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Yori George has just graduated from high school along with her twin brother Marvin. The two decide to would be best to share an apartment together in downtown. What Yori doesn't expect is that she's sharing the place with two other guys. This means dirty clothes and dishes will be strewn about. Unpleasant noises will be made during all hours of the night. Worst of all, the toilet seat will never be put down. While the males are driving her crazy she has to deal with an old friend. She might find love her freshmen year of college. But, before doing so she has to deal with heartache, friendship, and dirty socks. View table of contents...


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I sighed as Marvin fumbled with the keys to our new apartment. The red door had been decorated with four, over-sized locks. I let my eyes wander around the beige hallway of our complex and kicked a brown box that lined the wall.

Marvin flashed me a smile and held up a finger. "Just wait one second. This is the last one." He turned a key in the last lock and beamed as the door went flying open.

I picked up a box and stomped past my brother. I looked in disgust at the furnished space. A beat up brown, couch sat in the middle of the living room. In front of the couch was a glass coffee table with multiple scratches on the surface. Blue curtains hung on the windows, letting the bright light flow into the space. A flat screen with football playing hung on a green wall. A frown appeared on my lips as I turned around to face Marvin.

He was grinning from ear to ear. His black hair laid in front of his light brown eyes. "Isn't it amazing?"

My identical brown eyes widened. "Are you serious?"

Marvin's smile dropped as he said, "You don't like it."

I threw my hands up in frustration. I shoved him and snapped, "Marvin who would like this place? If I knew this place was going to suck ass, I would've applied for housing at the dorms. I can't-"

A large hand rested on my shoulder causing me to stop my rant. I turned around to stare into a pair of shamrock green eyes. His blond hair had been spiked showing off his high forehead. He wore a white button down, black slacks, and on his feet he simply wore gray socks. I smiled as he reached out to take my hand. He brought it up to his lips and kissed it gently.

Marvin grunted in the background. I on the other hand giggled at his touch. His eyes met mine again. "I'm Frances. And you must be...?" He said in a deep Australian accent.

I continued to smile as I racked my brain. Why couldn't I remember my own name all of a sudden? I thought over and over. I furrowed my brows as random names came jumping at me. Is it Ashley? No Morgan. Or perhaps Quinn?

Marvin asked curiously, "Yori? Yori, are you okay?"

I nodded my head and grinned. "I'm Yori, Marvin's sister."

Frances raised an eyebrow. "You guys are twins, right?"

Marvin and I agreed. Marvin felt the need to mention he was ten minutes older than I was.

Frances looked around the area then frowned. "Marvin, it appears Yori is right. This place could use a woman's touch." He lifted a finger to his chin and looked around thoughtfully. He pointed to the couch and mumbled, "That thing has got to go."

"Come on. That thing happens to be my baby," a voice whined. A boy with black hair that was styled in curls walked in. A smile formed itself against his tan skin. He wore a white shirt that was stained with sweat. A blue pair of gym shorts were placed on his legs with black basketball shoes.

I scowled and rested myself against the wall. "Marvin, you never said he would be one of our roommates." I glared at my brother who had raised his hands up defensively. An eyebrow of mine had perked up. "Any more surprises I should know about?"

Before Marvin could reply, the sweaty boy had walked over to me. He placed a toned arm above my head and leaned in close. On his free hand, he spun a basketball on his middle finger. "No. No more surprises. Unless you're into police uniforms and fuzzy, pink handcuffs."

I rolled my eyes and pushed a stray brown strand of hair. "You're a pig."

"And you're warming up to me," he laughed before disappearing up the stairs.

Frances asked, "What was all that about? I see you've met Johnathan."

"Long story short, Johnny and I went to school together. I can't stand every molecule of him. And he can't seem to get the hint that I'm one of the few girls who doesn't want to be in his bed."

Marvin chuckled nervously while Frances' eyes bulged. He cleared his throat multiple times before saying, "Um, about redecorating. We've already ordered some pieces. Marvin didn't tell us you'd decided on staying here until last minute."

I shrugged before picking up the box. "Whatever. Just point me in the direction of my room."

Marvin snorted while looking at the ceiling. "Sis, I'm sorry. But your room is next to John's."

My face fell. Great, I would spend my freshman year as an insomniac. I knew John brought girls home often. And I already knew I would be getting no sleep on nights when he decided he needed company.

I slowly walked up the wooden stairs and glared at Marvin who was still laughing. Frances shook his head before leaving the apartment. I stared at the only open room and sighed. In the room, I let the box crash onto the floor.

My space had been a better sight than downstairs. The walls were a pale low lined with red and blue trim. All my furniture had been transported safely into a preferred spot. My white dresser was pushed up against the wall furthest from the door. My bed had been conveniently placed next to the wall near John's room.

I flopped onto my bed. I stared up at the ceiling for a long moment. I hadn't even noticed that someone had joined me.

I turned my head to see John staring at the ceiling as well. His brown eyes looked into my own. He reached over and pecked my cheek. For an agonizingly long moment, we stared into each others eyes.

My hand grasped onto his. I pulled him from the bed and walked over to the door. "It's nice seeing you again." I paused for a second. His eyebrows were furrowed together in confusion. "Not." And I slammed the door in his face while grinning to myself.

I sat on the corner of my bed and sighed. For hours I got lost in my thoughts. Being a freshman was bad enough. Sharing an ugly house with three guys would suck. I shuddered at the thought of dirty toilets, overfilled hampers, and half eaten food. All these things I could go through. But I wasn't so sure I could handle them with him coming back into my life.


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