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Vampyre - Mortal Judgement

Novel By: Blackdragon99
Young adult

In Melbourne, Australia, a young woman stumbles head first into the darkness of Night. Amy Black had no clue what she was in for when she left the basement of her house for the boarding collage experience of Weather Wood, but soon found herself questioning the world around her and in particular the mysterious fellow student, Pryce Newman. With danger coming from every angle Amy finds herself pulled into a secret War between the supernatural and the Government. Can Amy survive the real world as few mortals ever see it, or will the darkness frighten her away from the only being that can protect her from eternity? View table of contents...


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"Forgive me father for I have sinned. I have stood at the precipice of temptation and my will has crumbled. My hunger has won, my instincts taken over for I have partaken in the hunt. I have sinned in the ways of the flesh, upon unwilling women and men alike in my drunken days of power. Time has not erased the scars I left upon the world only allowed them to become hushed whispers. Forgive me father for I have sinned; cleanse me of my sin so I may follow the path laid before my unsteady feet. In your wisdom, I shall trust until time itself turns to dust. Thus, I give you this, my plea to you. Grant me forgiveness. Grant me redemption… grant me revenge" he sat in completely black room, kneeling as he faced the wall with candles flickering around him. His prayer was genuine, but it was filled with meanings he did not wish to be forgiven for. Murders and rapist could not be forgiven because they whispered it to a faceless priest.
"Who has not had a romp with others of the same gender in our lifetime, my child?" the priest's voice held amusement, despite the seriousness of the situation. The confessor kept his head bowed, biting into his lip to contain the snarl before he let his voice out evenly.
"My favourite kind of priest. One who forgives for money. One who follows his own will and not that of his gods" he spoke dryly, never blinking as the grate was opened to the next room. He had no desire to see the priests eyes in the glowing darkness, nor reveal his own. He kept his eyes closed and his head bowed. Even now he was not weak, the musky smell of the old church did not make his stomach churn nor his nose screw up. He was serene, but this was a cover to raging guilt beneath the icy mask.
"You would know as well as I the havoc gods have caused to this world. My role is more for the comfort of the monks than to preach for gods whom have long abandoned us" the priest informed with genuine sadness in his voice, it never wavered the confessor.
"What comfort can you offer to the dead?"
"Such mockery from a serious soul. What burdens you, my child?" the priest heard the catch in unneeded breath before he heard the man speak in a voice so quiet a mouse would seem loud, so powerful that mountains would crumble beneath its melody. It was thunderous, yet calm. The calm before the storm broke loose and caused ceaseless destruction.
"I failed my oath" the confessor paused, fisting his hands and squeezing as if his life depended upon it. Blood trickled over his wrist from his nails digging into the flesh of his palm, but he took no heed. He noticed no pain, only the slow warmth he could never experience otherwise.
"To protect mortals from the hunters, I failed my oath for selfishness"
"Perhaps if you tell me what happened I can figure how best to cleanse you" the priest spoke softly, feeling the boiling rage and heart crushing guilt through the thin wall that kept them apart.
The confessor closed his eyes, hating how easily the scene came to him. The screaming and crying, and his own failure.

"Let her go" he spoke softly, watching his brother hold a beautiful woman in his grasp. Blood tinged the air, begging his senses for that release he could only earn through a kill. The building was abandoned, covered in cloth over the beds and furniture. Mirrors were shattered, windows boarded up and electricity long since disconnected. Still, he found the place homely enough considering what he had lived in during past times. A cruel laugh answered his steady request.
"Make me" his brother spoke, clearly lost to his own temptation. The girl smelt so sweet and beautiful, but she was no hunter. She was not a criminal.
"Oh god, oh god. Please…" the girl whimpered.
"Shut up, whore!" His brother growled with a rough shake. The girl fell to silent sobs. There was a time he would have enjoyed the begging, would have drawn it out until its dying breath. But now? Now it was wrong. It sat heavily in his gut, fought with his instinct and heart. Mind, body, soul. He knew not what he possessed that wished this girl to remain unharmed, but he did whole-heartedly.
"We are sworn not to eat innocent mortals"
"Smell her. She's no innocent child. No, she likes money and emotionless connection too much. She's no child, brother" He looked away at his brother's words, knowing everyone to be true. He felt the pain tear at him; he was going to lose something here either way. He allowed the quiet words to leave his mouth but there was nothing behind them, except desperation.
"I'll have to stop you"
"Come, kill me then" His brother laughed, challenging Pryce. He never broke eye contact as he ran his nose up the frightened girls neck, inhaling softly with a savage smile upon his handsome face, and an evil glow in his unique eyes.
"You have five seconds" his brother concluded, opening his mouth and dragging it over the girls skin. Try as he might he couldn't break the numbness in his body. Realisation hit him harder than a ton of bricks. He could not kill his brother, not even to spare another life.
"No" he whispered, averting his eyes from the girls as she looked. Realisation reached her face and once more she begged as his brother chuckled.
"No. No, Please. No. Oh Gods… No…" she escalated into a scream which was cut short by gargling as her neck was pierced. He never averted his eyes as his brother continued with his mutilation. His knees hit the floor as his body gave way, but he never looked away. He did not deserve too.

"That's what happened, I didn't act" he finished his story as he blinked away the memory. He was in the dark confession room, not the old house. He could no longer act to stop a deed already done, a crime already committed.
"Please, stop been so melodramatic. One girl compared to the thousands you slaughtered as a younger man! He's your brother. You couldn't have done anything" the priest said straight forwards, startling the confessor into a blind rage.
"I couldn't stop one when I have created and destroyed tens of thousands" he yelled, instantly regretting his outburst.
"Shocking" the priest said flatly. He had thrown the priest act out the window. The confessor froze as he sense a weakness. Without waiting he attacked it verbally, hoping that would satisfy his urges for blood.
"But I could kill you. You have body heat, a heart"
"Feel free to try it. When I tear your throat out your mind may change" the priest spoke calmly, never threatening but getting a point across. The confessor found himself surprised by how little it meant to him, but then other things had meant more. He had seen wonders many were never privileged to, a sprite priest was of little matter to him.
"It makes no difference to me. Thank you for your time" he spoke coolly as he rose to his feet and turned away.
"Wait my son, where are you going?" the priest asked, clearly in shock by the confessors abrupt change. The confessor let a sad smile play across his lips, one he knew the priest would see again somehow.
"To find redemption" he answered simply.
"You are forgiven already. You have committed no sin, for one may not strike his brother down least he become as bad as the one he fell" the priest informed. The confessor shook his head.
"I do not want forgiveness. Forgiveness is granted. I seek redemption. Redemption is earned" his words resonated with the priest, who nodded to the black wall he stared at.
"Then go, become a new man"

Chapter One - Opening

"I'm kind of nervous, I mean I have never been to school before, what if I'm not as smart as the others, and will they even like me? What's to like really, I'm on the tall side, I'm skinny, stick like even, My hair is plain brown and let loose, my skin is well a little pale, no wait fair and I have deep grey eyes, I look like a half dead zombie. Maybe I'll meet the dream hero here. Every night I dream and a hero saves me from……them. I never see more than a shadow of my hero and the words come to my head I don't hear his voice. Maybe it's a she, which would be awkward as over the last few years I have fallen for my dream hero. I have no friends as anyone knowing my dreams could see, maybe why that's why I fell for my dreams instead of reality. Well I had one friend when I was 15 but she moved out of town. My step father beat me for running away but I couldn't take it anymore, his constant blaming me for his ruined figure, maybe the pig should actually work instead of running his gambling ring. On second thoughts school is the best thing to ever happen to me, I get away from my… Broken family. Some rich guy paid for my education which I find rather weird as I don't know any rich men. It has to be my hero it just has to be…"
"It just has to be" Amy mumbled softly as she woke in the car, a sunlight beam hit her grey eyes, causing her to blink a few times.
Amy was quite a fair girl looking nothing like her half dead zombie thoughts. She was tall and thin, very much alike a girl you would see on a fashion runway yet Amy held a different kind of grace, somehow more beautiful and in her own way ageless, rarely seen in humans. Her face was soft yet could harden like water. Water is one of the softest substances, but who can resist the raging river? Amy's nose was soft, a button nose as some would say. Her face resembled an oval shape with soft curves to her soft chin. Her chin was the sharpest feature of her face and yet it kept the soft theme of her features flawlessly. Her eyes were large, innocent and childlike yet they suited her adult face. The sun made her soft brown hair shine as it fell across her eyes slightly giving her an even more innocent look that could make the heart ache for her, anyone who saw the small scar across her brow would fell a heavy dose of disgust and pity in the depths of their stomach. Despite the fact that she seemed quite normal she had the aura of a heavy soul, an abused soul. Amy had been abused since she was three, such a young age to fall victim to monsters hands.
She wore a blue hoodie that reached to the pockets of her white jeans with holes all over them. They were clearly a size to small and her runners were barely holding to her feet more signs of how well she was treated, not allowed to buy any new clothes when she truly needed them.
"Some dream, loads of screaming and mumbling, was it a girl on girl threesome?" The Driver asked in a sleazy tone that made Amy want to take a shower in acid to erase the, dirty, disgusting touch that wasn't even physical.
The sunlight that adorned Amy seemed avoid the driver. As the car pulled past a row of trees the light shifted onto him showing his once broken nose and a surprisingly well-proportioned face yet he still seemed ugly somehow. He was much like Gaston from beauty and the beast; blessed with a handsome face hid a sick, twisted mind. His eyes were a honey brown yet unlike honey they were harsh, his skin was smooth and slightly tanned. His seemingly new unmarked leather jacket was done up to the neck. He also wore washed out blue jeans and scuffed black motorbike boots mostly hidden under his jeans hem. His name was Gregg. Amy had learnt that when she had first strapped her seat belt on, her next lesson was this Gregg was a perv or a womanizer who thought he was a body builder.
"Um no" Amy said her tone hardened with uncomfortableness but there also a shyness that many would find rather alluring.
"Just a bad dream"
This next part was quiet as the sun was again hidden bathing the car in shadows. Amy tried to keep her feet off the ground and her eyes off her feet. Amy normally looked down yet the playboy magazines on the floor bothered her enough to settle for resting her head back. She had been in the car for hours now and in this part of town the traffic was congested. The car had moved maybe half a kilometre at best. Amy had started out counting the white cars she saw, then the red and gradually went through the colours but had stopped long ago. The radio was not switched on and the soft noises from the world outside never truly broke the tense silence within the car. Amy sighed then started thinking like she always did when she was bored. Thinking was a close companion, as were the pleasant memories she kept within her heart. That thinking soon evened out her breath as she drifted into the land of dreams again.
Amy suddenly opened her eyes, she was no longer in the car, but in a black void, her hero's shadow standing just where she couldn't see his face yet she saw his build. His upper half was quite hunky, thick arms crossed calmly over his detailed chest, even under the shirt and shadows Amy knew he was muscular. His body was almost a t shape yet strangely he was in perfect proportion as if he was born so huge, he was also tall, very tall. Amy was a tall girl at 5.9ft roughly yet this man was easily 6ft if not 6.8 a large difference but Amy having never been to school could not get the measurement right, ergo why she never made good cookies. Not that cookies were important at this point in time.

"Amy you must wake up" she saw the words in her head, almost like she was speaking to herself yet at the same time it wasn't her words, it was another's. Amy nodded weakly yet still was hazy and sleepy.
"Amy do not trust Gregg he plays girls like a poker player plays cards. Don't take your eyes off him" This time there was a voice to the word Amy, deep thundering yet calm, a truly mysterious voice to a strange man.
Amy then opened her eyes again she was back in the dark blue wagon, the traffic was thinned down now yet Greggs hands were near her hoodies zip. Amy did not hesitate in pushing his hand away and crossing her arms defensively over her zipper, no man was going to remove one bit of clothing from her. Gregg's eyes seemed to shine angrily yet his face did not betray his thoughts, thoughts that made Amy shiver or maybe it was the shadows from the mansion they drove past. Gregg simply pulled on a pair of silver-rimmed dark eyed glasses and continued to drive into the sunlight.
Amy was taken aback by the surroundings as she looked out the window again; they had cleared the thick of the city and were on a bridge, waves of a deep green blue ocean lapped up the straight. Amy had managed to read a book once that this had been a part of Melbourne but an explosion had blown a one-kilometre canyon and the ocean had filled it. The other side was the most expensive land in the world known as Sword Home a small town of estates and untouched land, fields and forest alike.
Amy stared into the sea and the hero's words flashed into her head again.
"Like looking into his eyes" then sighed.
Amy was taken aback. Her hero had only been able to talk to her in her dreams, whispering the sweet nothings that gave Amy the hope to continue on but never while she was awake. This thought was fleeting as the dark rocks at the other side blocked her view of the calming ocean then faded into long lush grass that made Amy's heart leap. Like the pages of a book the landscape was truly beautiful. Rich marble and stone mansions sat on fields with beautiful white fences and tree lines. Amy had heard many people call areas of the world breathtaking but Amy had never really understood it until now.
The weather seemed to hear Amy's heart because a soft rain started to fall over a faraway section and the sun shone behind her casting her shadow forward sadly it was hidden by the cars shadow. Amy looked to Gregg who was slowing down then he turned and asked Amy a question that took the joy out of the landscape.
"So Amy wanna pull over and do me"?
Amy had heard that expression before and decided now that Gregg was indeed untrustworthy and unable to keep it in his pants. She sighed, disappointed in her driver before she spoke.
"How far away are we?" she asked in a dry tone her eyes roaming the country now for Weather Wood, an expensive alternate schooling program that taught humans from their teens to their twenties. The potential students were tested then placed into a class accordingly. Another strange fact about this adventure was Amy hadn't done a test. It seemed the mysterious benefactor had paid her into a certain class.
Amy had been stunned as she got the letter and called the school for someone to pick her up, her stepfather had caught her and requested Gregg be the one to escort his beloved daughter to her new life. Amy was never one to complain, knowing her father knew Gregg's from their weekly poker game. She hated her pig of a stepfather, and his disgusting poker games. More often than not Amy hid away to avoid been groped at.
Gregg seemed almost shocked she did not accept his proposal. Amy found this man repulsive and would never stoop so low as to willingly give herself to such a human being. She would sooner sleep with a stone cold corpse than with the warmth this man offered. It was twisted and filthy. From being within a few feet of the man Amy wanted to bathe, she could not imagine herself being able to scrub his touch away.
"Damn, it's just around the bend" the shadows again danced through the windshield as they passed another grove of trees.
Amy looked and saw a bend, well more a road divide two roads curved away from the road the car was currently on, one went towards a section of warehouses more civilisation so much for untouched land, the other curved towards more rolling fields and estates, the car took this road. Amy sighed
"Thank God" Amy sighed.
Then she realised the timing Gregg had asked her the question only five seconds ago. He kept his face schooled but she knew her comment had hit him right fair smack in the centre of his illustrious ego.
"Oh boy what a bad impression" Amy's thoughts however shrugged this off as she saw a huge oak tree and sighed, it was a majestic tree that made Amy feel brave if only she knew more about that tree.
"What?" Gregg asked, keeping his voice was quite dumb for Amy's sake. She hated this guy already and she hadn't even arrived at her new home, which she shared with him.
"He must be a stupid jock" Amy's thoughts were getting bold, bolder than her tongue would ever be. She never spoke her mind. It was private and for her alone. When she did speak it was in answer to another, or requesting help, which she rarely was granted. It was more common for her to be backhanded than to be given a slice of bread. She had learned long ago that running her mouth would only bring her pain.
"Never mind" she shrugged her answer off nervously and quietly. Amy shivered as she felt the weather which was now cold as the wind came from the ocean. She shifted her feet nervously she hoped it wouldn't get colder. The cold hurt her old injuries and broken bones. How her father still managed to hide the damage away from the police she didn't know. Her luck held strong and it got colder.
The car pulled up to a drive and Amy glanced the surroundings, the day was near dark now the setting sun bathed the landscape in orange setting the sky aflame, tomorrow the wether would be good Amy thought.
She then saw the fences around a huge estate, huge white brick fences that were elegantly pointed at the top, a very gothic style. The buildings had flat roofs with only gutters that drained towards the fences, they were built out of elegant stone like a castle ruin resurrected or kept clean yet the style was new, based on a castle Amy decided. The paths were a nice stone with neatly mowed grass fields and more buildings. The car pulled up a stone driveway past one of these rock walls, Amy felt strangely calm around the stone; it had no thoughts for her to hear no chaos she had to control.
The car pulled up into a garage where it did not fit in. Amy looked her eyes wide the garage was huge, almost like a roundabout with car parks around the edge, and not cheap cars either, but sports cars.
One instantly caught her eye, it was classical and had no wheels, and it was in parts. Amy was bewildered why a non-completed car would be in a garage then she heard Gregg's door open
"Outta the car sugar, we're here" he almost purred as he closed his door with a soft thud. Amy winced but beyond that she didn't move. Gregg's face took an expression that resembled something between a cats arse and frown, a look that would have made most laugh. Amy never laughed at expressions of men who conversed with her father, knowing that when she could read the expression she was in for something terrible.
"Get out of the fucking car now before I come and drag you out" he growled, no longer keeping his voice dumb and nice. He knew what effect it wold have on Amy. Like any bully, he enjoyed it too.
"And sneak a peek under the hoodie" the next tone he armed himself with was quite suggestive. Amy cringed.
Amy moved to get out wincing slightly as her foot hit the cold concrete of the garage, once she had in her words fallen down the stairs and the bones had healed weakly now when it was cold Amy felt the breaks and they hurt her so it was today. Amy walked resting her arm nervously along the car when her slender body was out on the way of the heavy doorframe she shut the door the cars shadow was now not so big.

"Seriously Hunter?" Duke demanded of his pale friend, grinning slightly as he watched Hunter roll his hips to the Latino music playing on the radio. He only watched from the corner of his eye, knowing if he was caught staring Hunter would bag him no end. Hunter was graceful, always holding his shoulders straight despite their slight slant inwards. There was no reply as the dancing man decided he wanted a new song and began to flick through the songs on a disk, frowning and smiling depending on the sound.
Duke didn't keep staring, instead he grunted and looked back down into the car he was trying to restore. He had fixed and changed out several parts and still he couldn't make the engine work. He was covered up to his elbows in grease, sweat and dirt. He grunted again as a bolt resisted his urges to come loose, rubbing his forehead with the back of his hand. It took him a moment to realise his forehead was now covered in the black grime his arms wore. He gripped the edge of his shirt and lifted it to his forehead, feeling the difference in the length of his fingers bump over his forehead. At least his forehead was no longer greasy.
"God. I. Hate. This. Car!" Duke strained out, pulling against the bolt with his tools. Both hands closed around the steel as he leaned back, still unable to make the bolt loosen. He could lift a human weighing eighty kilos but he couldn't make one bolt come loose. It was infuriating. He contemplated asking Pryce for help, but one flick of his eyes to the broody male made him change his mind. Pryce had better things to do than fix a car Duke had taken over as a restoration project.
"How's the car coming Duke?" Hunter chuckled, trying to keep a straight face as Duke looked over his shoulder with narrowed eyes. He exhaled then groaned loudly, which sounded something like a dear and a bull mating call gone horribly wrong.
"How do you think?"
"Why don't you let Mr. Fix it take a look?" Hunter suggested. Duke shook his head. No way would an old car defeat him.
"No. I put the engine in, I'll get it working" Duke answered, his voice straining as he pulled against the bolt again. He barely heard Hunter's mumble comment.
"Or die trying"
Pryce chuckled at this. The broody one kept his mouth shut, not thinking to mention Duke was pulling the bolt the wrong way. Everyone had to learn that the hard way, Duke would have to as well. He had better things to think about, things to plan. A few years before he would lose it all but he had been distracted again. He had gotten that out of the way, not that it removed it from his thoughts. Flames. Death by fire and trauma for a child. He pitied her. He created her. He had caused many a case but now one offered redemption, if he could keep his personal thoughts aside and focus.
Amy followed an impatient Gregg outside she blinked at the sudden light despite the overhang above the door making a square shadow between the Greek pillars Amy suddenly couldn't see Gregg. Nervously she walked forward oblivious to her surroundings lost in thought. Suddenly Amy screamed and jumped as a spark hit her bare ankle this brought up an unwanted memory of her childhood. As Amy exited this memory she saw a young man in front of her.
The first thing Amy noticed was he had no shoes on, his shirt was a tight dirty white tank showing tight abs and for his body he had softly tanned skin with freckles over the bridge of his nose. His jeans were dark, a huge tear over his right thigh showed more of his slightly tanned skin. His hair was messy yet short, it was a brave look that suited this man, a stray blonde lock dangled over his eye. Amy jumped inside when she looked into his eyes, they were the same colour as the ocean an aqua green colour yet they were kind and alive unlike the ocean, which Amy had thought rough and choppy. He was tall, well muscle defined tanned skin blonde hair the next thing Amy saw was a tooth dangling at his neck, a surfie necklace yet he was too well-kept to be a surfer. His face was rather rounded yet his chin quite square, over all Amy decided he looked like he had some Irish in him, maybe American. He was definitely Australian. Too, cross breed to be pinned to an individual culture.
"Oh forgive me miss… um" he half said half asked his voice was medium overall and well-modulated somewhere between an Australian accent and a lilting Irish accent. His voice was like honey, warm and relaxing, instantly soothing. He was also full of energy and excited, which helped put Amy at ease as much as it nerved her. She had never met anyone like this before.
"Amy, and I'm no miss" Amy said doing her famous stare at her feet allowing her eyes to linger to the man for a second before lowering again as if sizing him up and expecting trouble, the man seemed to miss this and continue bumbling on.
"Oh I'm sorry Amy, we didn't expect a newbie, especially a beautiful girl like you… Oh and my name is Duke, Duke Porter" The young man introduced himself smiling kindly. Straight white teeth showed, save for a small chip in one of his canines his teeth were flawless. His smile made Amy want to laugh. Duke seemed like such an idiot yet impossible not to instantly like.
Amy laughed lightly her body turning to face him and her eyes on his chin, she still couldn't look him in the eyes no matter how kind he seemed
"Amy Black Mr Porter".
Now Amy took her time to examine her surroundings swiftly, she was in a courtyard of sorts between two buildings and a fountain down the walk yet Duke had obviously been working on the completely trashed car lying on the grass. Also Amy remembered the song she heard, Cindy Lauper Girls just wanna have fun; there was also someone around the car dancing to it. Amy dreamed of been a world-class dancer but with her feet and no money for lessons it was just that. A dream.
"Well Miss Black since we are so formal allow me to offer my friendly personality and a tour around the school" his expression and tone were so serious yet his eyes had a cheeky glow that made Amy shyly laugh again. Duke smiled, he was the kind of guy who got a kick out of making someone smile. Amy instantly sensed he was a little bit of a flirt, yet it was nothing but to draw a smile. His entire purpose speaking to her was to make her smile. It was a thrilling sensation to be held in such high regard without even knowing the man before her. Duke was clearly a man, in his twenties, and yet he somehow fitted the description of a boy, or maybe it was a lad.
"Thank you" Amy said in a half laughing half-speaking tone that made Duke grin even more like an idiot, which in turn made Amy laugh harder. Duke suddenly turned and looked towards the dancing person and called out in a joking easygoing tone.
"Hey Hunter, turn that shit off, stop shaking your ass and come say hello" the music stopped.
A man walked from around the car that made Amy almost stare, almost. He looked taller than Duke did. He had a mini moa hawk hairstyle, his hair was a natural black yet obviously dyed. He had a leaner build yet through his fishnet shirt he too had solid abs, a harsh claw mark scar showed across them. He wore faded blue jeans rolled up to reveal his gothic boots. He also wore a trench coat, leather that came to the tops of his boots, which were not quite up to mid-calf. His face was thin and square his dark stubble masked this, an eagle wing tattoo covered the right side of his face. He had sideburns that made his face seem even thinner and dark glasses that prevented Amy seeing his eyes. The man had a very pale, white even complexion.
"Oh a British girl how I do love them" he said in an even voice he did however crunch girl more than average yet the rest of his accent was perfectly English. His voice was clearly German yet he did not have a thick accent, it was almost as if he choose when to show his German voice. There was also a Cuban flare in his voice which made whatever he said incredibly sexy. Amy was taken aback as she haltingly spoke, willing her accent to go away.
"Yeah I lived in London how did you know" Amy asked her eyes now intently on Hunter's face, strangely she could not hear his thoughts. Somehow Amy could always hear peoples thoughts and feel their emotions, especially if she looked them in the eye ergo why Amy shied away strangely Hunter seemed to be doing the same thing before he spoke his words were not strange in fact they were normal.
"Hunter, you sound nervous and a Brit accent showed slightly, you've lived here for what, five years" he asked his aura was still judgemental and defensive despite his openness, Duke was also picking up on that and was carefully standing where he could see both of their faces. Hunter was stunning; his eyes would be intent behind his dark glasses. Amy had assumed he was blind when she saw the glasses but he looked at her with such a manner she knew he was not. It was unsettling. He looked at her like she was meat, prey to his hunt. She was his prey the moment she saw him, Hunter matched his name to perfection.
"Yeah a few years ago, um your name is Günter?" Amy felt weak for asking, but she needed to be sure. Her nerves made everything flutter through her ears like water through the cracks in her fingers.
"Hunter Taurus, that's my name. Don't ask why, just admire the works and get hot" Hunter replied leaning back slightly yet Amy heard his pain at how he had spoken; this way of talking was his shied armour and sword.
"Great another perv" she thought softly. Yet he says this more out of habit than any sleazy wish. Amy's thoughts were always complex for her education, yet she had a way of been understanding. She twitched her left eye slightly as she felt a tickle in the back of her mind, almost like something entering quietly through a back door and cringing when the door made its closing sound.
"I am not a perv miss Black" Hunter spoke quite harshly despite his lowered tone and volume. Amy imagined his eyes flaming underneath the dark sunglasses. He stared for a moment longer then groaned softly, a damn it kind of sound all the while his hand came up to rest over his eyes and nose. The sight made Amy wish to laugh his nose tip poking out from under a large pale hand yet she had more important things to ask as she levelled her eyes between Hunter and Duke.
"How…" She began but stopped dead mouth open as the third man came into her view; she was baffled she hadn't seen him first.
The man had a t shape figure. His arms were rather thick hidden under a dark blue shirt as was most of his torso. His legs Amy thought were a river of muscle. He was beyond commonly muscled; he was exquisite, a vision of a man with the grace of a dancer and the muscle of a wrestler. He was the kind of man that would be seen in Hollywood. Amy looked him down, His shirt was clearly too small for him as she could see his shoulder muscles rippling under it, his leather pants also rather tight yet he had no trouble moving to avoid the odd spark and gothic boots poked out, he had his pants over them unlike Hunter. Amy was spellbound as she watched him; he was using some strange tool to remove rust from the cars body.
Almost as if he knew exactly when she looked, he turned his head and stared back at her. His face was noble, his cheeks beautifully smooth into his jawline and strong yet beautiful chin. Half his face was covered with the same eagle wing tattoo adorned the right side of Hunter's. He had two lip rings, a nose stud in his left nostril and an eyebrow piercing with another ring, black metal rings. A soft stubble covered his chin yet it did not appear dirty as it could on some men. His dark hair was messed, covering the tips of his ears. His nose was somewhat small for his face yet Amy shrugged this off, his chin however was so strikingly alike Hunter's she almost gasped yet no other part resembled him. What struck Amy though were his eyes. Intense deep blue eyes. His eyes spoke volumes about him; he was the silently suffering type. Broody, confident and sexy.
The shadows hid his clean-skinned side of his face yet Amy could see something was odd about it, in truth the whole man was odd yet Amy was smitten, to her he appeared handsome beyond compare, unhuman even. He wasn't the most attractive man she had seen, Hunter was much more physically attractive but the broody confidence with the deep blue eyes made this nameless man irresistible.
What to Amy seemed like hours but to any passer by seconds they stared at each other an almost silent I've seen you before then the man's brow creased, an ugly look for him, and his eyes darkened. A storm all in two small windows to a tortured soul. Duke seemed to notice this as did Hunter, their eyes darted between the two then to each other, and it was Duke who broke the silence.
"So" he said carrying out the o sound then he seemed to snap back into his fast speech tempo.
"Amy I'll show ya to queen bitches office" He was however polite and stood still waiting for Amy's reply, unlike Gregg who had bolted off on her. Amy nodded with an uncertain smile on her soft face. Inside her thoughts raged.
"He's a Goth boy, a reject. Why is his opinion so important to me?"
Her thoughts begged her to think about school instead of those deep eyes. How strange the man seemed as she silently followed Duke. He seemed to notice her limp but said nothing instead he had slowed his pace, a kind and respectful gesture to a shy new girl in the big wide world. Suddenly a door opened somewhere next to Duke who was closest to the wall. The door connected with Duke loudly and sent him plummeting straight into the mud; it seems the rains had touched the school after all. The man standing in the door was Gregg. Amy believed she now knew him. Stupid, Bullying sexist.
"Hey dork" he started off rather rudely, not earning him any redemption in Amy's eyes.
"Miss Sunday asked me to show her around" it was then Amy was nervous, and it was not of Gregg rather for him. She would not with the beast she sensed upon anyone, deserving or not.
She felt Duke, an animal in a cage and the cage was left open for the animal to pounce through, it leapt. Duke swept his entire body from his hands, his legs catching Gregg's knees and dragging him down. Amy winced as Gregg hit the ground a sickening crash that drew attention from other students who were now rushing up to watch the fight unfold. Duke growled as Gregg rolled onto his back and pushing his entire body forwards Duke had his hands outstretched for Gregg's now open throat. Amy was stunned to see what happened next; Duke lost the will to fight and at the last minute twisted his shoulders landing beside Gregg instead of on top with his hands round Gregg's throat. Gregg however was not so polite and with a swift motion he had Duke in a headlock. Amy looked away only to see their shadows also entangled in a brawl, with her thoughts racing.
"Why did Duke hold back?"
Gregg was now on his feet, his left forearm around Duke's throat and his right hand holding his left wrist adding power to his hold on Duke. Duke gasped his hands grasping at Gregg's forearm his elbows started tight against his side but started poking out as he tried to get a grip on Gregg. Gregg smirked then jumped jolting Duke and removing Duke's hands from his arm, effectively rendering the blonde helpless.
"Learn to land hits you piece of shit" Gregg hissed in Duke's ear as Duke's eyes rolled back in his head. There was a look of pure pleasure on Gregg's face as he tightened his grip around Duke's throat. Amy felt disgusted watching the scene unfold. Gregg acted as if he had won some grand victory but Duke had not fought back. Suddenly Gregg cried out and Duke was on the ground coughing and gasping as he tried to regain his breath. Gregg was nowhere to be seen. Amy's eyes were still lowered and she saw it. A foot poking out from the shadows, or the shadow of a foot. She raised her eyes.
There stood the Goth boy, his left arm was flexed as he held Gregg against the wall, and Gregg's toes were kicking seeking the safety of the ground. His face was going bright red as the Goth held him there, blue eyes narrowed and rage focused solely on the dumbass in his grip. Amy pitied everyone who got on the broody man's bad side. Gregg desperately jabbed a punch out at the Goth, the young man simply lifted his right hand and slapped the hit aside then frowned from his neutral expression. Amy shivered as she caught a glimpse at the boy's thoughts, dark and death filled. The boy kept his elbow to his side and his right side flexed as he spun from his hip, driving his punches soundly into Gregg's stomach. After two blows to the gut and one to the face Gregg coughed and spluttered for mercy. Amy doubted he knew he was on Earth for the ferocity of the Gothic's blows, and yet again the broody Goth pulled his punches back and controlled himself. A drop of blood landed on the Goth's hand, again Amy shuddered, the man's thoughts were about tearing Gregg's throat out bathing in his blood. Instead of drawing any closer to that reality the young man spoke.
"Now you should know not to do that Gregg, surely you recognise a pulled hit when you see it" his voice was deep, rumbling like thunder. Despite he was clearly annoyed his voice had a chilling calmness to it, the deep inner peace before death, or the calm before a deadly storm. Amy shuddered; both her views of this man before her were intense and dangerous. Be it a paragon of goodness or the vision of hell, he was dangerous. Best avoided yet she found herself unable to resist the urge to stare. Light focused on him without changing around her, his skin almost shone in the sunlight for its paleness. She had never seen someone like him before. She was curious.
"Maybe your boyfriend should learn not to pull hits pussy" Gregg spat somehow he missed the boy's face but Amy saw the spits landing point, it should have hit the Goth square in the face and yet the Goth had not moved and the spit had missed. The man growled and pulled Gregg closer, Amy's eyes were stuck to his flexing arm, a vein showed through a tear in his shirt. She then noticed the boys teeth, his canine on his top jaw were longer while the ones on the bottom were shorter, than an average human that is.
"Pryce" Duke coughed as he now was on his knee, his left hand resting on the ground while his right elbow rested on his right knee. Dirt clung to his arm, blood trickled down his nose, but he made no motion to wipe it away. The Gothic's eyes fell upon the blood for a moment before his eyes cruised up to meet Duke's in a challenging gaze.
"Enough" he finished his tone was serious but also concerned, and Amy doubted it was for his own or the Goth boy, Pryce's safety. Pryce looked to Gregg and creased his brow lower in a threatening way and then released his grip. Gregg fell to the ground another sickening crash as he landed. Pryce however had managed to grab Gregg's left wrist as he fell and there was a sickening pop as Gregg's left shoulder dislocated and he screamed. As Pryce went to walk away Gregg's eyes darkened, Amy felt she had to warn the boy somehow but all that came out was a small gasp, Pryce seemed to hear it.
His eyes roamed to the left his head only slightly turned as Gregg kicked out for Pryce, Pryce reacted before Gregg acted. Pryce spun on his toes his shadow dancing and he sent his foot out, the flat of his foot hit Gregg's badly aimed kick causing yet another scream from Gregg as there was a sickening crack that made Amy believe bones were broken. As Gregg whimpered and moved his right hand for his leg Pryce simply stood on his hand his eyes now burning as he looked down at Gregg. Gregg spat onto Pryce's boots earning yet another snarl from Pryce as he cracked his fingers and lined up a kick, the aim was Gregg's possibly broken leg.
"That's enough Pryce" Hunter's voice rung as he was suddenly next to Amy.
God is this how everyday school life is? This is too much" Amy thought looking around surprised, why did no one else notice these odd actions?
Pryce grinned as he knelt next to Gregg and snatched the front of his shirt then lifted Gregg partly off the ground. As his mouth came next to Gregg's ear, he spoke in a haunting whisper that seemed to summon the coldest ice of the world into its dripping, venomous tone.
"Maybe you are lucky my friends are good men who won't allow me to teach you a real lesson you worthless mortal" Pryce then looked Gregg harshly in the eye.
As Gregg made an angry face Pryce pulled Gregg towards him and lowered his head. There was another sick sound as the boys heads collided and Gregg was knocked out cold. Pryce then dragged his toes down Gregg's face wiping the spit from them. Pryce looked towards Duke then walked away the crowd staring was now disbanding as Duke clambered to his feet and rushed after Pryce as Amy stared sadly after them.
"Hunter" she whispered loudly
"Did he say worthless mortal" her tone was as questioning as her thoughts.
"Who was this man? Why do I even care? How long did he work out to get such great arms? No Amy focus strange sayings and odd things happening around a creepy hot dude oh god help me" her thoughts raged as she waited the extra five seconds for Hunter's unsatisfactory reply.
"Na Amy he said worthless turtle…" He froze again, thoughts rushing with one word playing through his head.
"Distraction, distraction, distraction"
"You must be tied come we'll get ya settled in" Hunter's tone was suggesting to stop questions and so Amy did. She had a year to figure it all out, there was no real rush except for her insatiable curiosity.
"Now Amy, I have already been through school I only do the music class otherwise I'm the TA" He began walking, with Amy in tow.
"TA?" Amy asked, unfamiliar with the term he had used. Who on earth used two letters together like that in a serious workplace anyway?
"It's American, Teachers Assistant. I help the teacher out. Grading papers, getting excess supplies" He continued as they walked over a grass field towards another stone building.
"Watching over trouble makers" Hunter shook his finger at her with a somewhat dangerous expression on his face. His lips were set in a fine line, his jaw perfectly balanced between over clenched and relaxed. Amy decided she needed to know more about this Pryce, and Hunter was her back door so she begun to banter with him.
"Someone your age, what 26 would have?" She said her tone on 26 questioning this made Hunter's tone more serious.
"He's too old for Amy so don't chase him. He might break your heart but you will break his without meaning too" Amy couldn't believe the cheesy line that was said by Hunter.
"I just want to know him better I doubt he even wants to be friends with" Amy cut short as she looked at Hunter. His mouth was slightly open she could see white teeth tips and even though she couldn't see his eyes but she assumed they were looking at her neck.
"Me" she finished and Hunter was quick to act, he pretended he was yawning and lifted his head slightly. Amy walked towards the building Hunter had pointed out looking over her shoulder to make sure Hunter was not following.


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