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The Mental Child

Novel By: DarkAngel13
Young adult

Bree is a fourteen year old girl who recently escaped from the mental institute she was living in. she has spent most of her life living in a hospital. her hallucinations are so bad that she acts on them. bringing danger to her life. she is about to finally get discharged when her mother dies in a car crash and there is no remaining family to take Bree. leaving her to live in the mental institure for life. but she decides quickly that she will not live like that. she creates a plan and escapes the mental institute. she is the first to do so and the first to never look back. when she comes to a town in a different state she is found by a widowed woman who has three children already. as Bree lives with this new family she becomes close to them. but as time goes on judgement, pranks, rumors, lies, and drama surround Bree and her new family's life. they are left to struggle with dealing with the people of the town while also becoming a stronger family. View table of contents...


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I waited silently. The clock ticked slowly, but for some reason I could hear each tick and tock as if it was a loud bell ringing in my ear. It was almost time. Almost time for my freedom. I stare at the doctors and medical staff passing by my room in the hallways. They are very unaware of what I am about to do. Good. They dont need to be in my business anyways. I have lived in this mental institute in California state for almost my whole life. I have never seen the outside world and I hate being here. I was going to finally be discharged into the world again. But as my mother came to rescue me. She was apart of a lethal car crash with a drunk driver. I was informed that there was no other family for me and I would have to stay in the institute for life or until someone can take care of me. But I'm not gonna go down like that. Oh no. I'm gonna have full say now. Me and me only.

I tightened the laces on my old torn up shoes. I tucked my long, straight black hair into myhood over my head and straightened my gown.I hated the medical gowns here. They were itchy and gross. I ignored the gown and continued on.I pressed my body up against the cold, bare, white wall and stayed out of sight of the hallway staff. I took a final last look at the bare walls of my room. You will not be missed, I whispered to myself. I counted to three slowly. One.....two......three.,BAM! The whole building was quickly filled with the loud horns and tonesof the security system.I waited as all the doctors and medical staff flocked towards the end of the hall to fiddle with the cord system to turn the alarm off.

Now was my one and onlychance. I ran. I ran down the white hospital halls as fast as I could. I made several turns and went down four staircases. I was out of breath but kept running for fear of being caught and having to stay here any longer. I was gonna run until my heart stopped beating.The alarm rang and rang as I wieved my way through the hallways and staircases. Passing patients bedrooms, offices, medical rooms, white padded rooms for the out of control, and many many white walls that were completely bare other than the few paintings they just recently decided to hang up. Even though they have had the art for months.I saw them open the packages when the mail man brought it in.

I finally came to my exit. A huge steel door that led to the outside world.I slammed my body into the door and turned the knob, expecting it to open. But to my dismay, its was locked and wouldnt open. Dammit!! I yelled punching the door and growing angry. All this hard work for nothing. I had to get out. I just had to.Even if I did go back,they would sedate me with needles and drug me up for weeks while keeping me in the straight jacket.I heard the voicesof the security guards and some of my medical staff running hard down the steps.I heard them calling my name.

Bree! Bree!! Come back! You know you cant leave! they shouted getting louder by the second.

I began to panic. What should I do? What could I do? I franticly searched for another exit.I ran down another set of hallways and came to several windows.I couldnt break the windows. They were plexi glass. I hit a window with my fist out of deep frustration. I was done for. I knew it. I sighed in deep frustration and anguish when I realized that the window had cracked from the blow of my fist. I pressed my fingers to the window. Glass, I realized growing some hope. I quickly grabbed a chair and bashed it into the window. I removed the sharp pieces that could hurt me when I leave and began to throw myself through the window. No! someone shouted grabbing my ankles as I was halfway out. I kicked the man in the face with my other foot and fell through the window to the ground. I jumped up and recoverd quickly. Running towards the fences and lunging myself over them.

Once off of the institute's property I took a short rest and breather. I breathed in, then out. I silently snuck onto a bus and stayed silent for alot of the ride.I didnt know where I was going.But I didnt want to get off until I knew I was far far away from someone being able to find me.

When I finally got off the bus I was in a smalltown uknown to me and it was late into the night. The wind blew hard. Tangling my hair into a big mess. As I walked around, it began to rain. I ran as fast as I could. Searching for a near by shelter.The water pounded on my head and drenched me til I couldnt be any wetter. I finally came across a big red barn and threw myself inside shutting the door. I looked around. It was a smelly barn and had four horses, twelve chickens, and three pigs. I enjoyed the company of the animals for awhile until I finally fell asleep in oneof the stalls with a horse as he ate his hay.

Morning came, and came with a loud thunderous noise. I squinted my eyes as I realized it was a new day and someone was pounding on my stall door.I breathed slowly as comb my fingers through my straight hair. Looking up at a tall woman in her late thirties.

Morning sunshine, she said in a sweet southern accent.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me up. I was surprised she had not tried to call the police or chase me off her property.I was a bit supsicious of her random kindness. But I didnt complain.Instead she took me into her house and made me a most delicious breakfast and read me the comics out of the newspaper. When I was done she allowed me to take a shower. As I washed up I wondered who this woman was. I especially wondered why she was being so nice. She doesnt know my name, she doesnt know where I'm from, and she found me in her barn trespassing and instead of turning me in, she feeds and showers me? I could barely believe this. I guess I will just wait and see what happens, I agreed to myself.

When the shower was done Istared at myself blankly in the mirror.I was wrapped in a towel and my hair was plasterd to my palewhiteface.I wiped the steam from the mirror and counted the freckles on my face. I loved my freckles. Always have. I believe that it is my greatest physical feature.

Where you from? the woman asked as I joined her on the couch in the living room.

New York, I lied.

Why are you not there? She asked holding a stare.

Because I'm a street kid, I've been homeless for like six years, I lied again and even harder.

You got a place to stay?she asked me.

No, I replied.

She ran her fingers through my hair. Twisting her fingers into my hair and tangling the fingers and hair together.She gently pulled and stared at me as if she was in some kind of a trance. I wondered deeply what she was thinking.

Well you can stay with me and my children, She finally said. My eyes grew wide at this. Was this woman really inviting me to stay with her family?I was very taken off guard and couldnt think of anything to say. Finally I managed to speak.

I couldnt, I lied.

You can and you will. You will help us with chores and stay in my oldest daughters bedroom with her. She has two beds, she informed me.

I thought for a moment about what was going on. So I can stay? I said aloud but the woman didnt respond. She knew that I already knew the answer to that. I pondered a little longer. Trying to decide if this could endanger this woman and her family.Then I realized that Ididnt care. I just wanted a place to stay. So I accepted her invitation out of full and entire greed. I probably wouldnt be here long enough to cause any trouble anyways.

I have a question, I interupted the woman as she was about to speak.


What is your name? I asked fiddling with my thumbs.

She smiledwith a laugh. Tonya, she said flashing a bright grin.

You will meet the other children when they get home from school, Tonya told me.

I was delighted about this current information. I have never seen any people or children ever in my life. Of courseother than the mental children at the hospital. And they are always sedated or to our of control to say anything to. I was really excited to see what real children looked like. Would they be like me? No never. I shook my head in disgust.I am a monster. A monster that needs to keep her monstrous secret from her new temporary family. But still. I was excited about meeting real people and seeing how they actually live and function. I just couldnt wait.

I nearly jumped when I realized what time it was. I dozed off into a coma a little while earlier on the couch. I had no idea where Tonya was but I knew what I did hear. I looked at the clock. Three thirty. I looked out the window and saw a big yellow school bus pulling over towards the end of the gravel driveway and opening its doors to let out my new house mates with back packs strapped to their backs and cell phones in their hands.Well will you look at the normals, I thought smiling as I stared in wonder at the normal human beings I have never seen before. Just look at them.

* * ** *

Back at the hospital. Dr. Ronald entered the building to work with a happy smile. He was excited to finally return to work after a month long vacation. He was the kind of man who loved his job and everything about. He didnt really want the vacation, but took it anyways to make his employees stop hasling him about a break.He entered his office and flipped on the computer screenas he hummed happily.

Dr.Ronald? one of the medical staff, Ryan called.

Yes Ryan? Dr.Ronald called.

We, uh.......Have some terrible news, He mumbled staring deep into nothing.

But Dr.Ronald heard his mumbleloud and clear. He lost his humming and turned to his fellow employee. He was nervous and counting his blessings. The last time he recived bad news from a medical staff, it was that a patient had died. So he was eager to hear what Ryan had to say.

Go on, Dr. Ronald urged.

Well uh....you see sir--- Ryan hesitated to speak. He was nervous and scared.

Spit it out son! Dr. Ronald finally interjected.

We lost a patient, Ryan spat out quickly. He breathed out the breath he was holding in and sighed in relief.

What do you mean exactly? Dr. Ronald asked not really wanting to hear the answer.

Bree Mckenzie, Has escaped sir. -----Ryan hesitated to say the next sentence. The mental child, Has escaped, Ryan said kinda of slow so the doctor could hear.

Oh dear, Dr. Ronaldexclaimed falling dizzily to the floor. He was a very old man and didnt take well to bad news.

He knew this was bad. This was much worse than a patient dying. Atleast if Bree was dead she wouldnt be out alone. The doctor knew the consequences to this. His facility could shut down if she was not found. She could die and the blood would be on the doctors hands. Or worse.......Bree could come across regular people and corrupt them. The doctor shuddered at that thought.

Doctor? Dr.Ronald are you ok? Doctor can you hear me?Ryan asked nervouslyas he helped the doctor up.

Call security, replied theold man.

What? Ryan asked again not sure if he heard the doctor right.

Tell them to find some people to help go out and search for Bree. And whatever you do Ryan, Make sure the press or the law does not get wind of this. We have to bring the child back alive before someone finds out she is gone, the doctor ordered of Ryan. Ryan pondered this urgent news but quickly decided not to argue.

Right away sir, He replied rushing off to tell the news and begin the search party.

Once Ryan left, The doctor struggled over to the window to see the day. He knew this was terrible. He never in his life thought a patient could escaped. The only thing the doctor could think of now, Was finding Bree and bringing her back alive without anyone finding out.

We have to find that child, Thought the doctor to himself. We must find her.


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