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Friends to Foes

Novel By: chrissy5
Young adult

The novel has a narrator but the chapters are split for the main characters. Sam is our narrator. After they won the football match they all decide to have a celebration at the pub. Sam tells Rob about his sister. Rob who is a teenage Lothario falls in love with Sam's sister, Chris and tries to get her attention as she is a tomboy. When Chris lays her eyes on him she immediately falls in love but doesn't tell her brother. They secretly date and then have sex. Sam worries about their friendship and is haunted by it. As the novel goes on we learn about the history of both of their families. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1


We made it to the finals in football. We trained extra hard this year. There was not a year gone by that St.Peters hadn't won the football match. Finally we were the team to play this year. Rob, Donnie, Paul and I were the best players out of our team. Especially Rob, we described him as a mini Wayne Rooney. If we didn't win this game, hell would freeze over before we would let our opponents take home our trophy and our medals.

The game started, we did well throughout the first half of the game. The score was 2-1 for the first half it was a close one but we knew we would burn the roof down when we played the second half. Corry was replaced by Paul for goals. Corry was a good goalie but nothing could go through Paul. We described him as a sumo, even though he was a skinny as a stick.

Donnie positioned himself beside one of the players from the other team, Donnie was like a cat, nobody could get the ball of him or they would suffer one sharp beating. Rob, was our star mate, I know he will be the reason why we will win this game. I don't know why he is not a professional football player.

The whistle was blown and the second half began. Rob's sister Adele and Donnie's sister Aoife acted like cheerleaders as they rapped rhymes cheering us on. This was a tough game, a lot of the players from the other team were replaced with players just like Rob, but none of them could match Rob's ability.

It was coming to the last minutes, I had the ball, I saw Rob running up closer to me and I closed my eyes and kicked the ball to Rob. My heart was beating like a drum. At the moment the score was 3-3. This was it if Rob missed this goal, the trophy would go to the team with the most points, which was probably the old Marys school. They didn't make the final but they had the most points.

Rob kicked the ball, the sweat was pouring from my face as if it was the aftermath of condensation. I closed my eyes again and then I heard cheering. Rob did it, we won the match. We all went over to Rob, we would have lifted him up, but we were battered and bruised from the other players.

"This calls for a celebration, O'Neill's pub this Saturday" Paul suggested. Rob wiped the sweat off his face and puffed and panted and eventually said, "Most definitely". So it was all agreed we were going to pub for a drunken night of fun. It was to celebrate are win.

We all got our medals and our picture taken beside our trophy. It was an event that will never be forgotten. Unfortunately we had to go back to class, just another three periods before it was home time. The lads and I went to the changing rooms. I stayed beside Rob, he was my best friend. I told him everything.

"Rob, I have to tell you something, my sister has to come with me to that celebration at the pub" I told him. He looked at me, confused. "I didn't know you had a sister" he replied. "You know the way my parents are separated, well my sister went to live with mum and I of course stayed with dad. My mum got a new job that she has to go abroad for, she couldn't take Chris, so now she lives with us" I explained.

Rob looked interested, he loved girls. I was worried because I didn't want Rob being flirtatious with my sister just yet. But I remembered that my sister acted like a tomboy sometimes and wasn't into boys. She was almost like a lad; hair tied back, sneakers, jeans, and top, never cared about make up. But when I saw her at the airport, I didn't recognise her and it wasn't the fact that I haven't seen her for 6 years. She had her hair down and straightened, she wore a dress, and her eyes looked amazing with the eyeliner and mascara. She was tanner than she already was due to the help of foundation. She was like a Barbie, but she claimed that she was still the tomboyish her and this was only because mum forced her to get a makeover.

I thought Rob forgot all about my sister as we walked on. Then he stopped and asked me how old my sister was. "She's 15, why do you ask? Are you trying to get with her?" I asked. I smiled; I knew Rob was up to something. "I haven't even met her yet, but if she is your sister, then she must be pretty" Rob replied. I was flattered by his complement. "You will have to see for yourself" I told him. "Don't worry I won't flirt with her" Rob smiled. I laughed inside my head. Rob was a Lothario; he always got the girl's attention even when they were not expecting it. I couldn't take Rob's words for serious, I pictured my sister and him; they would make a good couple if she quitted acting like a tomboy.

I told Rob to bring his sister because I knew that Chris would be lonely unless Rob occupies her. I also told Donnie to bring his sister. I'm a nice brother; I want my sister to make a few friends before she starts the school next Monday. We all got changed and went back to class with our medals tied around our necks for everyone to see.


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