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Game of Guilds

Novel By: Blackdragon99
Young adult

Three Guilds. Three Sides. Three Rival familys. One World. One Enemy. One chance for survival.
Someone has been playing the Three Guilds causing deadly wars between lands. Trained in killing from a young age Aryyn has no mercy for enemies and no time for idal chatter. That is until politics backlash on her and she finds herself hunted by her guild and partnering with some of her greatest Enemies. But this is how she must find the real power player behind the deadly game of life, and who she must kill to end it. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 25, 2012    Reads: 20    Comments: 3    Likes: 0   

The wind blew calmly across the grasslands outside the walls of Mitharlk Keep. The sunlight gleamed on the steal glad soldiers guarding the keep each step making their armor clink like a kitchen been assaulted by a cat. The sound resonated through the slightly uneven land as the gates were raised. The guards drew their bows taught as they visually scouted the surrounding land for danger. One could almost curse the hills maybe the keeps east to west distance away. While a whole army would be obvious to the eye a select few could easily evade sight by using the waist high grasses. Who could be so foolish as to attack an army with 10 people though? Many more than would be assumed. Any being can be reckless in a cause worth their heart.

Behind a slight hill a man and a woman were laying low in the grass laughing together as they stalked their prey. The running deer could outrun man but could it outrun beast and arrow? Death was like always inevitable.

"I don't like this Selene" The huge man grunted deeply as he swatted a fly that landed on his scarred pale skin.

"Tolf. Through life we don't like a lot of things we do" the woman replied in a light yet suggestion filled voice as she wrapped her arms around his torso from behind and gently trailed her fingers down his chest.

Tolf was huge, easily the size of two men with pale skin, shaved black hair. His face was rather square with even set jaw width and cheekbones complementing his scary white eyes and large dog like nose. His ears also stuck out almost animal like giving him a rather inhuman appearance along his heavy brow. He seemed handsome yet so ugly at the same time. He appeared untouchable.

Selene was beautiful. Elegantly thin features with piercing blue eyes and natural skin blending perfectly with her waves of dark coal hair. Her jaw slanted perfectly from her high yet subtle cheekbones down a cute somewhat pointed nose to her plump lips. Like Tolf she held an unnatural appearance yet one easily over looked. Unlike Tolf she seemed civilized and controlled. An angel among men.

"I don't mind that" Tolf seemed to growl in his deep melodic voice as he let his head fall back slightly. He felt Selene loosen her grip as he relaxed causing him to nearly stumble.

"Tolf" she started as he turned to look her in the eye.

He never allowed her to finish speaking as he pressed his lips softly into her neck his arms wrapping around her firmly. For such an animal his way with her was soft, like the slightest wind would blow her away from him forever.

"Tolf what about the others?" She whispered drawing his eyes back to her.

"What of them?" He spoke softly his pale eyes never blinking.

"What would they say about your past?" she seemed to sadden as she lowered her eyes, "and me"

Tolf sighed as he let Selene walk to the hill crest and crouch staring at the keep with a rarely seen intensity.

"It has been a year" Tolf said.

"I assassinated your wife" Selene snapped. Tolf almost smiled.

"A marriage of convenience Selene not a bonding of love" He replied stroking a lock of her hair aside from her neck.

"How can it be sure that you don't plan revenge" she almost sobbed Tolf snarled.

"If I wanted you dead you would have been dead on our first contract together"

Selene turned to him and smiled as she stared at a scar across Tolf's exposed arm.

"It still looks fresh" she whispered. Tolf nodded.

"It still hurts"

Selene bit her lower lip then grinned suggestively as she ran her hands down Tolf again teasing at the hem of his deerskin shirt.

"I could help you feel better" she whispered smiling at the instant shyness in Tolf's face before he grinned.

"Maybe once we kill every bastard in that keep" he then lowered himself as the clink of metal came closer.

"First to ten kills?" Selene asked. Tolf gave her a look of annoyance then smiled.

"You're on Pet"


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