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Six Weeks, Five Boys, One Girl and a Cabin on the Lake

Novel By: countrydevil
Young adult

What happens when a girl gets stuck camping with her cousin and four of his friends at her parents cabin?

When Reed found out he and his friends were going camping, he was excited. When his best friend, Roman, said they would be staying at his Aunt's cabin by a lake a few hours from home, he was ecstatic. But when he saw the seventeen year old girl that was his friends cousin, he was dumbfounded by her beauty. Will he be able to win her over?

And what about Maya?

When Maya saw her cousin Roman and his friends pull up in front of the cabin, she was upset. But when she met Roman's best friend, Reed, she was intrigued. But what about her boyfriend back at home? And the other three single men there.

What will happen in six weeks time? Will there be love in the air, or hatred brewing? Read and find out!

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I threw the last of the clothes I was packing into the second duffel bag and brought both bags to the front door of our roomy apartment. Who's 'our'? Well, me, Reed Meyers and my roommate Roman Linde. We're twenty, and we're goofballs, like every other guy we know. Oh, and we're going camping with three of our buddys.
Just as I went to go fill a backpack up with our football, a couple baseballs, a Frisbee, and some other sports stuff we had, I saw Roman bound out of his room, clicking his phone shut, and narrowly missing smoking his head on the door frame. I chuckled. "What's gotten into you crackshow?" I joked.
"I found out where were camping, dipshit." he grinned his boyish excited grin. The kind kids get at Christmas, you know the one.
"Where dude?" I asked
"My Aunt's cabin, its up at a lake a couple hours away, the shitty part - my seventeen year old bitch of a cousin is gonna be there."
"She can't be that bad…"
"She shaved half of my head when I was fourteen…"
"You ended up shaving the other half right?"
"Obviously you idiot, and that's irrelevant."
"You know a big word, holy god, the world is gonna end!"
"SHUT UP. Lets go dude, we still gotta meet up with the guys and stop at the grocery store and liquor store."
"Is your cousin gonna steal out booze dude? Cause I'm not cool with that." I gave him a look that said if she touched something I paid for she was dead and he shoved me.
"She's to prissy to drink hard shit or beer."
I grinned and grabbed my bags up on my shoulders and followed his six five frame out the door, he carried two bags as well. We got down to my new chevy silverado3500 that had a brand new hunter green paint job and chucked our bags in the back. I ran back up to the apartment and grabbed some rope in case we ended up having to tie stuff down what with probably having to have all of the other guys stuff in the back since they didn't own a truck. I jumped in the front seat, plugged in my ipod and blasted Johnny Cash by Jason Aldean through the intense speaker system I had just got installed.
Roman got in and we settled down. "I feel like we forgot something…" he muttered. I looked in the backseat and began laughing hard. "I know what you forgot…"
"The dog dipshit." I chuckled and waited while he got out of the truck and headed back to the apartment to grab his lab/german shepherd/husky/coyote cross. "In you go, Miss."
"Hey Missy, sweet girl." I stroked the dogs head that stuck over the console. She looked more coyote then anything, just with more weight and muscle to her.
"You lock the door bud?" I asked to be on the safe side. When Roman was excited, he got forgetful to be honest. He was a great guy, a good laugh, and a loyal friend, but dumb as a door sometimes.
"Yeah yeah." He ran a hand through his short but shaggy light brown hair. Ocean blue eyes took in the road as we pulled away from the curb and headed to our friends condo they had bought together.
We pulled up to see Nick attempting to shove a bag into an already full trunk of his 1969 mustang.
"Dude just throw all your shit in the back, no sense overloading your car when mine has tons of room." I called as I jumped down out of my raised truck. Yeah, I'm six three so I handle the distance fine, just a little climb, its entertaining when my girl friends and such try and get in the vehicle. I have had to lift some of them in even.
Roman jumped out the other side and we helped them move a bunch of bags and coolers that hadn't even been packed yet into the truck. Dax, Ryan's older cousin brought down a bunch of sleeping bags and blankets that we decided would do best in the backseat of my truck with Missy. I chuckled to myself because I knew Missy would lie on them. She slept on my bed so it made no difference to me.
"Ya'll ready?" I asked, my southern accent coming out thick right then, causing Nick to laugh.
"Yessir I'd say we best be getting' on right about now, or the hawses might get antsy.." he threw on a horrible fake southern accent, drawling out the words and I rolled my eyes.
"Your jealous that girls find it sexy, maybe I should just embrace it to piss ya'll off, eh? Besides, the only horse around here is Roman, he's a real ass. "
"Yeah yeah, sure Reed." Roman grinned.
Ryan folded his five foot nine frame across the backseat of the mustang and groaned. He was the smallest out of us all and still cramped in the seat. I mean if he couldn't none of us would be able to at all considering the rest of us are at least six foot.
"Dude ride in the back of my truck, you'll be so much more comfortable, all you have to share it with is a dog."
"Yeah man. He hopped out and jumped in the back of the truck, Missy attacking him with kisses. I chuckled. 'That dog seems to have a thing for him or something,' I thought with a smirk 'she was never that happy to see anyone else, must be his dashing good looks.' I finished my thought sarcastically.
Though truth was, not to sound full of myself or conceited or nothing, but we were a good looking bunch. Dax the huge built military guy with buzzed black hair and tattoos everywhere, Ryan had curly brown hair that reminded you of Dierks Bentley and a genuine smile, Nick with his long thin muscles and body of a soccer player, Roman just a meathead that never thought with the upper brain though still managed to land girls, which was probably because of his ocean blue eyes, and I had a faux hawk and chinstrap and big muscles and built like a hockey player. Some people would label us pretty boys, me, I'm a small town country boy.
"Hey dude, check it out." Dax said, coming over to me.
"What?" I asked.
"Look." he peeled off his shirt to show off his sides which he had said he got tattood but I had yet to see. I read them, both were in old English print, one side said Honour and the other said Medley - his last name.
"Sick dude, those look good." I commented. They really did, and brought his tattoo sum up to seven. He also had a cross on each shoulder blade with his parents names because they had died when he was six and he had been brought to live with Ryan, his cousin in result. That's why he hung out with a bunch of guys four years younger. He also had a Canadian flag on his left bicep, the Medley coat of arms on his right calf, and a tribal style armband with eyes in it one his right arm. He'd also gotten the rest of us to get tattoos, my own were a phoenix on my shoulder blade in flight and a wolf in a moon done in a tribal design on my left upper arm. "I was thinking about getting another while we were camping."
"I might come. I don't think I should get no more though dude," Dax grinned.
"Sure bro. Lets go guys!" Ryan already in the back of the truck, so I and Roman got in the front and Dax and Nick got in Nick's mustang. I started off, they followed since I had Roman in the car, and he had the directions.
We pulled up in front of the cabin that was Roman's aunts after a couple hours of driving and all got out. I stretched out my long body as did all the other guys and let Missy out. "There ya go, Miss." suddenly another dog - a black Belgian shepherd came sprinting at Miss and she immediately got protective of me, growling low and strong. "Easy girl." I soothed as the dog started sniffing her, both of them stiff legged and protective. "Friend Miss, it's a friend." she relaxed slightly and at the word's "Be nice Trigger!" the other dog, who seemed to be named Trigger, relaxed fully and Miss and the other dog bounded around, playing like nothing happened.
I looked up to see who owned the soft singsong voice that had called to Trigger and saw a gorgeous girl standing on the porch of the big cabin, hands on hips, in jean shorts and a black and silver bathing suit top, tapping her foot.
"What the hell are you doing here Roman." she called.
"Come to see my favourite little bitch of course." he called sarcastically, rolling his eyes. He grabbed bags out of the truck and I did too, heading towards the cabin, I stopped by the girl and put the bags down.
"Hey there, I'm Reed Meyers, pleasure to meet you." my southern manners came out as I spoke, I stuck out my hand for her to shake.
She looked me over warily, taking in the fact that I was shirtless and muscled, only in black plaid shorts. My tanned body slightly sweaty from the hot summer sun. She finally shook my hand. "I'm Maya. Yeah I'm it's cousin." she obviously meant Roman as 'it'. "How long are you guys here for…"
"Well.. Probably six weeks.." I looked down. She didn't seemed pleased to have us here.
"Oh.. Well just don't have anyone in my room, touching my stuff, or bugging me and we'll get along fine." she said with a goofy smile.
I smiled back. "Will do. So your dog's name is Trigger… Like the horse?"
She chuckled. "Yeah, what's yours name, and whats her breed, I can't figure it out."
"She's a husky, lab, shepherd, coyote cross. Her names Missy."
"Oh she's gorgeous." she grinned.
Nick started walking by and she looked at me expectantly to introduce them.
"This is Nick. The huge muscles guy is Dax, the smallest one is Ryan." I smiled.
"Nice to meet you all." she said and with that sauntered off to the dock. I grabbed the bags that I had been previously carrying and brought them in the house just as Roman yelled "WHO'S TAKING THE COUCH?"
"Fuck" I muttered under my breath before adding "I will!" when they all started bickering.
Roman came out. "Sorry dude, theres only four bedrooms and Maya gets one, I get my own, Nick is getting his own and Dax and Ryan are sharing the one with two beds. Thanks for taking it."
"It's fine. I've slept in worse. The rockies aren't the most comfortable mountains to sleep in. But it is home.."
He smirked and smacked me across the head for being a smartass even though I was being honest.
"You. Did. Not. Just. Smack. Me." I grinned and tackled him to the floor which resulted in us rolling around wrestling each other. He ended up pinning me to a point where I couldn't breath and had to tap out.
"Damn.. If I could've breathed I could've gotten out of that."
"Yeah right. I'm invincible." Roman smirked.
"Yeah… About that.. I'm made of kryptonite."
"Damnit, you know my weakness."
"Yessir Mr. Kent."
"Ah screw it." he fell dramatically to the floor as if he was dying and I smirked while Maya had walked in in time to see him writhing on the floor in mock pain. She just raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow and gave a small half smile. "not even going to ask." she said before walking over to the kitchen.
I followed her and smiled. "How was the lake?"
"Alright, you guys feel free to take out the boat and do some wakeboarding and stuff later." She pulled her waist length black hair back into a pony and flicked her bangs out of her eyes. Now I could clearly see her gorgeous goldy-brown eyes. Like a fox. I smiled. "You have beautiful eyes,"
"Thank you." she smiled shyly before she turned to fill a bowl with water and placed it on the ground.
"Are you going to come boating with us?" I asked curiously.
"I might, haven't decided."
"You should." I said, hoping I sounded convincing, I wanted to spend as much time as possible with this black haired goldy-brown eyed little beauty.
"Fine I will." Maya laughed.
"Good." I grinned and I turned to walk back into the living room.
"YA'LL BETTER GET OUT HERE TO GO BOATING NOW." my voice echoed through the house loudly and all four boys bounced out of their rooms towards me.
"Where's bitch?" Roman asked.
"Dude be nice, she's really sweet. You just treat her like crap all the time and make her be bitchy towards you." I said, smacking him on the arm with a little force. He nodded and said 'Fine'.
"Let's go ya'll." I said with a big smile, excited to finally get on the water. I saw the rest of the guys peeling off their shirts and we all broke into a run for the dock with Maya following at a walk. I dove straight into the water before pulling myself up onto the big boat. When I say big I mean like.. Big powerful twenty-eight foot boat with room for fifteen passengers. I grinned at the sight of the boat. It was well the only suitable describable word - magnificent. It was black on the outside and had cream coloured interior. Like seriously, is that a spot where a table pulls up? Hell yes it is.
Roman stopped at the shed near the end of the dock and unlocked it, pulling out three inflated single tubes and a wakeboard. Nick was heading down with a big cooler of drinks and food. We got everything into the huge boat and all settled down. I gave Maya a hand in too. She just smiled in return as she climbed in.
"So what first?" Ryan asked
"Lets just boat around and find a spot to settle and eat lunch. Leave the tubes on the dock." Roman said.
"I'll drive," Dax said immediately. He expertly pulled the boat away from the dock and we headed out, finding a spot in the middle of the lake.
"I'm jumping in." I called. Ryan immediately got up to come in to and we decided it was a trick competition off the boat. Maya came up and did a perfect ten dive into the water and as she came up I jumped and cannonball directly beside her, drowning her in spraying water.
She came up sputtering and I laughed before putting an arm around her to support her while she caught her breath. "You ass!" she yelled and shoved me under the water. I came up laughing. "It was worth it." I said, chuckling, before climbing up onto the boat and pulling out a beer from the cooler. I leaned back and sipped the corona, watching everyone goof about. Maya climbed into the boat and took my beer out of my hand as she walked by. She flopped down on the front end seats and chugged it down.
"Hey, you aren't legal drinking age." I said. I had said that if she touched my beer I was gonna be pissed.
"But I look it." she replied cockily. That I couldn't deny. With her shall I say.. Damnit, okay I'm just gonna be blunt, she has big boobs, like.. C cups, and considering she's like, five four and has a body that looks like she runs and plays some sports… It's amazing - her looks. She looks about our age - and we are legal.
"Fine, you get one more of my beer, I'm not taking care of drunk little girls."
"I'm three years younger then you, and it's not like I haven't drank before!" she shot back at me, her temper getting the best of her.
"I paid for the alcohol!" I growled.
Roman came onto the boat. "What are you two bickering like an old couple about?"
"Nothing." we both replied, glaring at each other.
"Okay then… Lets go wakeboarding."
After a day of fun we headed back to the cabin and all went to shower and change. I pulled on an old ripped pair of medium wash jeans on and a black long sleeve DC shirt. I glanced at my cell and saw a couple unread messages and that the time was seven thirty. I headed to the freezer in the kitchen and checked what there was to eat before grabbing six steaks and heading outside to the big patio and putting on the barbeque.
I let them defrost enough to break apart while I went back in and began making a Caesar salad and I also put garlic bread in the oven. One thing I liked to do was cook. While going to school and studying sports medicine I had also studied cooking in my spare time. I wasn't a fantastic chef but I wasn't horrible either. The only person who could probably cook better then me in the house was Nick and that was because his dad was a chef, his mom owned a bakery and he had gone to an expensive culinary school.
A while later I called "DINNER" and everyone came out, surprised I had actually cooked for everyone. "Thanks man." they all said and we sat down around a table on the patio eating.
"So lets play a game." Roman said.
"Which one?" Dax asked. I waited curiously to see what we were going to play. I wasn't really afraid of these stupid games because I was a giant goof and ready to do anything stupid just for the laughs, as were the rest of the guys really, besides Nick, who could be a bit shy at timse.
"Truth and dare." Maya said quickly.
"Ah shit…" was my only answer.


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