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Bladinitia Fanum

Novel By: coolbadgirl
Young adult

Veronique is only human going to a vampire school which she dosent know and then she finds out but what will happen on her 18th birthday View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 12, 2009    Reads: 221    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

I was having the worst week at school and I thought it would be brilliant but I was I wrong, completely wrong! I am Veronique and I am 17 years old. Ever since I came back to school to learn I have been bullied by this gang of boys which now I call the 'BEASTS' cause they act like beasts and are beasts. Well I go to a school called Bladinitia fanum which is Latin for something. I don't bother really to do school work because they don't have English, Science or Maths only battles, potions, history, geography and those sort of lessons. I don't listen but one day my life will be different like on my 18th birthday that is the day where everything in my life will change and so will I. "Veronique how are you? I know you are getting bullied so you won't be fine but how are you as a person?" the person that hung around me and stuck up for me when I crying my eyes out said. "I'm quite fine cause my b-day is coming up and soon I will trample those boys into the ground cause I have a feeling this birthday something is going to happen." I replied this so happily my 'friend' got scared and took a step back. I headed over to the boys cause I knew that something was up cause they kept staring at me. "WHAT YOU BEASTS LOOKING AT?" I yelled so loudly that everyone turned their head towards us even the people in the cafe came running out to see what was going on. Their leader, Leith came towards me. He was the hottest boy in school but I saw nothing hot about him. "We are staring at you" he replied but it was only in his normal voice where as I yelled. "WELL STOP LOOKING OR MY FIST WILL BE IN YOUR FACE IN A FEW DAYS" I yelled and stormed off well dragged off by my 'friend'. I screamed my head off when my 'friend' Abbey got me to a quiet, non-crowded area. When I released all my anger I became happy again. The bell rang so I headed off to my lessons. I had battles so I had to change into my P.E kit which consisted of a red adidas skort and a white tennis top. I kept these on always in case I needed to fight so all I need was take off my top, jacket and trousers and began. The teachers were calling people up to battle I was having a laugh looking at the weak people when they called my name. I walked up and everyone booed and jeered at me. I just shrugged it off. "Your opponent is Leith" my battle teacher said. I couldn't believe I had to fight him. All the beasts pushed to surround the ring to watch their leader win the battle against the girl who terrified them. I was about to launch myself at him when two pointy white things were hanging over his bottom lip. "Hurry up and change Veronique!" Abbey shouted. I didn't know what she meant. I just got in my fighting position and when Leith lunged at me I flipped over him. People gasped. "You won't get away from me by flipping! Leith said taking another lung at me. I did a split jump and came down and slammed him into the ground by just landing on his back. "We have a winner" the coach said as he held my arm up. Everyone cheered. I was going out of the ring when out of the corner of my eye I saw Leith with fangs. "You are going to die. I am the strongest vampire her not you!" he yelled I just chuckled until I realised he said vampire. "Vampire" I managed to choke out before I fainted. When I woke up I was in the nurses office. "You know Veronique vampire's don't wait." The nurse said while she was typing something on her computer. "In am NOT a vampire!" I said swinging my legs off the bed to get up and leave the office. "Veronique, I know you are just human but why are you here at this school. Don't you know what 'Bladinitia Fanum' means." I shook my head. "It means 'Blood Fangs or Fang of Blood'" she said. I started to walk towards the door. I grabbed the handle and walked out. The beasts were hanging in their usual spot. Abbey came running up to me when she saw I was now in the corridor. "Congrats" Abbey said while smacking my back. Then everyone in the hall except the Beasts came running over to congratulate me. I just smiled and nodded. The Beasts were walking off to class when I had the most brilliant idea to get more friends and humiliate Leith. "Well I can't believe I beat a vampire especially when I am HUMAN!" I yelled this over everyone's cheers and claps. The Beasts stopped dead in their tracks and turned to face me. I pushed past everyone and walked up to them. "So how does it feel to know that a human can beat you?" I said smirking. Leith walked forward "I am guessing you are a cheerleader and it doesn't feel great that a human girl beat a vampire boy." He said trying to control his anger. I nodded and walked away and headed out the brown wooden doors. I laughed all the way to my car. I got in and drove away feeling good but was expecting something to happen tomorrow as it was my birthday.


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