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It was 7 P.M. on a Friday night when Lily Cohen began another entry in her diary. "I hate this. She's leaving again. That's the fifth time this week! Well, I can't say that I didn't see this coming, all the signs were there. I just wish she could see how badly it's killing me. I mean, she already ignores me enough as it is & now it's as if I've been replaced. The pain is already so great, I don't how much longer I can take this. Your home is supposed to be a safe haven. The place you go to for love & guidance --- not the place you want to run away from. Unfortunately for me, that is the case. My mother & my sisters have a great relationship. They actually DO things together, go places & have real, deep conversations. What's so wrong with me? Why can't she do things with me too? Even with Chloei gone, she still finds time to do things with HER! And now she goes places with Dréa, her best friend, & leaves me to watch Sera for hours on end. Why won't she find time for me, damn it?! I know I'm sounding selfish, but all I want is a good relationship with my mother instead of her barking orders at me all the time." She got up to look out of the window as she heard a car horn honking. "Well, looks like her ride's here. Like I said at the beginning of this entry.... I HATE THIS." "Lily!" Her mom called from downstairs. "Lily, come down here & lock the door behind me!" "I'm coming!" She yelled while tying her hair back. "I don't here you coming! Dréa's waitin' for me & she ain't got all night! Now, hurry up & get down here!" "Stop yelling at me!" As she walked down the stairs, she could hear her mother mumbling under her breath. Most likely complaining. "It's about time." Her mother said as if she had been waiting for hours for Lily to come down. "Now, I'll only be gone a couple hours, but should I be gone longer than that don't forget to lock all the doors & windows.. and PLEASE do not forget to set the alarm before you go to sleep." "You say that like you plan on not coming home." They stared each other down for a minute. Dréa honked the horn once more. "I gotta go. Lock the door!" "I am! Bye!" She said while practically pushing her mother out of the door. "Sera!" "What?!" She yelled from her room upstairs. "Did you eat yet?!" She asked while making her way up to Sera's room. Sera responded, "No!" "Why not?!" "Cause I don't have to!" "And who told you that?" "Nobody has to tell me anything, I decide when I eat & don't eat. Nobody's in charge of me." "Well, tonight I am, and I'm telling you to come downstairs and eat the dinner that mom left for you." "No, you're not, and I'm not going to." "Yes, you are. When was the last time you ate?" "This morning." "Before or after you went to school?" "Before." "Sera! You haven't eaten anything in over 12 hours?!" "Yeah." "Why?! You know what, I don't need a reason. You're coming downstairs right now and you're gonna eat that friggin' dinner whether you like it or not." "No, I'm not! I'm not hungry & you're not the boss of me! And besides, you get to eat whatever you want whenever you want!" "Cause I'm an adult." She scoffed, "Barely." "Damn it, Sera! You're acting like a fucking 5 year old! Why do I even bother with you?!" Frustrated with her sister, Lily walks away & goes back downstairs. As she was walking downstairs she began to question why and how this had become her life. Staying home on a Friday night, watching after her sister when she could very well, and much rather be, out having fun enjoying her youth while she still can. Not that she had ever had many friends. She had many acquaintances, but very few people she could call her "friend." Still, she thought, "Anything's better than this." Dwelling on that thought, she decided to call up the one person she could always count on to get her out of a shitty mood. Her best friend since she was 3 years old, her partner in crime --- Alex Cahill. Alex and his family moved to the neighborhood when he was three and he went to the same pre-school as Lily. So, as you can imagine, that's where they met and became friends. He has lived three houses down from Lily for almost his entire life. That probably being part of a reason why he hadn't taken that scholarship & gone off to college like he, and his family had originally planned. Alex has always been honest with Lily, he's told her all of his secrets --- He tells her everything! But the one thing he hasn't told her is...The real reason why he stayed.


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