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So this is Us

Novel By: Daga
Young adult

A girl recalls her middleschool life and current life, realizing it's near graduation. View table of contents...



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So this is Us

It was scary, hundreds of kids flooded into the small auditoriumeager to hear the principals words. The first day of middle school. Len and Carm were there so that's where I sat. We heard Mr. Layne's speech and then went to our classes. Eventually my social circle had grown to include many people, Len and Carm, Nichole, Leslie, Anne,Drew,Ken, Tari, and all their friends too. Tari and I had music together, we mostly goofed around though, getting snacks and listening to our mp3's.Ken was gonna get a tattoo of a dragon on his back,like his dad he said. Me and Nichole had been friends since we were nine, and Anne had known me since we were eleven.

Me and Anne, we explored downtown alot after getting cell phones and being allowed to ride the bus. We'd go all across town just to eat Carl's Jr or Wendys instead of our usual taco bell; we even went in the middle of blizzards. Her blonde hair would shine in the sun as we walked. The park was our favorite though. We played on the swings, going as high as we could, and ran to the playground to see if we could get stuck in the slide. During the summer we played in the fountains downtown to cool off. We made it the spot for "purples" pleople who weren't people persons,that were also random or odd. That was our little group.

That summer, before 7th grade, I met John. He was a grade above me and sat in the back of the school bus to smoke with friends. I knew some of them but not him,him we called mop for his thick long hair. I'd never really seen his face, but I'd seen him watching me throughout the year. At the end of the yearI'd asked around but finally it'd been Anne who'd gotten his number.

That night we txted him. The three of us decided we would meet at the library the next day and that John could bring his friend Eli. Anne and I waited and waited for them to show up just to find that they'd gotten lost. The streets were flooded with light as we walked, laughing, toward where we assumed the two of them were lost. At the light we stopped; a mob of lady bugs was swarming around a light post and two people across the street. It was them. We had a fun day and after that I decided to introduce John to my best guy friend, Zane. I left John with Anne and set off to get Zane, thinking of how fun it would be to have four of us rather than three. I never would have guesses what happened next.

When we got back to Annes' street the attacks began. John commented on Zanes awkwardness an laughed. Zane, having a rather short temper, attacked physically. Before we even knew what happened me and Anne were on the curb watching in awe as tall, skinny Zane, chased the average, rounder John up and down the street. He bore newspapers, his weapons of choice to throw at John as the flew. After many rounds we decided it was time to go. I escorted the two guys to the park where they kept fighting untill I made them stop. After that it was always either Anne, Zane, and me or Anne, John and me. we spent our days mainly at her house or wandering around that summer and into the school year.


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