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My Boyfriend's Best Friend

Novel By: C M Pickering
Young adult

Rylie Willow thought life was over when her best friend and boyfriend moved away to England. But with the help of his best mate, Aidan, she was able to overcome her grief and learn to live without him by her side. Three years later, Aidan and Rylie are celebrating their one year anniversary when a figure from both their past's returns and upsets everything they've worked to achieve. What will happen to Aidan and Rylie's relationship now that Connor is back in the picture? Can Connor let Rylie go? And more importantly, does Rylie really want him to? View table of contents...


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"I can't believe you're leaving," I said quietly, looking down at Connor's hand entwined in mine. We were sitting in my backyard on the roof of my shed. It was my favourite spot and hidden from the house by a large tree which I used to climb up to the galvanised iron roof.

"I know," answered Connor gently. We sat in silence and looked out into the bush behind my house. The tranquil noises of bird calls and the wind softly rustling through the tall eucalyptus trees gently caressed us and I shut my eyes, wanting to savour this moment for as long as I could.

"Connor! We have to go!" I heard his mother shout from a distance. Connor and I had been neighbours and best friends forever and now he was moving to England with his parents to look after his grandmother. I couldn't help but resent his grandmother. It wasn't her fault she was sick, I know, but if she hadn't gotten sick, I wouldn't have had to say goodbye to my first boyfriend. Over the past six months, our relationship had changed from innocent friendship to something more exciting. I looked over at Connor and took in his blonde hair and kind blue eyes. I was going to miss him so much.

"I'll miss you," I whispered. His eyes locked onto mine and he leant in to kiss me. I met him halfway and we exchanged a last desperate moment together. I clung to him as he pulled away but he kept our faces within inches of each other.

"I'll miss you too," he replied softly. He was about to say something else but his mother called for him once more. Sighing, he pulled away and helped me get up. We made our way off the tin shed and starting walking hand-in-hand to the front yard. We were silent the entire trip until we came to the edge of my house. I pulled him to a stop.

"Wh-what does this mean for us?" I stuttered, finally asking the question that had been playing on both of our minds for the past two weeks since we learnt of his move.

Connor shook his head, not quite meeting my eyes. "I don't know." His voice cracked and I could see that it was taking all he had to remain calm and placid. "I mean, I don't know how long I'll be gone. It could a month or it could be years! I just don't know!" His voice had risen towards the end and no longer held any signs of holding back his grief.

His eyes started to water and I couldn't help myself. I pulled him to me and kissed him one last time. "We are what we are," I whispered into his ear. "Whatever happens, I just want you to know that you'll always be my best friend."

"You'll always be mine too," said Connor, a small smile on his lips. "I guess we'll just have to see where we end up."

"Yeah," I said, leaning my head on his shoulder. He wrapped his hand around my waist and leaned his head on mine.

"Connor, your mum says you have to come now or she'll make you hold Lucy the entire trip," interrupted a voice. I looked up to see Aidan, Connor's best guy friend. Aidan was a few inches taller than Connor and was Connor's opposite when it came to appearance. Where Connor was all light, Aidan was dark with his brown hair, brown eyes and tanned skin. No one would have ever picked the two to be friends but somehow they were and I knew Aidan would miss Connor almost as much as I would.

Beside me, Connor laughed reluctantly and took my hand in his. "C'mon, Rylie. I don't want to be saddled with a two year old for a twenty hour flight." I giggled and let him pull me away. I saw Aidan frowning but it turned around when I smiled at him. He followed us as we walked over to Connor's house across the road.

Connor's mum, Macy, was hugging my mum goodbye and pulled back as soon as we came over. She pulled me out of Connor's hold and gave me a hug goodbye.

"Take care, Macy," I said, hugging her back.

"You too, Rylie." We pulled away at the same time and I saw Connor and Aidan saying goodbye. It was a tender moment to see two guys hugging like that and I turned away, giving them their privacy. I went over to the car and poked my head into the backseat where Connor's little sister was seated in her child seat.

"Bye bye, LuLu," I said, tickling her tummy. She giggled and grabbed for me.

"Bye bye Ryree," she babbled back. I smiled at her. With her adorable blonde curls and big blue eyes, she was sure to break hearts when she got older. I felt hands wrap around my waist and turned to see Connor. I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him tightly.

"Goodbye, Ryles," whispered Connor.

"Goodbye, Connor," I answered back, hiding my face in his neck to stop my tears from showing. I heard the car horn beep and I broke away from Connor. His mother was already in the car and pointing at her watch. They had a plane to catch.

I took a deep breath and met Connor's eyes. I gave a sad smile and stepped away from him. I felt Aidan come and stand beside me as we watched Connor get into the front seat of the car. In a matter of seconds, the car pulled away from the driveway and Aidan and I waved furiously at the receding figures of the Johnston family. Connor's dad was already in London with his mother and the rest of the family had remained behind to sort out things for the move. We waved until they were no longer in sight, and only then did I let the tears I had been suppressing for the past two weeks come out. Aidan pulled me into his arms like it was second nature and let me cry on his shoulder. I clung to him and only pulled away when I had regained control of myself.

"Thanks, Aidan," I sniffed, looking into his soft brown eyes and not caring that mine were red and puffy.

"Anytime, Rylie," he said with a small smile. I returned one back to him and after a short but not awkward silence, I went back to my house.


Three Years Later

I grabbed his T-shirt and tugged him closer to me. My lips tumbled down onto his and I heard him moan as my tongue played games with his. I smiled and felt him do the same. My back hit the wall of my lounge room and Aidan's hands traced down my back to my hips. He picked me up easily and I wrapped my legs around his waist. I grabbed his neck with my hands and pressed my lips even harder to his. God, I loved him. I told him that and the grin on his face grew even wider.

"I love it when you say that," he answered, his voice husky as my lips trailed down his neck. My body pulsed with every inch of his being and I felt Aidan take steps backwards until the back of his legs hit the couch and we both fell onto it. I giggled as I landed on his chest. His arms wrapped around me and moved under the fabric of my shirt to rub my back gently. I rested my forehead against his.

"Say it," I demanded playfully, the inches between my lips and his skin driving me crazy but I wanted to hear him speak the words.

"Say what?" he teased back, looking from my eyes to my lips.

"You know what," I said, moving my hands down his body to the top of his jeans and slipping my fingers below the waistband. His breathing hitched and I grinned wickedly.

"Happy one year anniversary?" he asked, his voice cracking as he tried to keep control of himself.

"Not quite," I whispered into his ear. "But happy one year anniversary to you too." I moved my hands upwards and under his shirt. My fingers traced his muscles and I felt him shiver beneath me.

"I love you," he finally said, reaching up to kiss me.

"Good boy." I lowered my mouth to his and he rolled over on the couch so he was on top of me. I moved my hands back down to his waist line and pulled his shirt up and over his head, only removing my lips from his when I had to. I felt Aidan start to undo the buttons on my blouse and a shiver of excitement ran through my body.

It wouldn't be my first time with Aidan - we had crossed that river exactly two months ago - but each time we did it, my love for him grew stronger. And before you judge me, he was my first, so I may only be seventeen, but I wasn't a slut. The first time had hurt a little but every time afterwards had been utterly amazing.

He almost had all the buttons undone when a loud knock interrupted us. I froze and looked at Aidan who was already looking at me, the desire in his eyes crystal clear.

"Are you expecting anyone?" he asked softly, taking deep breaths.

I shook my head. "Dad's still out of town and Mum said we had the house to ourselves until midnight."

He nodded and leaned in close to whisper in my ear, his lips brushing against my skin and sending another wave of desire through my body. "Maybe if we're quiet they'll leave."

I grinned and turned my head to kiss him but the knocking started again, this time more persistent. Something told me that whoever was knocking knew that someone was home.

I groaned and gently shoved Aidan off me. I quickly buttoned my shirt and smoothed my hair down.

"How do I look?" I asked Aidan.

"Like you just spent the last few minutes making out with the hottest guy in Australia," he grinned. I rolled my eyes and smacked him playfully on the chest. I went to stand up but Aidan pulled me back down.

"Stay," he whispered seductively in my ear. I shivered and turned in his lap to face him. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him deeply but the knocking interrupted again.

I groaned and pulled away. "Coming!" I shouted to whoever was at the door. Begrudgingly, I pulled myself off of Aidan and fixed my black miniskirt so my butt wasn't showing. I looked down at the shirtless god on my count and sighed at the sight of his six pack. "I'll be right back," I told him. I walked out of the room and was halfway down the hallway when Aidan caught up to me. His shirt was on inside out and backwards and his dark hair was ruffled but he had never looked more perfect. He wrapped his arms around my waist and walked behind me as I made my way to the front door.

"What kind of boyfriend would I be if I let my girl face the monster at the door on her own?" he said sweetly.

"A bad one," I answered playfully. "A really bad one. And I don't like bad boys."

He laughed and nuzzled my neck. "It's a good thing I'm a saint then, isn't it?"

"Tis indeed," I replied, reaching the front door. I ran my hand through my hair and giggled as Aidan playfully pinched my bum. He rested his head on my shoulder and I leaned mine into his. I reached forward and opened the door. A lone figure was standing in the doorway with the late sunset blinding my eyes. It took a moment for me to regain sight and when I did there was no mistaking the figure in front of me. His blue eyes were flicking between Aidan and me and putting the pieces together. His mouth dropped open and I felt mine do the same.



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