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Escaping Destiny

Novel By: C M Pickering
Young adult

When we left, we knew it was going to be hard. Things got harder when only half of us made it through but we struggled on and did the best we could in a world we knew nothing about. Ten years on, Earth was our home. But then he showed up and everything we worked so hard to achieve came tumbling down as we were forced to return to the one place we swore never to set foot on again. And it was all his fault. View table of contents...


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"Bring him in," her voice rang through the chamber, thick with authority. Two men large in stature opened a small door to the left of the chamber and dragged a handsome boy of sixteen into the room. He struggled and was rewarded for his efforts with a punch to the mouth. He spat blood from his split lip into the face of one of the men.

"Release me! You have no right to hold me or my Powers!" he snarled at the people in the room. The woman raised her hand for silence, something the boy couldn't deny, given the woman's ability.

"Tut, tut, tut," she mocked, wiggling her finger towards him. "We have every right. You know why this is happening." Her voice had lost the light manner and was now cold and hard. The boy's violet eyes had fires burning in them as he stared at the woman. If his Powers were released she wouldn't dare talk to him in this manner. She knew what he could do. "I have a proposition for you. One you'll find very hard to refuse." A sly smile slid onto her face as she watched the boy's eyes widen in panic. "You're going to go to Earth and bring back my daughter. And if you don't or you try anything… well, you know what will happen."

She picked up a remote from a nearby desk and pressed a button. Immediately one of the walls in the room slid down, revealing an adjoined room that looked more like a lab than a prison cell. The room was made of incredibly thick glass and inside the sterile white room, strapped to a chair, was the boy's brother. He was gagged, shirtless and pale from years of imprisonment. He was connected to a machine through a band around his wrist and the woman pressed a button, sending a short burst of electricity through the boy's system. He convulsed and his mouth opened in a scream that echoed through the chamber. She clicked the button again and the wall slid up, removing the brother from sight and ending the bloodcurdling scream. She turned to look at the boy. His head hung low as tears dripped down his ghostly white face. "Do we have a deal?" Reluctantly, he nodded his head.

Author's Note

I know it's a bit of a slow start but its just the prologue. Trust me, chapter one is completely different to this so don't give up on me just yet!


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