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a girl named ebony finds out on her fourteenth birthday that she is an unseelie fairy pincess and she has to leave her old life behind and enter a strange an dangerous new world. View table of contents...


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"Happy birthday sweetheart." I wake up to see my parents standing at the foot of my bed, their arms full of brightly wrapped boxes.
"Uggh," I manage to groan unintelligibly. "What time is it?"
"Its six thirty." My mum says happily. I look at her in barely disguised horror and she laughs. "Well I wanted to surprise you at six but your dads made me wait."
"Come on Ebony it's not every day you turn fourteen. Try to be a bit more excited." Dad drops the presents at the foot of the bed and walks up to give me a cuddle and whispers in my ear. "For your mum's sake."
I put on a big fake smile for mums benefit and start opening the presents. "Wow mum thanks just what I've always wanted." I hold up two pink dresses and a pair of skinny jeans.
"Do you think you have enough room for more clothes?" dad laughs as he looks over towards all of the clothes pouring out of my wardrobe.
"Ha ha dad." I laugh sarcastically as I start putting my presents away. I look at the time and see that its seven thirty. "It's late mum, dad I'm going to have to start getting ready for school now."
"Ok, ok we can take a hint hunny. We'll be downstairs don't take too long getting just because it's your birthday you can't be late." My dad laughs as him and mum leave me.
I quickly get ready for school putting on my new pair of skinny jeans and my favourite top, an orange silky singlet with pink flowers on it. Then I run a brush through my long black hair marvelling at how the ringlets stay perfect falling around my back and face. You think that I'd be used to the fact that no matter what I do my hairs always perfect but it still always awes me.
"Ebony hurry up or you're going to be late." At my father's yell I look at the clock and laugh shaking my head.
"Dad its only eight I still have half an hour till I have to leave for school." I yell down the stairs not even bothering to leave my room. "Besides I still have to do my makeup."
After I finish putting on my makeup I go downstairs and grab an apple for breakfast, picking up my schoolbag on my way to the door.
"Don't forget to come home strait after school Ebony, we have a surprise for you."
"Sure mum I'll come straight home." I reply. Great "I think to myself I wonder what they've got planed? I've got no friends so they can't be throwing a party, and they have no family members to invite over. I wonder what the surprise is?
The school day passes surprisingly quickly for me, I'm so lost in thought wondering what the surprise my parents have planned for me is that I don't even notice all the weird looks the other students give me. Not that I pay attention to it anyway everyone's always shooting the foster kid with the creepy black eyes strange looks, usually I just shoot them greasies back or ignore it.
When the final bell sounds I quickly pack up my school bag and rush out the door anxious to get home. I practically run all the way home the day of wondering what the surprise is, actually making me excited for whatever it is. When I get home I see a strange black car parked in the front yard. Whose here? I wonder as I walk to the door, I've never seen this car before.
"Ahh Ebony your home good." As soon as I walk in the door my dad calls out to me. "Can you come in here sweetie there's someone we want you to meet."
I walk into the lounge room to see the most handsome man that I've ever seen sitting on our couch. He's tall and muscular with jet black curls falling around his face and blood red lips. I look up to meet his eyes and with a start notice that their exactly the same as mine, as black as ebony, he looks just like we could be related, even though that's impossible all my family died before I was born. He gets up from the couch and walks over to me holding out his hands and pulls me into a tight hug. "Ebony it's so good to finally see you again."
"Again?" I manage to get out.
"Of course you were only a baby when you father had to give you over to Sue and Peter here for your protection."
At the confused look on my face he stops talking and looks over at my parents.
"We thought it would be best for her if she didn't know Fallow." My mum explains to him. "We wanted her to have as normal a life as possible before she had to leave."
At that I snap my gaze over to her and exclaim. "Leave! What on earth are you talking about mum? Leave where?"
"Why to your kingdom of course, the unseelie court." I look at the stranger named Fallow with blank eyes. What on earth is he talking about, unseelie court?
"Ebony you're an unseelie fairy princess, your father left you with us because he knew that there were plots for him to be assassinated and he didn't want you in danger." As my father explains this I just look at him in confusion is he really serious? "Now that you've turned fourteen you'll be coming into your powers and you can live with mortals anymore because you'll be a danger to them."
"Powers? I have powers? I don't feel any different, what powers am I supposed to have?"I practically demand hoping that they'll laugh and tell me this is just a joke.
"Your gift is manipulation, you can change the way people think to suit what you want without them knowing, that's why you never get detention even though you start fights at school. You've had that since you were young. We don't know what your hand of power will be yet but it will be powerful and dangerous since you take after your father so much, that's why you have to leave the mortal world behind we can't have it happen and hurt someone."
As my mum explains all this to me so seriously it starts to sink in. So this is why I'm so different to everyone else, why I fell like I never fit in, because I'm not mortal. I look at the stranger, at how similar we look and let the question blurt out. "So are you my father then?"
"No I'm your uncle, your father was assassinated shortly after he left you here." He smiles sadly as he tells me this.
"Oh, ok then."
"I know this is a lot for you to take in right now but we do have to leave."
"So soon." I cry out looking at my parents. "But I haven't packed or anything."
"Don't worry ebony we've already packed everything while you were at school, Fallow's taken them to your new home." My mum comes up and hugs me goodbye as she says this.
My father comes up too and kisses me on the forehead. "It's really for the best Ebony."
I look at my parents and smile sadly. "I'll miss you, mum, dad."
"We will too." They reply and I walk to the front door with my uncle Fallow. I look back one last time at my parent's faces trying to memorise them and then walk out the door and into my new life.


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