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Two Gangs, Two Enemies, One Bond

Novel By: coolbadgirl
Young adult

The Black Bullets is an all-boys group but when Laila Winter joined she became Laila Black, the leader of the Black Bullets. In the area she lives, no girl is allowed to join a gang let alone be the leader of one. The Black Bullets are based on the West side of Aravia and just beyond the forbidden woods is the forbidden line. West side is territory of The Black Bullets. Everyone knows that but the East side have a new gang who threaten the reputation of the Black Bullets.

The Danger Bullets is the new gang. They rule the East side and threaten the West side, Black Bullets, reputation. The Danger Bullets have no leader but Jace Winter is the one who calls the shots in emergencies. Jace Winter is Laila’s brother but when they both went to different gangs, their relationship goes down. All Jace wants to do is keep Laila out The Danger Bullets way but when the gang name someone their leader, he can’t save her from the East Side.

Both gangs hate each other, but have to work together to bring Laila home unharmed. She is in the hands of 5 Danger Bullets, the most dangerous of the gangs. They have a plan to rape her, sell her to solve their debts but their leader has other plans for her.

How will she handle her feelings?

Are the two leaders going to fall for each other?

Will their dreams come true?

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Laila POV

I laughed as I ran through the large house with my gang; I had hidden all their guns during the night and had the key. They groaned when they couldn't find me, it was fun to annoy them considering I was the only girl around. I shrieked as they tackled me down to the ground, tickling me all over till I gave up and threw the key on the floor. Ethan smiled and helped me "Thanks hun for our exercise" He laughs and kisses my forehead as they all nod; either kissing my forehead or hugging me tightly.

I smile and dropped down on the couch, sighing happily. I swear that my life couldn't get any better, the guys all headed out to the gym as my brother walked in. "JACE!" I smile and jump on him as he wraps his arms round my waist, spinning me round before dropping me to my feet. "You know it's dangerous for to be here, right?" He nods and kisses my forehead.

"I had to come here, you're in danger now. Someone new joined The Danger Bullets, he calls the shots now as the leader, I can't protect you anymore" He pushes my hair out my face before hugging me tightly, pushing me down to the floor as gun shoots go off outside my house. He covers me with his body, holding me tight "Crawl to your room now and stay out of sight" I look at him before nodding as I start crawling as fast as possible to my bedroom.

I hear the front door smash against the floor. "I told you Adrien, I would call if they were here, and you nearly shot my bloody head off dude!" I hear my brother shout as I grab my gun, texting my guys to let them know.

"Search the house, I don't trust Jace completely" I hear the guys scatter and run upstairs, going through the rooms as I stand with my gun at the ready in the centre of my room. Jace bursts into my room and grabs me.

"I'm sorry sis" He whispers as hides the guns in the waistband of my jeans before dragging me downstairs "Look what I found Adrien, she was hiding under a bed" My brother smirks and kicks my side as I growl, grabbing his foot and pulling him down as I pin him down, grabbing my gun and pushing it against his temple.

My brother freezes and stares at me. "Get the fuck out my house now, unless you all want to die by my hand" I shove my brother away and stand up, moving towards the stairs as I keep my gun held up. My gang run through downstairs, smirking as they hug me close to them.

"Next time, tell us when we gotta climb through the bloody windows bitch" I smile sweetly and shrug as I watch them all leave carefully, Adrien punching Jace round the face once they step outside my house. I watch him go down but don't run to him as I walk over, slamming the door shut and locking it as I fan myself.

Ethan catches me quickly in his arms. "Baby girl, you're safe, don't worry, we won't let anyone hurt you hun" He swings me up into his arms and carries me to my room, laying me down at the guys lock all the windows. Emmet smiles as he places a wet cloth on my forehead.

"Serves you right for making us climb through the blood windows" The guys all laugh as they watch from the door. I smile and shrug softly.

"Can you open my window please? I'm pretty hot so just open it a little bit" Emmet nods and gets up, looking around before pulling it open just a tiny bit to let some air in.

"Get some rest Lai" I smile and close my eyes as I feel the covers being pulled over me, I go to say thank you but slowly drift off into sleep.

Laila's head

I was running I don't know why I was running but I just had to keep myself moving. I had to run faster. I screamed as I went down, face first to the floor. I looked back to see what I tripped and covered my mouth as I saw Ethan laying there, blood covered his whole body while his lifeless eyes stared at me with sorrow and pain.

I forced myself to my feet, stumbling but I start running again before I felt two strong arms wrap around my waist. I groaned as I felt my back hit a rock hard chest before looking up to see a smirking face, Adrien's face.

"What are you doing little girl? You know you can't run from me or my gang, your gang is dead along with your slimy untrustworthy brother!" He smirks as I start struggling around in his grip to try get free.

Ethan POV

I was sitting in the corner of Laila's room just keeping an eye on her and the open window, not wanting her to get hurt. I glanced over at her and she was moving around badly before I heard her scream.

"LET ME GO!" She screamed before I ran over, pinning her down quickly.

"Laila! Wake up hun, wake up, it was just a nightmare, you're safe" Her eyes shot open and stared into mine before she burst into tears. I sat down and pulled her into my arms, cradling her and rocking her softly. "Shh, baby, you're safe with us, no-one is ever gonna hurt you, I promise you that, no-one will lay their hands on you"

I could feel her body stop trembling in my arms as I looked down I saw that she had fallen asleep again. I move her hair out her face gently and kissed her forehead as I lay down with her still in my arms, not wanting to let go of her now.


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