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Just being a vampire doesn't make me evil

Novel By: BlueLeaf
Young adult

hey. this is my first novel here, so your comments mean the world to me. please, let me know what you guys think. the story is about a child who is kidnapped by vampires and a vampire named Lucas doesn't accept the fact that vampires take children so he takes her away and then he comes hunted by his own kind- vampires. And at the same time he is trying to find the girl's mom...
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Just being a vampire doesn't make me evil

┬ęThis story belongs to BlueLeaf. Don't try to plagiarize this. It's punishable by law.

Lucas walked through the halls. Only his footsteps heard. His gaze looked once in a while to the doors which where open: there was few people, some of the rooms were completely empty. Then, suddenly, he heard different voice. Young girl's cry. Younger than young, a child. He was surprised. Lucas followed the voice to the room, almost jogging.

"What's happening?" he asked with shock in his voice. The view told the answer: in the big, white room was a very young girl, maybe only seven years old. She had long black hair and she wore a light red dress that was now dirty.

"Oh, I didn't know you wanna share", the red eyed vampire said, who looked like a demon, but his name was Carlos. Lucas didn't know he was so keen with young girls. He wouldn't accept it. Lucas accepted the fact that we, bloodsuckers, sucked blood from people, usually from bad people or sometimes, when was no other choice, from innocent.

But that had only happened once in his life and Lucas made sure that would not happen again. Even thought he knew, like every other vampire, that child's blood tasted much more better. It was sweeter, some vampires said, who had the chance to taste it. Lucas wasn't sure, and some part of him didn't want to know. But the other part, the monster part in him, wanted that more than anything.

And now, seeing the young girl, face filled with tears, Lucas smelled the blood. The blood that came from the wound, that Carlos nails had done. He kept a hard crab on her tiny wrist, looking searchingly to him.

"Well?" he asked, nervously. Lucas shook his head. No, he thought. No matter how big the lust for her blood was, he couln't do it, he couldn't... or could he?

"Why did you kidnap her?" He tried to ask, his voice weak. Carlos laughed.

"Are you serious?" he laughed. What a silly question, he thought. Maybe, he thought, he might save her by saying that he wanted her. Lucas wasn't sure was it a good idea, but it was the only way to save her. He wasn't even sure why did he want to save her, but by looking to her eyes, he knew it for sure. He couldn't watch her die. Lucas couldn't watch Carlos sucking the life out of her.

"If you're not gonna want-" Carlos began, but he interrupted.

"I would love to have a taste", Lucas said, knowning that would change his mind . Carlos smiled.

"Now you're talking"

"I meant.. for myself", Lucas cleared his throat. Carlos stared at him.

"You're serious?" Carlos chuckled. He couldn't believe his eyes. Lucas stood still, and once a while, he took a look to the girl. He couldn't do such thing to a young child. Then he moved his gaze back to Carlos. Then Carlos sighed, walked away from the girl, who seemed to be in shock.

"If you wanna her, she's all yours. But leave something for me, will you?"

"Sure", Lucas answered and tried to smile. He walked to the girl, who now stared at Lucas with her big, warm-brown eyes. How could anyone do harm on her? Lucas heard the girl's heart beating loud, very fast. She was scared. But what could he do? The house was full of vampires. There was no way to get her out alive. Unless..

"What? You're gonna stand there and do nothin' ?" Carlos said. Lucas turned to him, seeing he was looking at him. Waiting.

"You're gonna stand there and watch?" Lucas asked.

"Yeah, making sure you're gonna leave something for me", he smiled back. Lucas swallowed. There was only one thing to do. He walked towards the girl. The girl's heart started to beat faster, her hand was shaking. Lucas walked behind the girl, while Carlos watched his every move.

Lucas took the girl's tiny arm to his grab, so the girl made a little scream sound, but a weak one. The girl didn't say anything, she didn't beg, nothing. She just cried and her whole body shook.

Then, Lucas bend over, opened his mouth, and sink his teeth to the girl's arm, hoping at the same that this would save her life.


Should i continue writing this story?


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