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Sawsamay thought it was hard before. Thing now are taking turns on their own and she doesn't like them. When she wakes up as a boy everything is made harder on her. But Everyone thinks it's normal and when she finds out that it's not just her that theres more of them and not only does this life come with a price but maybe it her life and some others too. View table of contents...


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1. Change.
She woke from a deep slumber, her clock beeping at her. She rolled over and turned it off. She didn't want to go to school and would rather stay home then go to school. She got out of bed and when to go take a shower. The warm water made her feel good. She got out and she when to get dressed in a dark gray shirt and black pants. She went to the bathroom to put her make up on when her sister was in there. She pounded on the locked door.
"I wasn't done in there Talor." Sawsamay yelled.
Talor opened the door just a little bit and said in a smug tone. "Well now you are. Go use mom and dads bathroom." Then she shut the door fast and locked it.
Sawsamay kicked the door and said. "Bitch." under her breath.
She walked to her room where she would have to use a small mirror. After she put on her make up she went to the table where Talor and her mother were eating. There was still breakfast left. She grabbed something to eat and went to the table.
Sawsamay stared at Talor as she ate. Talor looked at Sawsamay like if she did nothing wrong.
"Stop staring at me." she hissed.
Sawsamay rolled her eyes. After they ate they waited out side for the bus. When she got on she went to the seat she always sat in. Her friend right next to her siting with her headphones on, music plusing loudly from them.
Sawsamay hit her friend.
"Hey what was that for." Lydia said.
"I wanted to ask you something."Sawsama said.
"Well then what."
"We have a test today right."
"You bugged me for this. I was thinking about the most pleasant thing."
Sawsamay rolled her eyes. "I would feel sorry if anyone could read your mind."
"Hey thats not nice!"
Sawsamay laughed.
When they got to school Sawsamay when to her frist class. The class she hated the most because no one in the class liked her and she had it with Talor. Talor was popular in school. Even though they were not twins, they where nine month and two weeks apart, they looked so much alike. Sawsamay was the older one and a out cast at school.
Sawsamay really didn't really have any real friends. But the one true friend was her friend Lydia. She knew that she could count on her to tell her anything and not have it spread around school.
Talor also got all of the guys in school. Sawsamay tested Talor about how many boyfriend she goes thought. She would call it the flavor of the month.
Sawsamay took her seat in class. She sat next to someone she hated the most.
"Hey Sawsamay." The person she hated the most said. Sawsamay turned her head but didn't talk just looked at him.
"Your not going to say hi." He said in a sad tone.
"Why should I. Your a jerk Sam."
His clam face turned into a angry one. "God your such a bitch."
"Oh go suck your dick. I could careless about being a bitch."
Sam wanted to punch Sawsamay. "You will always be the out cast and you wont ever amount up to anying." He said with clenched teeth.
She was pushed over the edge. She was filled with anger. Then out of no where Sawsamay pulled back and launched her fist into Sams face. Sam when down on to the ground, there unconscious. Blood dripped from his mouth and on to the floor.
Sawsamay ran out of the class just as Talor ran after her.
"Stop Sawsamay." Talor said as she ran after her. Talor wasn't far from Sawsamay. But all of a sudden Sawsamay stop running and leaned on the wall and went down to the floor. Her head in her lap and her arms around her legs.
"This is your second time getting into a fight can't you-" Talor started to say
"Just shut up!" Sawsamay interrupted. She was crying out of anger.
Talor sighed and when to Sawsamays side. She sat next to her and wrapped her arm around her. "Why do you get into so much trouble." Talor asked.
"Because people are mean to me. They do it because it bugs me." her voice was weak, but Talor could hear her.

After Sawsamay when home she sat on her bed playing her violin. She liked to play. It was something that never talked back or hurt her feeling or said that they hated her. It almost seemed like the violin was her only friend or at lest one that was loyal to her.
She put her violin away and put on some music. She always liked to metal and hard rock. It seemed like it was the only one that kept her lucid.
She started to sing. She knew every word on the CD and yet it still didn't get tiring. She wanted to know if there was something thing in her life that was meant for her. Her purpose in life. She knew there a was something more to life then what it seemed.
Sawsamay got up and looked out side the window it was dark to see anything. Then she her mom calling her. So she went to what her mother wanted.
"Yeah you called me." Sawsamay said.
"Phone." Her mother said.
"Hello." Sawsamay said and went to sit at the table.
"Hey do you think we could do something tomarrow, it is the weekend." Lydia sounded like she was thrilled.
"Yeah but I have to ask my mom."
"Ok ask."
"Hey mom can I hang out with Lydia on Saturday."
"Yeah I don't care." Her mother sounded like she was tired.
Sawsamay was also thrilled. "She said she didn't care."
"I'll meet you at the end of my drive way at 12. Bye." Lydia said and hung up the phone.
Sawsamay put the phone away and when back to her room. She got ready for bed and went to sleep.

The next morning she realize that she was in Talors room. She didn't remember waking up in the middle of the night. So she must have been sleep walking in the middle of the night and got into bed with Talor for one reason or another.
Talor rolled over and opened her eyes she took one good look at sawsamay. "Why are you in my room." She sounded angey. Then she gasp. "And in my pants." She started to yell. "Get out of here Adin."
Adin that wasn't her name. Why would Talor call her Adin. "My name is Sawsamay." Sawsamay said. Wait that wasn't her voice. She sounded like a guy. What the hell was going on. Sawsamay ran to the bathroom and shut the door and looked in the mirror.
She took one good look in the mirror and yelled in horror. "I'm a boy." Then she screamed again.
Sawsamays mother was out side the door and said. "Adin are you ok. You've been a boy all your life."
Sawsamay looked into the mirror and looked like a boy. She had dark brown hair almost black like she did when she was a girl, but it hung in her face. She had a muscular chest but not to muscular. She had light green eyes.
"Tell me I'm dreaming." Sawsamay said.
Then Sawsamay heard her father at the door. "Are you ok. Do we need to take you to the doctors and get your head examined."
She knew she had to act like she was a guy for now until she could find out why she was a boy. "No. I had a weird that I became a girl. Don't worry about me. I'll be fine." She said in a deep voice.
"Well ok but why are you in your sister pants?" Her father said in a confused tone.
She had to come up with something fast. "Because there comfortable."
"Well I want them back." Talor said out side the door.
"I'll give them back as soon as I can. But I can't when you three are at the door." Sawsamay opened the bathroom door and went to her room. Even though she looked like a guy she still felt like a girl on the in side. It made her self conscious that she had no shirt on. But she had no boobs so it really didn't matter.
But she did have to say that she was good looking for a guy. Even though she was telling herself that it was still true. Sawsamay opened her door to her bedroom. It didn't look the same as it did before. Her walls were a gray and not a purple anymore. She could live with gray.
She went to open her closet and look for some clothes to where. Hopefully she wouldn't have to were anything stupid looking. She still couldn't blieve that she had a guys body. She didn't even know why it happened. But until her body changed back into a girls she would have to stay a guy.
She looked through the closet and found black pants and shirt to where with a black leather jacket. The jacket looked like it had never been worn before or it was in really good shape. Then she picked up the pants she was had on and tossed them into Talors room. Then she went to the bathroom to brush her hair and teeth.
After she did all that she walked out into the living room where everyone was. She didn't have to meet Lydia until 12 and it was only 10. So she sat next to her sister and watched some TV.
"Did you put my pants in my room." Talor asked her.
She turned her head to look at Talor. "Yeah." Sawsamay couldn't get over how deep her voice was, she wasn't use to it. But yet again she had a guy body. So it only made sense.
Her mother walked out into the living room and saw what Sawsamay had on . "You never where that leather jacket. It looks good on you."
Sawsamay looked at her mother and said. "I wanted to where something different."
Sawsamay looked at her mothers hand she had the phone. Then her mother said. "Oh I almost for got your girlfriend is on the phone."
"I don't have a girlfriend." She said. And if she did she would have to break up with her fast.
Her mother looked at Sawsamay funny. "Yeah you do. She on the phone." She came over and put handed Sawsamay the phone.
She just looked at it. I hope it's not Lydia. I really hope it's not Lydia. Sawsamay thought to herself. She put the phone to her ear and said in deep confused tone. "Hello."
"Hey Adin." The girl sounded very familiar but she knew it wasn't Lydia and that was a great relief.
Sawsamay knew the voice but she couldn't put a face to it.
"Adin are you there. It's me Julie." She spoke.
Oh my god. Julie was the most popular clueless person she knew. Sawsamay couldn't tell you why she was popular only that she was. So Sawsamay when into her room shut the door and said. "I have to tell you something."
"Huh." She replied.
Sawsamay took a big gulp and then said in a rush."I think we should see other people."
There was no sound on the other line but it going dead. It was for the best that Sawsamay didn't have a girlfriend.
Sawsamay hung up the phone and got up and started to pace the room. Why was this happing to her and why her. Was she just dreaming or was it for real. Then the phone rang.
Sawsamay picked it up. "Hello." She said in her manly voice.
"Is Sawsamay there." It was Lydia on the other end. How was Sawsamay going to do this.
"Oh Sawsamay went out to meet you at the end of your road." Sawsamay said.
"Ok." Lydia said.
Sawsamay didn't know she was going to pull this off but she had to. After all Lydia did use her real name.


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