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Novel By: booklove18
Young adult

Ashliee Rae Tomson is a rich girl. But she is not happy with her perp school name brand life. She longs for something differnt, for a time when she can just be her self other than "Renae Tomson's daughter" the fablus clothes desinger. So when her friend suggest that they go "slumming" to a party on the other side of town, she gets her chance. But what she dosen't expect is to meet Zac in a corner of a crowed smoke filled room, or that she would find him so attractive, or that she would like it so much when he called her Goldie-locks.

Zac Paul Renideze JR. is the half mexican step-son of the CEO of one of the most prestigious banks in town. Hating the rich life and the snobby perpies at the school his mother whant to send him to, he moves in with his alcoholic father, to stay closer to his roots. When his friend drags him to a party after his girlfriend dumps him he has no expectations of having any fun. But then he meets Ashliee, a blonde haired hazled eye angel in a dark smokie room whos spirt and witty comments quickly brightens his mood, and her body isn't that bad either.

These two are completly oppisite but alike in so many ways.
Can a frindship brought to life in a dark smoke filled room survive in the light of day? Can two poeple from two differnt ways of life find a way to love each other when all the odds are aginst them? View table of contents...



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"Curly-locks, Curly-locks, wilt thou be mine?
Thou shalt not wash the dishes, nor yet feed the swine;
But sit on a cushion, and sew a fine seam
And feed upon strawberries, sugar, and cream."

The screaming of my alarm clock woke me up at 6:30 like always. I sighed as I got out of bed another day of private school, uniforms and schedules. I walked into my bathroom, after my shower and I was dressed I stood in front of my vanity mirror and tried to do something with my unruly curly blonde hair. Groaning in frustration I gave up and pushed it out of my face secured it with a head band.

"Ashliee! Breakfast is on the table!" called Regina our housekeeper/cook.

"I'm coming!" I shouted as I headed down the stairs.

"You better hurry up before your bother eats it all!"

As I neared the bottom I smelled bacon and hot homemade buttermilk pancakes and smiled. This is why I loved Regina, she knows how to cook.

"Good morning honey, how did you sleep?" She said as she set a plate loaded with pancakes and bacon down in front of me.

I smiled at her "Just fine Gina."

She smiled back. "Where are mom and dad?" I asked as I began to cut the pancakes.

"Your dad had an early meeting that he said might last all day and your mother had to fly out last late last night to Pairs, something about a 'averting a fashion catastrophe' I didn't catch it all she was mumbling about last minute flights and the inconvenience of having to re plan an already 'impeccable run way show that is sure to show that snotty witch Clare Tate' or something like that." She said with a chuckle.


"Hey it's Curly-locks! What's up Curly-locks?" I heard a voice yell behind me as I walked into school, and sighed. I turned around "What do you what Erik?"

"That's no way to greet your Best Friend is it Curly? How 'bout a hug?" he said with a big grin on his face and without waiting for a response wrapped me up in his arms. I screeched and hit him on his back "PUT ME DOWN YOU BIG APE!" he laughed and sat me back on my feet. "You know I love it when you call me names." He said and winked at me, I glared at him which only made him smile bigger. "You know Ash, if you ever stop hating me…" he wiggled his eyebrows "… I could show you what it's like to be with a star athlete."

"Not if you were the last star athlete on the planet, Erik. You're not my type." I said shrugging past him. He stepped in front of me again "You mean you don't go for strong hot rich guys who can make all your fantasies come true?"

"No, I don't go for egotistical assholes who think that they own every girl the date." I said starting to get mad " and money isn't everything."

"Aw, come one Curly-locks. If you were with me you would never have to do a thing, just sit and look pretty. You wouldn't want for anything; I would give you all the sweetest things."

"Why do you want me so bad, Erik? When you could have any girl at this, or any other, school?"

"Because I could have any other girl, but you don't want me. So, I want you." He said and walked away.


"ASHLEE!!!" My best friend squealed as she ran up to me.

"Yes, Megan?" I said smiling at her,

"Guess what we are doing tonight?"

"And what would that be my over energized bestie?" I said laughing at the way she was bouncing on her toes.

"We are slumming it!" she said excitedly.

"What do you mean?"

"I heard there is a party going on the other side of town tonight and it supposed to be a ragger."

"….and you want to go?" I asked skeptically.

"YESS!" she said bouncing again.

"Oh, okay! Just stop doing that!"

She frowned, "Doing what?"

"BONCING!" I almost shouted.


The music was thumping and cars lined the street, yup it is a ragger and the party is just starting. I looked at Megan and she smiled. "Told you!" she said excitedly. "Where did you hear about this party?" I asked her. "My gardeners' son was on his phone talking to someone about it yesterday afternoon when he was trimming the bushes outside my room and I was eavesdropping. Oh don't give me that look it was outside my room, it's not like I had my ear pressed to the door trying to hear what he was saying!!

I opened the car door and got out, pulling the bottom of my skirt down. Turning to her I said, "Two hours that it, if you are not out here at the car in two hours I will leave you."

"Okay, okay! Chill Phil, you're going to get stress wrinkles" She laughed.

"I mean it Meg, two hours that's it."

"Fine, party pooper. If you what to be a little kid tonight then go ahead." She said shaking her head.

"I plan on it!" I shouted back.

As we steeped though the door I was hit with the smell of stale beer, high class weed, and sex. Well at least the smoke the good stuff. The music was so loud that I couldn't hear Megan when she was talking right next to my ear; she had to yell when she told me she was going to get us drinks. I just nodded and pointed to a corner indicating that that's where I will be.

As I made my way over to the corner, I was amazed at how many people were packed into this small house. When I got there I was slightly disappointed that someone else had taken my spot. But only slightly, because he was hot. Like green eyes dark brown hair that looked like it was still wet from a shower and a toned body that nicely filled out this gray/blue button up. After I finished looking him over, my gaze lingering on his perfect lips a bit longer then they should I said, "You're in my spot."

He looked at me, "Your spot?"

"Yes, my spot. You are in it, please move."

"I'm sorry? Id didn't know this spot belonged to anyone." He said his lips twitching as if he was fighting a smile.

"Well it does, me, and your still in it. So are you going to move or not?" I said getting irritated.

"Naw, I think I'm going to stay here." He said with a full smile.

"Please." I said barely above a whisper, my eyes filling up with 'tears'.

He looked scared for a moment thinking I might really cry but then he laughed. "You're good I will give you that but I got three sisters and therefore am immune to that trick." He said still chuckling.

"Fine, don't move. Just scoot over, make room or something." I said slightly bumping his shoulder to get him to scoot, only causing him to laugh anew.

"I like you Goldie-locks, you have spunk." He said sliding down the wall a bit to make room for me. I smiled at him, never had I enjoyed some one making fun of my hair before, and besides Goldie-locks is way better that Curly-locks.


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