a girlfriend it would be nice if he was gay. He's still very attractive.
"I do not! I met him once before and he basically dragged me and my friend out of the mall! ANd who would like a guy who's always flipping his hair and, and, staring at you, making a situation uncomfortable." God! They probably are family. Only guys from the same gene pool would be this straight forward the first time you meet them.
"Okay. But just so you know, he's my cousin and currently hanging at my house, so anything that happens will definitely be reported to him, 'cause he most definitely likes you... Head phones." Haha..
"Please don't call me that. and i thought we were going to be friends." Humph. Headphones is the worst nickname ever, so what if i use head phones instead of ear phones! It's my decision and i don't want that nickname spread around school!
" Haha, I'm kidding, let's be friends, I need as many as i can get, and the fox is my favorite character from Peter pan too."
"Okay, but if you ever try and make me run into a wall again, I will do it. You watch me." Maybe it's okay that he's Dustin's cousin. at least now i know the guy im "going to a party with" isn't a serial killer. This will be okay because his eyes are so.. and his hair looks so nice... and the way he looks at me.. his whole presence is.... ah! what was i thinking about!
"Were you thinking about him?" Huh, Ricky and Dustin have the same mischievous grin.
Wait... "No!"
I met Dustin twice and i thought about him ever since. and now his cousin is in my class. Is there some god given reason this guy is supposed to haunt me?


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