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Welcome to the outskirts of London, here you will find twisting alleys and trash and mice, you may wander them as you please. With the exception of The Midnight Alley, under no circumstances are you to go down it, if you do then sorry, but we're not coming to save you.
If that had been the notice slipped under the door of every new resident in the outskirts then Roxanne's parents would have just left, but they didn't so they stayed. Roxanne's world was spun out of control when she was dragged into the alley and met....well, meet him for yourselves. View table of contents...


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1: Roxanne

Roxanne hated school, everyone bullied her. The school bell finally rang through the air and everyone got up and started chattering amongst themselves. As she walked through the school halls she thought to herself, well, secondary school's not as fun as they said it was. Or as scary. Roxanne and the other kids from her year had just moved up to secondary school, today had been her first proper day.

As she walked, she heard a group of boys talking about going down the alley that everyone in the area knew as the Midnight Alley. The Midnight Alley was always pitch black, even in the summer and the people who went down it never came out again. The police had tried to go down there to see who or what was taking the people, but they never returned. So it remained a mystery, they suspected that if they called in some soldiers to deal with it then whatever fate had befallen the police would befall the soldiers too. She stopped and turned around and marched towards them.

"Are you crazy?! People who go down there never come out!" She wasn't one to protect people, but this was wrong. It was suicide!

"Shut up, newbie!" One of the boys yelled at her.

"Yeah, shut yer mouth." Another sneered.

Roxanne threw her hands up, "Fine! Go down the Alley and disappear!" She turned and walked away, their insults meaning nothing. If they went through with their ludicrous plans then those boys wouldn't even exist anymore so what they said would be completely irrelevant to her.

Roxanne took her time walking home until she remembered that she had to be home early because her mother was coming over and her father wanted her to be wearing her best clothes. She began to run, her feet kicking up trash. Rats squealed as she ran past them. Ugh, London really needs to get better pest control. She thought as her foot trod on a rat's tail, causing it to shriek then scurry away really fast. She stopped for a moment to catch her breath and to think about which of the five different alleyways to go down that would get her home quicker. Alley five was immediately out of the question, five was the Midnight Alley. She decided to go down number four, it bought her treacherously close to the Midnight Alley, but it was the quickest way home.

Roxanne began to walk towards four, but as she approached, an eerie whispering filled the air.

She stopped tilted her head to the side, was someone calling out to her from the alley? No, it couldn't be. She hadn't known anyone who'd gone down there, so they wouldn't know her. Cautiously, she edged towards the dark alley. She couldn't see anything, nothing moved either. Again she heard that voice that seemed to be familiar, like one you heard in a dream that repeated itself over and over, yet you could never fully place who it sounded like or belonged to.

"Hello? Who's there?" Roxanne called out, unsure that she actually wanted an answer. And, gladly, no answer came. The alley seemed eerily quiet, like not even the sounds of the busy city around it wanted to get sucked inside. Slowly, she began to move closer, just a little bit. But that was apparently enough, something came from the alley so fast that she had no time to blink, let alone scream. Dead cold hands gripped her, pulling her into the alley. Darkness. Pure velvety darkness was all she could see. Someone had hold of her and was dragging her forward, she reached for her bag to hit it then realised that she'd dropped it. Shit. She thought to herself. Roxanne tried to wriggle free from the cold grip with all her strength, to no avail.

Darkness consumed everything. A searing pain in her neck made her black out. Not that she could see anyway.


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