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Novel By: dclovesfd
Young adult

Her face still held the round child like features that mine lacked in every form. For thirteen years old, she was lucky to be alive. I had only made it to nine years before the Slavdin Officers had found me and stuck me in this hell hole. The Slavdin House, 2000 miles off the coast of Florida.
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Chapter 1

The darkness closes in, shadows creeping slowly up the walls. The sound of dripping water echoes in my ears. For once everything was more silent than it had been in months. I stared blankly at the cold brick wall to the left of me sitting on the floor. For a brief second the moon light shined into the room and all in the same second disappeared behind the dark almost black clouds. It was difficult to see if anyone else was awake in the room. Of course who could sleep in such a place, but trying to sleep was better than nothing.
I breathed slowly outwards seeing the light fog that formed in front of my face. I pulled my thin blanket up causing it to come off of my feet. I desperately tried to make myself smaller with no such luck. I heard a cough come from the left of me.
"Whose awake?" I whispered into the darkness. After a moment I was done waiting for a response, but as I turned my head back to look at the wall another voice whispered back.
"Ashlee" The voice was high pitched, quiet and I recognized it.
Ashlee had been brought in only two months before.
"Come over here, lets share blankets." I whispered reaching a hand out.
"Feel around for my hand."
After another few moments I felt a cold, small hand grab onto mine. I slowly pulled the girl over to me. I scooted over against the wall I had been looking at she Ashlee scooted against my side, combining our blankets we huddled together.
"Its not as dark over here." Ashlee whispered looking up at the window above our heads.
"Yeah, that's why I stay over here." I said looking over at her. She was small framed, but still had some baby fat. Her face still held the round child like features that mine lacked in every form. For thirteen years old, she was lucky to be alive. I had only made it to nine years before the Slavdin Officers had found me and stuck me in this hell hole. The Slavdin House, 2000 miles off the coast of Florida.
I wondered how Ashlee had been taken. Had she been found on the streets like me, or had she been ripped from her family and friends. Never to be heard or seen from again. Like Cadence.
Ashlee leaned her head onto my shoulder, and I leaned my head against the top of her dark brown haired head and slowly drifted to sleep…

As if I even belong here.
I thought as my father paced the room with a bottle of Scotch in his right hand, boredly taking a swig out of it every few moments.
"You must have some concern of the matter." Lady Becket said from the corner of the room.
"Or no concern at all." I said under my breath and my father glared at me as he made another round across the room.
"Honestly I think Garrett has no place in this conversation. Like I said he might have a change of heart." My father said his lips pulling up at the corners.
I grimaced which caused him to chuckle.
"I think I am man enough to handle my own cell blocks with out your drunken input." I said crossing my arms. As my father opened his mouth, most likely ready to yell at me Lady Becket raised her hand interrupting.
"Now, Master Veron, Master Garrett isn't a little boy anyone. He is twenty years old. I think he is plenty mature to handle his cell blocks on his own now."
My father took a breath inwards and took another swig from the bottle.
"Fine, but if he fucks this up. Its not on me."
My father set the bottle on the table between the two leather couched in the room.
Lady Becket sighed walked over and set a hand on my shoulder. She was pretty, in a former chamber maiden way. She had short dark hair that barely went passed her small ears. Her skin olive toned, her eyes narrow and dark brown. She was well shaped. She took a slight fancy to me although she was nearly thirty-three years old. I could not care any less about her. I made no effort of thanking her, instead making my way out of the room into the hallway.
"Master Garrett! There's an.. Issue, going on in the dining hall" Lady Parish said walking vastly up to me.

"You bitch." Katherine said from her spot in front of me. Her pixie cut black hair in a messy.
"Me? I'm the bitch? Oh we'll see about that." I said reaching a hand out pushing her back against the wall. The other girls stood around us some of them nagging us on, others just standing quietly watching.
Katherine swung, her left fist hitting the side of my head. I quickly swung back hitting her dead in her face as she swung and hit me in my nose I proceeded to grab as much of her hair as I could but before I could pull the room was suddenly to quiet.
"Everyone back the hell up!"
I was being pulled from Katherine and thrown back. Standing between us was Master Garrett, his face angry.
"You! Go back to your table." He pointed at Katherine. Then pointed at me.
"You. Come with me. Now."
I put my hands in the air.
"She started the damn thing!"
Master Garrett groaned and grabbed my wrist pulling me through the dining hall. A few moments later I was thrown into a room, and he walked in closing the door behind him.
"What's your name?" He asked glaring at me.
"Your mean what's my number?" I hissed, and suddenly his hand made contact with my face.
"Paisley. Sir." I said looking at him. He ran a hand through his shaggy light blonde hair.
"What was that down there?"
I shrugged, honestly I had no idea. Guess both of us were just itching for a fight. Or maybe just I was… I smiled at that.
"Well since you aren't going to tell me. I might as well just find a punishment for you right now."
I frowned.
"Oh! But Katherine doesn't…"
Master Garrett lifted his hand in warning.
"Sorry. Master Garrett."
"Now, what should I do about you." He said putting one of his warm soft fingers under my chin tilting it up to look into his dark green eyes.
I need not open my mouth to suggest something, knowing Master Garrett he would most likely give me something ten times worse than anything I could come up with…
He ran a hand through his hair again thinking, walking over to a table looking down at the table. He then slowly lifted his head and a small grin formed on his face. I suddenly felt sick to my stomach.
He walked over to me.
"Don't move." He said and I could feel the tension in the air.
"I'm not afraid of you." I said without thinking. And he smiled almost amused. Without a word, his hand made contact with my face, several times before I was knocked to the ground. Closing my eyes covering my face with my hands, I held in my screams with each blow of his foot to my back…
After a few minutes the pain stopped and I just lay on the floor, handing covering my tear soaked face. One of hands was ripped from my face and I was pulled up from the ground. Master Garrett's fingers forced my face up to look at him.
"Maybe next time you'll think about what you try to get anyway with. Paisley."
My jaw set, my face expressionless yet tear covered, I nodded. Looking into his dark, violent eyes all I wanted was to put him in his misery…
"Now. Lets get you back to your cell." He said grabbing the elbow of my left arm. I fought my want to pull away from him. As we walked back down the hall and down the stairs the darker it got. The sun was beginning to set already and everyone was being locked into their cells. Which contained anywhere from five to twenty girls in each cell. When we stopped at the large metal and concrete door to the stairs of my cell. Master Garrett stopped and turned towards me, I felt numb as he lifted a hand brushing a gnarled spiral of dark red hair behind my right ear. Opening the door he motioned me down the stairs. He stood at the top watching me walk down into the cell. When I reached the bottom, before I heard the door close I heard a soft whisper say,
"Stay strong, Darling. "


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