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Saving Our Love

Novel By: BriShay
Young adult

Their Lives. Their Love. It's extremely different from other people. Two high-profile teenagers. Ashley, a girl who depends on love to save the person she is. DJ, a boy who uses love to disguise the emptiness in his life he was once left with. A relationship that could be on the verge of destruction! Are they using their love for all of the wrong reasons? And what will it take for them to realize what love truly is? Will they ever see how much they need each other, need their, and need themselves to ever save it from ending? View table of contents...



Submitted:Jun 3, 2012    Reads: 69    Comments: 10    Likes: 3   


Even after the constant arguing with my dad about me staying at Marymount for my last year of high school, I still didn't get what I wanted. I would rather drive to Beverly Hills every day and attend school with my boyfriend. After my dad met him the other night, that might not be an option anymore. We had dinner at my house and my dad had a very nice, pleasant attitude towards DJ. Not only that, but DJ was very respectable, trying to convince my dad what a good person he was. But afterwards, you know I got the full-out lecture.

"So," I began, "what did you think of him, Daddy?" I grinned in his face, expecting him to tell me how proud he was of my choice of partner. I didn't want him to have anything bad to say that would make me have to rethink being with DJ.

"He was uhmm…," He cleared his throat. "I thought he was very uhh…….nice." My mom sipped her wine and gave my dad the evil eye. I also gave my dad the 'You the only person in the room that said the dumbest thing' type of look.

"Since I know there is a but after that, go ahead and hit me with it," I told him, with an edge in my voice.

"He comes from successful parents, but Ashley, you got to look at the BIG picture." Here he goes, I thought.

"And wouldn't the big picture be him being a respectable, young man?" My mother, Eva, questioned, staring at my dad while waiting for a response.

"Yes, but-"

"Daddy," I cut him short, "I know that you don't want me dating him because he is not like other kids in Bel-Air. Yes, his dad is famous and works in the music industry, but that doesn't mean it's going to destroy me."

"You don't know that. But fine. I will let you learn on your own." I could tell he was disappointed, but I guess he saw how happy I got when I got around DJ.

DJ might have been in the spotlight all of his life because of having a famous dad, but he was just like a normal person, and he had normal friends. That's what I wanted: A normal guy. I wasn't in the spotlight like he was, but because of my dad, I was known all throughout LA and other places. It wouldn't harm me to be with him. It only made me a better, happier, and freer person.

I wouldn't want my dad knowing that only because he would say that DJ was changing me. I wasn't just some rich, stuck up, black girl from Bel-Air. I liked to have fun and be normal just like DJ. We've been dating for about 6 months now and nothing could have been better. When we first got together, I didn't want to say I was in love, but I just loved DJ and being around him. I felt there was nothing wrong with that. My dad was just afraid, afraid of me having those feelings. Anytime I spoke of DJ, he would just say negative things. "His dad is a hip-hop mogul! Do you know what type of lifestyles they live?" "Back in the 90's, he was strongly a part of the East Coast-West Coast Rivalry. He was a lot of trouble." "He always had confrontations with other rappers and entertainers." "He's originally from Compton."

I had to hear that stuff every day. To be honest, none of that mattered to me. I was enjoying my life with DJ, and I was not about to let my dad or anyone else mess this up for me.


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