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Nick and Zac: Your Typical "Big Brother's Best Friend And Little Sister" Story

Novel By: Cherie Arlavine
Young adult

Three years ago she was a fourteen-year-old tomboy. And he was an eighteen-year-old senior who looked at her like a little sister. And she always thought of him as a buddy or big brother.
But then he had to go to college, in Europe. And three slow years passed by, and now he's back. Nicholas comes back expecting to see his best friend and the little tomboy he left.
Zac was looking forward to seeing her old buddy. The one she used to wrestle and play football with. But Nicholas returns, and things are just not the same.
Nicholas is twenty-one, and he's built, tan, and cultured.
Zac is seventeen and she's curvy and sexy. Not flat chested and sporty.
And neither of them seem to like the changes.
Zac and Nicholas end up fighting rather then sharing old memories. Just because neither of them are so good at accepting change.
Josh, Zac's older brother, is trying to figure what the hell is wrong. He and Nick went right back to old times.
But Reece, Josh's other friend, has a theory about why Zac and Nick are either really polite or fighting.
And Josh doesn't like his theory at all.
(Dedicated to all of my fans and readers.) View table of contents...


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Nick waited until they were alone. "So, when were you going to tell me that you stabbed me in the back?" he asked Reece, his voice sharp. "You're marrying Zac?"

Reece sighed, and made sure they were alone even though Zac and Josh had just left to get dinner.

"I'm not marrying Zac." Reece whispered.

"I think that ring says otherwise." Nick snapped.

"Look, I knew you weren't going to be back for a long time Nick. And you broke her heart. She started getting really attached to this guy, he was a complete asshole. And after he hit her, I had to do something Nick. I love Zac, but not this way. But I couldn't see her be with that sonofabitch and end up getting raped or killed.

So I invited her over, and I kissed her. She clung fast, she broke up with that asshole for me. And I wasn't going to go as far as proposing, but Match, the jerk, started coming back around. She started talking about how she didn't feel wanted by me, she started talking about maybe leaving and going back to Match, so I proposed.

I did it for both of you. You have to fix this Nick. You have to get back into her good graces and talk her out of marrying me and being with you. I'll do whatever you need me to do. But if she won't take you back, I will marry her. I won't let her end up with that Match guy. But we have to try. She's not over you."

"That's why you agreed to wait until you were married wasn't it?" Nick asked.

Reece sighed, nodded. "I'm not going to take what's yours Nick. She's my friend. I'll be her husband, because I love her. But I don't feel that way about her, not really. She's family, you know."

"I know." Nick murmured. "I'm sorry. I kind of jumped to conclusions."

"No, it's okay. I would have done the same thing. Get her back Nick."

He nodded. "You're a good friend, Reece."

"Josh wants it too. He doesn't want her to get married but he'd rather her marry me then go back to Match and keep letting that sonofabitch abuse her. He's not as protective over Zac as much now that she's grown up so much, and since Natalie came into his life. I know he's told you about her."

Nick nodded. "She's not easy to forget about either. The way he talks about her, it's easy to tell her loves her. He talks about her the way he used to talk about Zac."

"The only problem is that now she's really protective over Zac. She looks at Zac like a daughter and Zac won't admit it but she hates her. I don't think it's that Zac is jealous or something, I think it has more to do that she keeps imposing herself on Zac and won't give her any breathing room. She's trying too hard to be Zac's friend and mother."

Nick sighed. "Poor Zac. God, I didn't realize that I broke her heart."

"Yep." Reece muttered. "Neither did I, at first. I just thought she was upset, when I started seeing her again. But after a few days I realized she was heart broken. Then Match came along and you know the rest."

"I'm going to get her back." Nick decided. "I tried to get over her but I couldn't. I have to get Zac back, no matter what it takes."


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