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Ciradette Evans is a normal teenage girl.
Except, well, she's a computer program.
Created to help make advancements in medical and technological science, Ciradette is placed in high school to help study the brains of teenagers. But when she starts having black-outs, and data comes up inconclusive and missing, there are more fears than one to worry about.
With the risk of the program being shut down, and fatal information being put in the wrong hands, Ciradette must overcome her own personal hard drive and inner-workings, become more human, and still fit in with high school, which might just be the hardest one of all.
Even though she's a super-human computer hybrid, can she do it? Or will she be Pixled? View table of contents...



Submitted:Feb 18, 2013    Reads: 22    Comments: 5    Likes: 3   

The alarm went off with a furor

My hands fumbled for the alarm clock. I slammed my fingertips down onto the buttons. The machine creaked and made unnatural sounds. I opened my eyes long enough to see sparks emitting off of it, the embers landing on my carpet. There was a slight smell of burnt plastic.


"Mom" wouldn't be pleased with that. It was the third alarm clock she had bought this month. She said people would start to question why we were buying so many. It wasn't normal to go through this many. I was prepared to be lectured when I told her. But some things were to be expected of her.

I rolled over in bed and tried to close my eyes. I wasn't ready to wake up just yet. But there wasn't much I could do about that. My brain was already in hyper-active mode.

Under my eye lids I could feel my body waking up. My limbs were making feelings, human-esque ones. I could feel my toes and fingertips tingling as the nerves came to life. Now I would actually feel things, rather than doing damage to my body without feeling anything. In theory, I would have preferred never turn my nerves on and be more like a robot, but that was not an option. "Mom" and "Dad" had been very particular on that.

They claimed that the research data wouldn't be as efficient if I hadn't been in every possible way human. They said the Head of the Department would consider the research inconclusive, therefore the entire program would have to be shut down. Only, the program had cost so much already, there was little probability of them restarting the program.

Regardless, if they deemed this inconclusive, I would be shut down.

That didn't seem very favorable.


Hi! This is a preview chapter!!! If you like this, please leave a comment or any criticism so I can make it better. Hopefully, if this has good results, the next few chapters should be posted soon! Thanks!



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