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Caged Affection

Novel By: dclovesfd
Young adult

Caged Affection

Co-author's page: http://www.booksie.com/sparrow01

Caged Affection is about Melanie, a half blood witch whose mother was murder by vampires when she was eight. She goes through everyday life trying to keep this secret. The only person that knows about it is her best friend, Katie. She feels alone and unwanted by the world. She meets a vampire, Bryce, who was betrayed by the only person he has ever loved He feels cold and empty with nowhere and no one to see. He only has himself and his to keep him happy. But when he and Melanie do meet, there is something there…something confusing, exciting, something that makes them more happy than they have been in a long time. Despite the fact that they are supposed to hate each other, they can’t come to making themselves do so. However, when they both realize how dangerous their situation really is, there is only one thing they can do. Through secrets they both discover, hidden pasts and new found loves, they feel like birds in a cage. No matter how much they want to fly, something stops them. Will Bryce keep Melanie safe, and will they finally understand what has brought them together? View table of contents...


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Caged Affection

Chapter One

It was time to close up the bar and grille for the night. This was probably my favorite part of the day. After all the hard work, dealing with customers and my employees, this part of the day was the most satisfying. The grille was the only good thing that had come from my miserable existence and the only thing that brought me some sliver of happiness.

I checked the kitchen over to make sure the workers had left it exactly the way it should be. When I found the faucet was left running, I let out a groan and turned off the water. Okay, so maybe I was a bit of a control freak when it came to how my grille was ran, but it was exactly that…my grille. The money spent on this wasted water was coming out of someone's pay check and it certainly wasn't mine.

Walking out of the kitchen, I checked the rest of the grille. Everything else seemed to be in order. There was just one thing keeping me from going home. Shaking my head, I walked to the front door and looked at Jack as he slept in the chair with his arms across his chest, which was rising slightly with his deep breaths. His hat covered his eyes and I reached out to flick my finger over the side of the brim. I watched with a low chuckle as my bouncer, for all intents and purposes, jerked out of his sleep.

"Ah, shit, I'm up!" Jack looked around with confusion and sleep still in his eyes. He looked up at me and I snorted before turning to head for the back door.

"What the hell am I going to do with you?" I muttered under my breath, thinking if I could have any friend, it would be Jack.

"Sorry, boss - late night."

"Do I even want to know?" I asked, peering over my shoulder. The look on Jack's face explained it all. Closing my eyes for a moment, I focused on keeping my frustration locked up inside me. I was tired and I didn't feel like arguing at the moment. "What have I told you, man? I don't care what you do during the hours you're off the clock; just don't let it affect how you are when you're on the clock."

A sheepish grin spread on Jack's face, but he nodded his head. "Will do, boss man."

Returning his nod, I waited for him to walk out the door. I followed him out and locked the door. Before we turned for our own cars, I stopped and faced the man. "Hell, I can't think straight right now; do you know who was supposed to do the closing shift in the kitchen?"

Jack's eyebrow popped up. He knew the tone of my voice. Someone's ass was going to get kicked and a dock out of their paycheck. He was sure Jack was just glad it wasn't him. "Uh, yeah, I think it was Butch."

My hands balled into fists and I nodded once again, remembering the schedule I'd made the week before.

"Right," it seemed like Butch and I would be having a talk tomorrow. "See you tomorrow…awake and alert," I made sure to speak clear so that Jack could hear me as we went to our cars.

Unlocking the door to my black Mustang, I got in the car with a satisfied smirk. I take back my earlier thought; this damn car brought me plenty of happiness too. Turning over the ignition, I revved the engine and listened to it purr. As I took off down the street, the side of my mouth turned up in a grin.

Fifteen minutes later, I was going up the elevator to my apartment. The place I stayed at was quiet and I liked it that way. My neighbors were either old or just didn't get out much. Jack always questioned my choice of living space, saying I should pick a place that will be more accepted by "the chicks." If only the man knew how completely unnecessary his antics were. Of course, Jack would never understand what I preferred.

Where I was from, things were a lot simpler. A man went out and worked his trade that he'd been preparing for all his early years. When he found that one special woman, he'd court her until he could work up the nerve to ask her father for her hand in marriage. Then, if things worked out, he'd live the rest of his days working to support his young wife and hopefully, a family.

Dropping my keys on the table by the front door, I made my way to the bathroom that angled off my bedroom, stripping my shirt off on the way. Standing in front of the mirror, I looked at myself with disgust. My hair was a dark black that actually commented my tanned skin. I leaned forward and looked at my face more closely, peering at myself with my own sea-blue irises. I'd never taken the time to look at myself before and now as I actually did, I remembered why. I quickly closed my eyes.

That simple life had been the one I'd dreamed of for myself, and when I'd met Rebecca all those one hundred and two years ago, I believed for a time that I'd get what I'd dreamed of. But with one simple betrayal, Rebecca had turned my dreams to ash.

Now that I thought about it, I realized that today was my birthday of sorts, the day Rebecca forever altered my life by changing me into a vampire. The bitch, I thought and growled low in my chest, my fangs showing as my lips peeled back. "Happy fucking birthday to me," I muttered with disgust.

With a heavy sigh, I took off the rest of my clothes and got in the shower, hoping to clean off the feelings that Rebecca had left me with. Even now, I couldn't get the bad taste out of my mouth.

When I felt somewhat clean, I didn't bother with getting dried or dressed. I just walked back to my bedroom and plopped my ass on the bed, staring at the shadows crossing the ceiling. All too soon, the memory of that day plagued my thoughts and I groaned. Here I had been wishing for some rest. Shit, it wasn't fair that vampires didn't ever sleep. There was nothing I could do but let the memory take over.


With Rebecca in my arms, I was complete. I had been a little shocked when she walked over and straddled my lap, dragging the tips of her fingers across my collar bone till she wrapped her arms around my neck. But as the heat of her skin touched mine, I lost all thought. My hands traveled down until they grasped her perfectly sized hips. Our lips met and she pushed at my mouth with the tip of her moist tongue, her round breasts pressing firmly against my chest. I let her in and as soon as I did, it seemed like she was all over me, inside and out. She pressed the apex of her thighs against my throbbing groin and even through our clothes, I could feel and imagine her wet heat tightening around me. My eyes rolled back with the pleasure she was bringing me. The kiss broke and I forced myself to gasp for air. This woman was almost too much for me and I loved every minute of it. She laid a fiery trail of kisses down my jaw till she got to my ear.

"You are mine from now until forever, Bryce." That was when I felt the sting of pain on my neck and two drops of blood trailed down to my shoulder. I didn't have time to react before the darkness took me under.


I jerked my mind out of the past and into the present, or tried to anyways. When I had woken up that night, I was too weak to comprehend where I was or what had happened. All I could sense or feel was the need for some kind of relief for my intense hunger and she didn't hesitate to allow me a few drops of her vampire blood, affectively changing me forever.

I grunted and rolled over on the bed, hoping the day would come soon so I could get back to my grille.

Bryce Laisrén


Rebecca Donovan


Jack Steele


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