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Light Exposed

Novel By: coolbadgirl
Young adult

Short novel for Forbidden picture challenge!

Sunset, my favourite time of the day. The only time of the day I show my true self but it’s hard because I have two true selves but I don’t know which one I truly am. View table of contents...



Submitted:Jan 8, 2010    Reads: 84    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Sunset, my favourite time of the day. The only time of the day I show my true self but it's hard because I have two true selves but I don't know which one I truly am.
Groaning I got forced myself to get out of bed. It was time for school, boring old school. I kept trying to drag myself out of bed at 5am in the morning but it never works I usually either fall asleep again or I wake up get dressed, flop on the bed and fall asleep until 7:20am. 8:30 is when school starts but I get there early not to meet friends because I don't have any. Today was the boring first day, the day where the popular's are chosen and everyone else is given a name. I am always the freak. I didn't feel like doing the original morning routine so I decided a different routine just for today. I got up at 5am and got my hoodies and joggers on. I put some music on but only loud enough so only I could hear it. I did some stretches and heart beating exercises until I was completely awake. I than got dressed into my new outfit I had brought especially for the first day of school but didn't have the guts to wear until today. I wore a white button shirt with a waistcoat which was tight but not too tight but tight enough to show my perfect curves, a pair of ripped jeans, I ripped them myself, pink ballet tights and fishnet tights over the ballet tights. I was dressed but I couldn't decide what shoes to wear so I decided to check the internet for advice as I asked a question on Yahoo Answers. I searched for my question and saw all the answers I had been given. Everyone had all suggested I wear a pair of heels which are cute, not to high, black and white like the olden days but still fashionable. I shut down my laptop and put it away. I grabbed the shoes everyone suggested. The outfit didn't look right so I undressed, grabbed my robe and tiptoed over to my older sisters room, I could hear her typing away so I know she was awake. She goes to the same school as me but she is always named as the popular girl who doesn't want a name. I sneaked up behind her to see what she was doing. She was on a chat site chatting to a boy that apparently went to our school. "Rose, can you help me?" I asked. "A demin mini skirt with the white shirt and waistcoat and wear those black tights." She answered without even looking at me. I went and got changed, now that looked better, Rose walked into my room. "Let me do your hair and makeup, than I will choose your accessories now sit" she ordered. I sat at my dressing table, she did hair in a bun with curls hanging loosely, she than did my makeup very nicely, I had sparkly mascara, gold eye shadow, pink sparkly eyeliner, blusher and lip gloss to finish it off. She walked into my closet and came back out with a handbag big enough to fit my books in, a bangle and ring that my boyfriend gave me for Christmas, a necklace and she finished it off with some really nice gold hoops. She went into her bedroom and came back out with her most treasured favourite shoes, her lace up boots. "I can't wear that, they are your treasured favourite ones, I will wear a pair of my new pair of boots" I insisted. "Put them on NOW!" She ordered once again. I took them out of her hands, I put them on and laced them. Rose helped me up and she led me to the mirror, I looked like a completely new person. "Thanks Rose" I hugged her. "No problem, now can I please get back to chatting to Blake Edwardian?" she begged me, I could see how much she wanted to chat to him before we left for school so I decided to tease her a bit. "The mysterious bloke has a name, Blake Edwardian, I know who he is, a jock, a mean, muscular jock. The jock who makes fun of me." She nodded and within seconds she was running down the hall to her bedroom.


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