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One Girl's Journey

Novel By: crazyskye
Young adult

A girl nameed Skye Macfarlane gets the chance of a liftime. she fulfills he dearm of becomeing a professtional mucisian. View table of contents...



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Chapter 1: A Scottish New Beginning
"Skye! Skye! Get up and going! We're going to miss our flight to America!" Said my sister Lyla.
"Ughhh! What time is it?" I mumbled.
"Here or in America?" she asked.
"Oh…both I guess!"
"Well here in Scotland it is 4:30 in the morning. In America, it is 4:30 in the afternoon."
"HOLY NOODLES! Where's mum?" I asked sleepily.
"Warming up the car. Now get dressed!" she snapped.
I shoved my sister out of the door and opened my closet to find only one pair of clothes. I had obviously forgotten that we were moving. So I threw on my ugliest pair of clothes. It was my Joe-Boxer t-shirt and un-matching leopard skin pants. I looked at my hair, threw it into a pony-tail, brushed my teeth and folded up my mat that served as mat bed. My mum honked the car horn. I ran out.
"Do you have your violin?" She asked.
"Yes... CRAP! No…"
"Well go get it then!" she yelled.
I ran in as fast as I could and made sure everything was in my case. Violin? Check. Rosin? Check. Bow? Check. I sprinted banc out to the car and we sped towards Scotland's International Airport.
. . .
When we arrived, we got our tickets, checked in our luggage and ran o our terminal.
"*Ding!* Flight 204 will be leaving for Denver, Colorado in 5 minutes. All passengers must report to terminal 107. Thank you for flying with Scotland Air."
As we walked onto our plane I took a long look around. I was going to miss it all. The giant fields of wheat, the rolling hills. Most of all I would miss my dad. He had died five years back in a bad construction accident. It brought tears to my eyes to know that he would still be in his homeland and I would not. I took a long breath and got into the plane fiddle in hand.
As soon as I stepped onto the plane everyone stopped what they were doing and stared. Someone asked, "Are you Skyeler Macfarlane?" After all I was one of Scotland's primer fiddlers.
I replied, "Yes and you are?"
The voice replied, "Me? I'm Mitchell Grobb and I'm very pleased to meet you! You can come sit next to me."
I shook his hand and sat down next to him.
"So..," I hesitated, "How long have you been playing the violin?"
"About let's see… 1...2…3…4… about 14 years exactly. How about you?" he asked enthusiastically.
It hadn't occurred to me that I'd been staring at him. He gave me a gentile poke.
"I-I'm so sorry and I've been playing for 13 years. Where are you from?"
"I'm for Manitoba, Canada. Where are you from and what are you sorry for?"
"I am from Glenrothes, Scotland and I am sorry for staring at you."
"Well if you don't mind me asking, what were you staring at?"
We had just taken off so my voice was a bit jumpy because of the turbulence.
"What was I staring at well…"
"Your eyes." We both said.
"There pretty." I said
"There beautiful." He said looking me in the eyes.
"You know," said Mitch, "I think that your accent is pretty cool. I mean I've never really know any other Scottish person before besides Seonaid Aitken. Matt is into her though, we're not allowed to have relationship at all whatsoever." He sounded a little down.
"Anything wrong?" I asked.
"I think that I like you. How old are you?"
"Me? I'm 18. How old are you?" I questioned.
"You won't believe me. How old do I look?"
"Um…I'd say about…23?"
"Nope! You're wrong!"
"Well are you older?"
"Ok then... 20"
"Ok I'll tell you. I'm 19."
"NO WAY! You can't be! And you're a member of Barrage?? When did you join?"
"I joined 2 years ago when I was 17."
"Do you think I-"I was cut off by the fight attendant.
"*Ding!* Please prepare for landing. Thank you or flying with Scotland Air."
The plane landed and I was finally in America.
"Hey!" said Mitch as he finally caught up with me as we were leaving the plane, "Do you want to play with us at the Nuggets game tomorrow? Will you be here?" There were about six other people following him now. I figured that they were the rest of Barrage.
"Um… actually I'm going to be in Greeley but sure! When what time and who are the rest of these people?"
"Good! We'll pick you up in the bus. Do you know your address?"
"No actually. I don't my sister Lyla does though. Hey Lyla! Get over here!! There's someone I want you to meet!"
She jogged over.
"Who on God's Earth is this?" She hissed in my ear.
"Hello my name is Mitchell Grobb. Pleased to meet you!" said Mitch.
"Ya. I'm Lyla. Who are the rest of these people?"
"This is the rest of a band called Barrage. As you know my name's Mitch and they will introduce themselves starting with you. He pointed to a gut with a goatee.
"Um… My name's Matthew Harney and I am from Manchester, England." Said the guy with the goatee.
"My name's Ben!" said a guy with really blonde hair.
"I'm Tom" said a guy with a small mohawk.
"My name's Jessica Hindin." said a girl with a small lip ring.
"Carly Frey." said a girl with rusty gold blonde hair.
"Hullo," said a woman with a really thick Scottish accent, "my name is Seonaid Aitken."
I almost passed out. I was actually standing face to face with my idol! I'd even gone to all of her concerts in Glenrothes.
"You ok?" she asked me.
"Ya. I'm good I just can't believe that I am talking to my idol. I mean WOW! Everyone seems to look up to you!"
"Do you want to know something ironic? I've seen you at all of my concerts and you intrigued me! So when I heard that you were playing in Glenrothes Park I couldn't help but go. With front row seats. I look up to you!" she said.
"Woah" I was speechless.
"Say, are there any good hotels in Greeley?" she asked.
"No but I've got a big house!"
"Could we um…. Stay there?" Matt chimed in.
"Sure! Boy's upstairs girls downstairs in my room. It's huge!"
"Cool. Thanks!" they all said.
"But I've got school tomorrow!!!" I yelled.
"What school are you going to?" asked Seonaid.
"Central." I replayed unenthusiastically.
"I'll pick you up and drop you off ok?" she said.
"I think we might have a deal."
"It's settled then."
. . .
I had just gotten done with learning the words to the fiddle song called Old Joe Clark. I had a giant pile of sheet music in front of me. I tell you! We were only playing three songs (or more) and I had a pile of 50+ sheets in front of me! Thankfully I had memorized all of the songs we were going to play.
"Alright!" said Seonaid, "We're going to rehearse Old Joe Clark 5 more times and then we will move on to Running Horses ok?"
We were on my driveway and all of the speakers were everywhere. It was really crazy. We went over Old Joe Clark again and it went like this.
Old Joe Clark the preacher's son
Preached all over the plain
The only text he ever knew
Was high now and Jack the game
Round and round Old Joe Clark
Round and round I say
He followed me 10,000 miles
To hear my fiddle play….
"Alright! Let's move along to Running Horses and then we will break for dinner or a snack." said Seonaid.
By this time our fingers hurt and we had re-tuned our instruments twice. Then like the snap of a finger, dinner time came. We went to Dairy Queen. I sat next to Mitch. I was at the end of the table. Then our food finally came.
"So, how do all of you like being with each other? I mean," I said letting my accent shine through, "like in the same house or bus or whatever 24/7?"
"Tensions rise at times." said Matt. He'd hardly talked all day.
"I'd have to agree with that!" laughed Jessica, "Seonaid, do you remember the time when Matt threw the phone…"
"MITCH!" I yelled as I slapped him, "NO! Just stop. I don't like you that way!" I said as I stormed out of the restaurant.
"What on God's good green Earth was that?" hissed Jessica.
"I've got no clue let me repeat that, NO CLUE what got into him. One minute munching on a fry and the next trying to hold hands with me? Hmmm… I wonder!" I yelled. Matt was outside now and he was not happy.
"MITCH!" he yelled, "get your happy buns over here! Excuse the language Skye but we need to get this settled."
"What language? You didn't curse!" I tried to overhear the argument over Matt and Mitch.
"You know that we aren't allowed to have relationships!"
"I know, I know!"
"DON"T DO IT AGAIN! EVER! Do you understand me?"
"Yes Matt, now let go of me!"
Seonaid ran over to where I was standing. I felt like crying and as soon as Seonaid saw the look on my face, she looked startled. She put her hand on my shoulder, I pulled away. I cried silently for a while before I threw myself into her arms. I really did not know why I was crying. Maybe it was because I missed my dad or because of the fact that I was finally in America.
"When we get to your house we'll put together your bed and un-pack you ok sweetie?" Seonaid said softly.
"Ok." I sniffed.
. . .
When we got back to my house Matt, Ben Tom and Mitch, put together my bed and Jessica and Carly un-packed my things. Seonaid and I sat on the deck and sipped lemonade.
"So… what's bugging you?"
"I don't know…." I replied.
"Hun, you can tell me anything! It's ok!"
"Ok, well, I was born in Glenrothes Scotland in 1985. I am 18 years old and I am one of Scotland's premiere fiddlers. My dad died, when I was 13 years old leaving me my sister, Lila who's 20 and my mum Liza all by our lonesome."
"Wow! That's… a lot. How did your dad die or is that a touchy subject?"
"No not at all. He died in a construction accident about 5 years back. He'd always get mad whenever I would play anything but traditional Scottish music. And then I went to one of your concerts and I really got into fiddling! With front seats!"
"How ironic!" she said.
"OH! I almost forgot. I met you after the show too!" I recalled.
"I thought that I recognized you when Mitch invited you to play!"
"Yeah, funny huh?"
"Quite coincidental! Are you ready for school tomorrow?"
"I suppose…I'm a bit nervous. I'll probably be the only Scot there…"
"Oy! Well maybe you'll meet a cute guy…"
"You didn't set me up did you?"
"No!! I'm innocent! You are in orchestra are you?"
"Yes of course I am! Why wouldn't I be?"
We went in side to see how far the rest of the band had gotten. It was 9;00 I wes beat. We all got into our pajamas and went to bed. My new life had begun I just hadn't realized it…yet.


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