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Precious Rose

Novel By: Cauiol
Young adult

Someday decades from now, a baby girl will be born. Her name will be Avery Precious Rose. Avery is her human name. Her last name will be Rose because she will be the treasure to all Vampires. Vampires favorite flower is her, R.O.S.E. R: Red Blood, O: only wise one, S: sweet hearted, and E: everyone wants her. Precious is what you will call her when she changes, and her blood is one of a kind. Her blood is precious, her soft skin. The blood of her will glisten so shinny when exposed. She will grow to be a certain age then stop growing as if she wear to become a Vampire, but she hasn’t. Also at this age she must realize that she will be left on her own, no parents, no guidance, she must guide herself, whoever helps her will be sent to death, because somebody will know! This age is, 16.
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Precious Rose- 1

16th Birthday

I was right there in last period, Math, starring at the clock and waiting for the bell to ring so I can get out of school, see my friends and go home to my brother and Aunt Janeane, I love my brother so much. He's the only family I have since we don't live with our parents, we live with our auntie. Well mainly I do. Our only legal guardian since our parents gave me up. We don't know why though, my brother Derik wasn't born yet he was born 1 year after me, 1 year before I was given up. We were always told it was because our parents weren't ready to raise any kids. I wonder how my parents' house look...


Suddenly, the bell rang making a loud buzz that scared me and broke my thoughts. I jumped up out of my seat and grabbed my empire intrepid valise shoulder bag and headed for the door. When I was outside of the door I raced to the school's exit doors to meet up with my best friends Nicholai, and Easa.

"Hey loveys" I said in an exciting tone.

They all looked and responded with a Hi and groups hug.

"You guys coming over for my birthday tomorrow?" I asked

"Hell yeah, baby" Easa said with confidence. "It's no way were gonna miss that"

Easa has maroon hair and hazel eyes. Nicholai has long dark brown curly hair and dark brown eyes. I have long black hair, it's very thick but soft, I'm gonna give it a crazy trim soon, my eyes are really epic. They are a light and endless black.

In the sunlight they glisten grey. When I'm upset or mad people say they turn red. I've never seen them like that before though, so it's kind of hard to believe.

"So what are we doing anyway for your birthday?" Nicholai asked.

"Well I wanted to actually go out and spend some time with Derik since I only see him on the weekends. But you guys can spend the night and the next day we were gonna go to the club"

"It's uh Plan!" said Easa

"Yeah" Nicholai agreed

When we reached Easa's car Nicholai climbed into the passenger seat and I got into the back. I liked the back of Easa's Lexus Truck, it was so comfortable and spacious.


When I was in the house I yelled to my Auntie that I was home.

I jogged up the steps, into my room put my bag on the hook on the side of my dresser and sat my books on my nightstand. I went in to the next room to check on Derik. I always had a feeling that I needed to take care of Derik because I felt like something bad would happen to him, I try not to think about things like that though because I don't want to jinx him. I went to his room and wasn't surprised to see that he was memorized and dazed into the television of flashing lights and the screaming of monsters. Today was Friday and he always got out of school before me. So he must have gotten here early.


"Hey Derik!!!" I said annoyingly

"What do you want?" He said

"Nothing, I just wanted to check on you"

"Why? You're not my mom or anything"

"Well I am your big sister, and I love you"

"Eeeew , get out your talking crazy now" he said shooing me away

"Wait can you call dad and ask him if he's coming over next Saturday for my birthday, because he never talks to me, but always you."

"No that's not true you just always call him when he's busy. But fine I'll call him when I'm done this mission"

"Thanks Direk" I ran over to give him a hug, and headed back toward the door.

"Call me if you need me"

"Yeah whatever, sure." He said nonchalantly

I headed through the bathroom and hopped in the shower. A few minutes later I stepped out with my black towel covered in roses wrapped around me, roses were my favorite flower. I changed into a pair of pajamas. A tank top and shorts with roses on them too.

Next Friday I felt different. Eccentric. I felt 16 but I had a feeling that something was missing. I sat down at my desk in 4 period in the middle of the classroom in the far right corner. And I happen to look around and the strange dark figure in the back of the classroom happened to catch my attention.


"He must be new" I muttered to myself

He glanced up and looked me directly in my eyes, he kept starring until I broke the tension between us. My heart started racing. He was so hot! His hair was spiked up it was short though, his eyes looked black from my distance. They must have been the same color of my eyes when there not in the sun. Why did I feel like I knew him, or seen him before ? I was so freaked! I got up and left the classroom and went to the ladies room, I looked up at myself in confusion. I was wearing black polka dot tube top, red ruffle skirt, and black Swedish clogs.


"That was really weird?" I exhaled

I grabbed my iPhone5 from my bag, and typed a message to my dad:


Hey dad it's me, Avery. I just wanted to ask you something really important to me? Please call me. I Love Yah, <3

- Your daughter Avery


I sent the message, then tried calling him . . . . . It went to voicemail, he didn't answer. My eyes got watery, and all I could think was, does he hate me? Did I do something wrong to upset him so much that he hates and never wants to talk to me? Ugh, I closed my eyes and couldn't point out my flaws on hand at the time. So I blinked my tears away and headed back to class were we only had 5 minutes left and Mr. Slack was talking about an essay that we have to write about and how it must be finished by the end of the month. I'm doing mine on Vampires of course. I'm going to be taking flash photography of the gothic agriculture artwork at the museums I'll be visiting, because it's not like I'm going to see a real one.


The bell rings for lunch. Chairs start rumbling and rustling, I pick up my things I look around for that strange figure that I saw earlier when I came in. . . . He was gone.



I was outside waiting for Derik to come. He wasn't ever dropped off directly in front of the house because my parents never wanted to see me as I was waiting for him. When he showed up I greeted him with a cheer and lovely hug. Then I went to my room to change my clothes for when we go out tonight. I was looking for my eyeliner, and when I turned to check my closet I seen a book on my bed. It felt leathery and looked old. The title read 'Precious Diary' My middle name was precious so I figured it had to do with something in our family it was too late to start reading it. I had to get dress. I scrambled through my closet. I put on black lean shredded jeans, Barbara leather boots, and black and red lace corset. I applied a sufficient amount of eyeliner and mascara. I know tonight was gonna be fun, only because I was going to be with the people I love and care about.

"Derik, you ready?" I yelled upstairs

"Yeah, I'm coming" he replied back

My auntie and I headed out of the door to her Ford truck, and Derik followed locking the house front door. This time I got into the passenger's seat. We met up with Easa and Nicholai at Roses Garden.


"Is this that place were all people eat, is salads, and vegetarian food?" Derik asked hopelessly

"No, it's a buffet. Sorry Derik if this isn't were you wanted to come" I said apologetically

"No need to apologize" said my Aunt Janeane

"Yeah besides, it's your birthday" Easa said with a grin and elbowing me in my shoulder.

"Right and I am sure Derky would understand" Nicholai said pinching Derik in his right cheek "Isn't that right Derky?"

"Ye-Yes, now. Please stop pinching my cheeks" Derik said tempered

"My bad" Nicholai said letting go of his cheeks.


I wanted to check out the rose garden with Derik, while everybody else to go pay for the table of 5, and get the drinks. The boutique of blood red roses were arranged so beautifully, I seen Derik looking at another boutique of colorful roses. Then as I was turning around to see the larger boutique, a dark figure caught my attention again, and I shockingly took a step back. I was thinking to myself, who that could be.

"Who is that?"


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