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Getting Revenge

Novel By: coolbadgirl
Young adult

This is the sequel to The royal bloodline marriage.
It is five years from when Nate said he was going to get revenge and it hasnt happened YET! Will Rosalinda be able to destroy Nate and his gang forever or will something happen to her in the process. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 12, 2009    Reads: 194    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

I kept thinking about the day where Nate said he would get revenge but it had already been 5 years. Nothing had happened unless he was planning something big. I had to stop worrying cause I knew all this worrying was causing Caden to stress. He had to run the vampire kingdom and worry about me and Nate getting his revenge. I just stopped thinking about Nate and head downstairs to find Caden. I saw him and rushed over. He was looking down at a body of a guard with a note on top. 'I am near and ready to take what is mine from Nate' it read. I flung my arms around Caden's waist and hugged him. His mouth found mine and we kissed passionately. Caden then stopped cause he heard swords clashing. We both ran towards the sound. I saw a window so I had the more sensible idea to see who was making the noise. There were 9 figures all clashing their swords against each other's. I saw Caden's figure join the side with 2 figures. I opened the window and jumped out landing in a crouch position. I saw a bush near the figures so I crawled over there and watched what was happening. I got there and I saw a girl with a camera. She had an I.D which said she was a reporter for the vampire kingdom. I grabbed the camera and zoomed in on the figures. I saw Caden, Rys, John, Vallce, Brad, Damien, Danny, William, Robin and NATE! I screamed which caused them to all look at the bush where I was hiding. I grabbed hold of the reporter's hand and made ourselves invisible and went over to another bush but a bit closer to them. They started to clash swords again until I had enough. I ran out to the middle of where they were. I made sure I had power ready to fire if I needed it. I made myself un-invisible and they all stopped fighting. "I told you I would get my revenge" Nate said as everyone was trying to stop staring. "Your revenge to have a sword fight and what? Kill everyone who I love and care about so I come running back to you." I said sounding like this was actually his plan. Nate nodded. "Well one prob there!" I said to him. "What's that?" he said this in the strongest voice he could build up. My power grew but everyone thought I was going to shoot the power but instead I brought out a silver clip from my hair. Everyone laughed until I aimed at Nate and he went flying into the woods cutting 10 trees on his way. I put the clip back into my hair and it turned back to just an ordinary hair clip. I laughed and walked in. That reporter now has a story which will get read. I kept laughing until I heard screams coming from the garden. I ran back outside to see that Nate had hold of the reporter ready to suck her sweet tasting vampire blood. I took my clip out and was aiming for Nate's chest but I couldn't because he was holding the girl in front of my target. I flew up into the air and flew over his head and hit him with my power in the back of his head! "DON'T MESS WITH ME!" I screamed at him and walked over to Caden who was hurt. He tried healing but his powers wouldn't work so I healed it for him. I walked away from this scene and I realised one thing. I guessed Nate's plan. I heard footsteps behind me and I turned ready to grab my clip but it was only Caden and his brother and father. I just kept walking and they came to walk next to me. They all went in front and turned to stop me from walking I knew this place from somewhere but I couldn't remember until it hit me. "Boys you may wanna move before all my powers come gushing out and I kill you all" I said trying to step to my right but they followed. They made a gap big enough for me to walk through.


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