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Trapped In Wonderland

Novel By: cuteblondangel88
Young adult

for never too lates show me what you got contest

a modern version of alice in wonderland. a girl falls into a coma after getting hit by a car and has to find her way home through a crazy wonderland in her own mind View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 16, 2011    Reads: 101    Comments: 9    Likes: 4   

I was sixteen years old and loving my life, everything was perfect before the accident. Now I'm lost and I don't know how to get home. Every single day I can hear my family talking to me and calling my name urging me to come home, please Alice come home, but I don't know how. I fell down the deep tunnel into this hellish nothingness and I can't seem to find my way out. Sure there is a door but I am too scared to open it because I fell down the tunnel, I can look up and still see the tunnel, so the door can't be the way out. Yet I have no idea how to go back up the tunnel so I have just been sitting in this cold plain room since the accident hoping the doctors that are in the real world with my parents will figure out a way to bring me back. Studying the room going insane from the monotony of it. Its four steps across both ways and nothing to relive the stark bare bricks but the golden door.

But now everything has changed, the last day my parent's cries have become more frantic crying as they beg me to come back because the doctors are using scary words like deep coma and irreversible damage. They want my parents to pull the life support plug because they can't find a way to bring me back. I'm so scared, why did I have to step onto the road without looking? My parents want to wait they won't kill me yet but if I can't find my way home they will have to. I know I must go through the door the doctors say the longer I'm here the more chance even if I do wake up the damage will be too severe for them to fix me but I'm scared. At least this room is familiar what if through the door is worse? Yet I know I must I have waited here long enough now I have to find my own way back.

I take a deep breath and walk four steps across the room until I'm standing in front of the golden door. It's so pretty carved with vines and flowers not at all intimidating yet I hesitate with my hand held just above the handle. Fear grips me, fear of the unknown, yet I push past the fear and manage to turn the handle and push the door open. I feel my eyes widen with shock beyond the threshold is a beautiful garden filled with flowers of every colour and shape imaginable. With a few tentative steps I cross from the dank stone room into the garden.

"Oh no now she's gone and done it." I flinch in shock. Where did the voice come from? Spinning around to try to locate the voce I freeze in dismay, behind me where the door was is now more of the garden. I run around in fear trying to locate the way back but it's useless the doorway has disappeared leaving me trapped in the garden.

"I told you she should have stayed where she was." There it is again that voice.

"Well how was she to know that once she entered the garden she couldn't take the same exit?" another voice pipes in.

"Don't act like you care if you did you would have warned her before she entered the garden of illusions." A third voice chimes in its timbre remarkably higher pitched then the other two.

"Well she had to come in eventually it's the only way for her to get home, if she had of stayed in the cellar she would surely have died." The first voice replied in an indignant voice.

"And she sure took her sweet time coming here didn't she, now her times running out." The second voice chimes in again.

I look around me but can't locate where the voices could possibly be coming from so I tentatively call out. "Hello. Who's there?"

"Oh so she finally wants to talk." The first voice scoffs disdainfully.

"Oh posh don't be nasty." The third voice chides the first. "Over here dear."

Looking over where the voice comes from I still can't locate anyone. "I'm sorry but I can't see you."

"That's because you're looking too high love. Look lower." The second voice chimes in kindly.

Following the instructions I look at the ground and notice that the flowers have faces. With a gasp of shock I half collapse to sit on the ground next to the talking flowers.

"That's better now we don't have to strain to see you." I notice that the third voice is coming from a pretty purple pansy.

"If she had any manners at all she would have sat down sooner." The snobby first voice is a beautiful red rose.

"Oh just be quiet you we've had just about enough of your whining." The second voice belonging to a white daisy pipes in.

"Don't you dare tell me what to do I'm a rose. That means I'm better then you." The rose retorts.

"Be quiet or we will see how being a rose saves you if I call the caterpillar." Replies the pansy.

Instantly the rose goes quiet and turns her face away as if pouting. "I'm sorry but how are you talking?" I ask curious as to what sort of strange place I've wandered into.

"Why shouldn't we be able to talk?" asks the daisy.

"But your flowers." I exclaim.

"What are you a racist against flowers now? And here I thought you were a nice looking girl." The pansy says

"Oh no I'm not racist against flowers." I quickly interject not wanting to upset them. "It's just where I come from flowers don't talk."

"Why do you think the same rules apply here as in your world? You're not home anymore you're in wonderland." Replies the daisy.

"Wonderland? Why am I here and do you know how I can get home?" I ask.

"Now there's the first smart thing she's asked since she got here." Pipes in the rose.

"I said be quiet you." Threatens the pansy. "Why you fell down the tunnel."

"Yes I know that but why?" I ask.

"Where else did you expect to find yourself if you fall down a tunnel?" Asks the daisy.

This question stops me in my tracks. Where else did I expect to find myself? "I just want to go home can you help me?" I ask.

"We could but it's much more entertaining for you to figure it out for yourself." Says the daisy.

"You just have to walk until you find the golden door." The pansy says kindly.

"The one I came through?" I ask "But that makes no sense. It just leads back to the cellar and its disappeared."

"It disappeared to a new location so that you have to search to find it. You can't leave your own mind unless you explore it."

"My own mind but I thought this was wonderland?" I ask confused.

"What's more of a wonderland then the inside of your own mind?" the pansy replies sounding a bit smug.

"So this is all a figment of my own imagination?" I ask.

"No it's quite real and I suggest you hurry before your parents decide to pull the plug." The daisy says.

"But where do I find the door?" I ask starting to get frustrated.

"Why you have to look for it, here there and everywhere." The pansy replies.

"I suggest you hurry up." Chimes in the rose. "And I mean now."

"You don't have to be so nasty." The daisy retorts.

"I'll be as nasty as I want to be." The rose replies.

Seeing that I've got all the information from the curious flowers that I will I decide to start looking. But what way to start? I look around me but every way looks the same so closing my eyes I spin in a circle and start walking in the direction I stop in, the voices of the flowers fading the further I walk.


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