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Nick and Zac: Your Typical "Big Brother's Best Friend And Little Sister" Story

Novel By: Cherie Arlavine
Young adult

Three years ago she was a fourteen-year-old tomboy. And he was an eighteen-year-old senior who looked at her like a little sister. And she always thought of him as a buddy or big brother.
But then he had to go to college, in Europe. And three slow years passed by, and now he's back. Nicholas comes back expecting to see his best friend and the little tomboy he left.
Zac was looking forward to seeing her old buddy. The one she used to wrestle and play football with. But Nicholas returns, and things are just not the same.
Nicholas is twenty-one, and he's built, tan, and cultured.
Zac is seventeen and she's curvy and sexy. Not flat chested and sporty.
And neither of them seem to like the changes.
Zac and Nicholas end up fighting rather then sharing old memories. Just because neither of them are so good at accepting change.
Josh, Zac's older brother, is trying to figure what the hell is wrong. He and Nick went right back to old times.
But Reece, Josh's other friend, has a theory about why Zac and Nick are either really polite or fighting.
And Josh doesn't like his theory at all.
(Dedicated to all of my fans and readers.) View table of contents...


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I had cried for nearly an hour. It wasn't so much being tied up, Nicholas had good intentions about it, he wasn't trying to hurt me. Just the opposite. But I was terrified that Nicholas might get shot or killed. I continually tried to jerk my wrists free but every time I pulled at the scarf it just tightened.

What the hell kind of knot was this?

I kept waiting for Josh or Reece to come up here and find me, but neither did. That I didn't understand because they were both pretty nosy. The door opened about another hour later, and Nicholas came into the room.

He walked over to me and untied the scarf from my mouth. "I'm sorry." he muttered.

"What happened?" I asked.

"I couldn't find him. I asked around and no one knew or would tell me where to find him."

"Probably because they knew you'd try to kill him." I murmured.

"I'll find him." he promised. "It might take a couple of days but I will."

"And are you going to tie me up every time you go after him Nick?"

"If that's what it takes to keep you safe."

"Will you please untie me now?"

He smirked at me. "I don't know, I'm kind of enjoying seeing you like this. It's pretty hot."

"Nicholas!" I hissed.

He leaned down and kissed me roughly. He pulled away a little. "And with your hands tied up I don't have to worry about you scratching my back." he added.

"Nick please-"

"Don't say please, Zac." he muttered before kissing me again.

Why did he keep saying that?

"Why?" I asked.

He pulled away again, looked down at me with fire in his eyes. "Because it's a waste of breath. I don't hardly listen to please anymore. Not from you, that is."

It came to my realization that Nick was partly doing this for revenge. I swallowed. "Will you listen to sorry?" I asked in a whisper.

"No, not right now. I'm not in the mood for sorry either. I just want your body right now, Zac. Do you understand?" He looked right at me as he said it, unashamed of what he was confessing.

"No, I don't think I do. I thought you loved me."

"I do." he admitted. "And that includes your body. I'm not going to pretend I'm not a man. You have an older brother, Zac. Don't act so naïve. You're not as innocent as you make everyone think you are."

I bit my lip as a few tears rolled down my cheeks. "Nick you're scaring me."

"Good. I told you I'm not a nice guy anymore. I'm a good guy but not a nice one. You're the one who wants to be grown up. Part of being grown up is handling the truth. The truth is that I'm going to fuck you, Zac. And the truth is that you're not going to marry Reece because you're mine. Understand?"

I let out a shaky breath then nodded. I wasn't quite sure how I felt about this side of Nicholas. I'd only hardly met the dark side of him. We'd never had the pleasure of being formally introduced if you know what I mean.

"Why won't you listen to sorry?" I asked again.

"Didn't you hear me last night, Zac? I don't trust you anymore. I'm done talking." He stood up and pulled off his shirt and his jeans. Then he slid under the blanket with me. He kissed me and though I was confused and unsure, I kissed him back.

Nicholas was slower this time, as if savoring. Somehow he took more from me. His hands roamed my body as we had afternoon sex. He stroked in me slowly, kissing me deeply, making love this time. And afterwards he laid beside me, his hands still stroking my body as we both recovered from orgasms.

"Tell me how you got the scar and I'll think about untying you." Nicholas murmured.

I sighed. "When Match was trying to kill me, he cut me open pretty much. He had a knife, cut me open, my guts came spilling out. God it was a mess. I got away right after that, ran to the place of help I could find. Which was a police station. They called an ambulance and I just blacked out after that. I was in a come for two days, when I woke up Mom, Dad, Josh and Reece were there.

Josh didn't call you because he was so worried, and after I woke up I told him not to. Because I was trying to keep everyone safe. Match told me that until I came back he would keep trying to kill me and anyone who got in his way."

Nicholas kissed me softly, sighed. "I'm sorry, Zac. I'm so sorry that happened to you."

"Will you please untie me now? I can't feel my hands."

He sat up and untied the scarf and I sighed at finally being able to move my arms and start getting the feeling back into my hands.
"Get a shower then we'll get some lunch. And wear something that actually covers at least eighty percent of your body. I don't want any guys looking at my girl that way. Got it?"

"Fine." I murmured. "What about Josh? And Reece?"

"Josh isn't happy but I told him it was none of his fucking business and to keep his damned nose out of it. Reece isn't mad at you. He just wants you to be happy and come on, you had to know that engagement wasn't real. You didn't hurt him or anything, he's fine."

"Okay, good." I sighed. "I kind of knew something was off about it. I just wasn't sure what."

"So everything is fine. Go get a shower."

"But I'm tired." I muttered.

Nick smiled, but it wasn't exactly a happy smile. Or cocky. It was his dark side smile. "Zac," he murmured, leaning towards me. "Do what you're fucking told."

"I am not your slave, Nicholas." I snapped.

"Never said you were. But you smell like sex and sweat and if you don't get a hot shower and I can pretty much guarantee you're going to more sore than you can handle tomorrow. And if you still won't listen to me I'll just throw you into the damn shower."

At that reasoning and threat, and the lack of food and sex twice in one day, I just didn't feel like arguing and if I fell asleep in the shower it would be his fault because I was just doing what I was told.

So I got up, put on a robe, and grabbed some clothes- that covered up- and left the room to go get a shower.


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