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Bloody bite

Novel By: cindyexoh
Young adult

Amelia Shard, your sixteen year old typical teen from the outside, but on the inside, she's smart, strong and courageous. Sevlow View the town where her home is, the town seemingly ordinary, however there are deep dark secrets buried below all the bloody lies and ugly truths and Amelia will learn it all the hard way. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 28, 2012    Reads: 217    Comments: 8    Likes: 8   

Chapter 1.

'Melia wait up!' Emma shouted from miles behind me.

'Hurry up! I have something to show you guys!' I shouted back.

The silhouettes of trees loomed over me like dark creatures encircling me ready to pounce as I searched around the woods looking for the large foot print on the muddy ground discovered two days ago. It's gone what did I expect it's been raining for the last two days, the foot print is probably already washed away.I turned around hearing huffing and puffing noises behind me Elle doubling over inhaling and exhaling heavily. Nick coughing and wheezing, then pulling out a cigarette out of his front pocket whilst offering one to John, and then his navy bic lighter lighting up his baby face.

'Did you find it?' Emma asked shining her torch on the ground below my feet.

'No, but I swear there was a big footprint here last time.' I try to defend myself.

'Well that was a waste of time.' Nick sighed in exasperation.

'Are you sure it wasn't your imagination.' John teased.

'No it was right here, or there or over here... I don't know!' I exhaled loudly.

'I say, we split up in two.' I say.

Every one nods.

'Okay myself and Elle.' John says immediately, it's obvious John has a thing for Elle.

'Okay then, Emma, Nick and myself.' I grin, elbowing Elle. Elle turns beet red and tells me to stop in a whiny voice.

'Meet you guys back here in half an hour.' Emma tells Elle and John.

'What if we get lost and we can't find civilization?' John smirks.

'Don't be an idiot.' Emma punches him in the arm whilst rolling her eyes.

We head east of the woods, whilst Elle and John headed west of the woods.

'So like what are we exactly looking for?' questions nick.

'A big foot print, like I've said thousands of times.' I laugh.

'This blows.' He groans.

'Well no one asked you to come with us. You just invited yourself.' Emma retorts.

'Whatever, I had no plans tonight okay.' Nick complains.

'Guys look! Is that blood?' I asked pointing at a puddle of bloody red.

'Oh god.' Emma cringes.

'I'm sure it's nothing...' I try to calm her down. Emma was squeamish about blood.

'Yeah because what else could it be.' Nick laughs.

'Shut up you're not making her feel any better' I tell him in a sharp tone.

'Um guys...' Nick's cocky grin suddenly disappears and his face turns pale as if he's seen a ghost as he points behind Emma.

I turn my head to the direction he is pointing in and feel myself pale, and my pulse starting to race, I notice my feet are planted deep into the ground as my eye locks with two red glowing dots, no, eyes in a bush. It was just for a second before the eyes fade into the darkness and the bushes and trees rustle in the direction it takes off in.

'What the hell was that?' Emma shrieks quietly.

'No idea.' Nick mutters so quietly I can barely hear him.

'I think we should text the others, and leave now.' I say my voice stuttering.

'Agreed.' Emma and Nick say in unison.

Emma whips out her cell phone ready to jab the keys in her phone, when she turns to us in a frightened face.

'No signal...'

'I say we go to the meeting point now, and hope they are there waiting for us.' I pray.

Whilst making our way towards the meeting point a bloodcurdling scream stops us dead in our tracks, a female scream so loud, so piercing, fearing for her life type of scream. Elle.

We run towards the sound of the scream.

'Elle!' I scream. If John hurt her I swear I'm going to kill him.

'ELLE!' Emma screams louder.

'ELLE WHERE ARE YOU!.' Nick shouts.

We hear another blood curdling scream followed by 'HELP!'

'Ow.' I find myself colliding into a figure running towards me, and then collasping.

'Ow.' I hear a familiar voice.

'John!' Nick shouts in a relieved tone.

'Guys! GUYS!' John pants.

'Guys Elle she was a dog thing came...blood...so much blood...' John speedily mumbles.

'What? Slow down. What happened where's Elle?' Emma shakes him.

'She...it got her.' John looked at us with widened eyes before he burst into tears.

'WHAT GOT HER?!' I demand as I shake him when Emma steps back.

'A wolf.'

I'm not sure if I hear right, it is absolutely impossible we don't have any wolves here in sevlow view.

'You're delusional John, where is she and why did you leave her alone.' I scold him like a little child.

'I didn't mean to...'

'Show us where she is now.' Nick commands.

'I can't, I can't go back there.' John says in a petrified little boy's voice.

'Why not?' Emma asks.


'Come on John.' I drag him by pulling his arm towards the direction he ran from.

'Show us where she is.' I coax him to move forward.

'I can't!' He jerks his arm violently out of my grasp and runs into the direction where we came from.

'JOHN!' Emma shouts in the distance.

'What's got him so spooked.' I sigh exasperatedly.

'I say we go home.' Nick murmurs.

'Not without Elle.' Emma gives Nick a scrutinizing look.

We start walking in the direction that John came running from, we had walked for more than10 minutes before we spot what made John so spooked and jumpy.
From far away its looks like an animal sleeping on the floor. However as we walk closer I see that it's not an animal, it's something, no someone crumpled on the ground. Maybe it's someone sleeping? No blast my optimistic thoughts, I had to prepare myself.

The others and myself keep walking closer, and now as we are only a few feet from it and I can see that it's not someone sleeping, I was dead wrong about everything except one thing, and that is it was a someone. A mutilated body, surrounded by its own puddle of blood, seeping into the ground, the earth is drinking its blood. The body is crumpled into some unnatural grotesque angle, the throat ripped out, no it looks like it was torn out with teeth. Missing bits of flesh, some major organs of the body exposed in our line of sight. It's been mutilated so hideously that we can't even identify who or what it is. The only evidence we can use to identify it's a human body and who it actually is, is the tattered and shredded clothing and of course the familiar signature diamonds now covered in red. The diamond the only substance that survived, peaking out of the dead corpse's ear left and right ear untouched by the beast who was responsible for this.

'Elle.' Emma gasp, her right hand quickly flying to her mouth.

I watch her gaze linger on the diamonds as it registers in her mind. The realization flickers across her round green eyes, that this is her best friend, no our best friend who is dead and ripped apart on this dirty ground and had to endure this suffering.

'I think I'm going to be sick.' Nick turns away vomiting into a shrubbery nearby.

I could smell it the wet scent of a dog mingled with the putrid smell of Nick's regurgitated cheese burger. I could feel it boring its eyes into us, watching us. John was right, it was obvious Elle was mauled by some kind of animal, maybe he wasn't being delusional maybe I was the delusional one, denying the fact that wolves could be running around under our noses in Sevlow View.


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