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Chasing Kallen

By: Deathstix

Chapter 1, Barbara gets a job as a photographer in a fashion company called \"Rebel.\" There, a handosme but annoying model- Kallen- treats her like he wishes. Ok, I suck at summaries but this is a novel filled with love, betrayal,and JEALOUSY!

A short man with a straight, clean face and a nice suit leaned close to Barbara with a serious look as he asked her questions, "You are 21."

"Yes, sir."

"By the look of it you rated top in your photography class during your years at Levua University, correct?"

"That's correct, sir." Barbara clumsily pulled out a folder from her bag next to her, accidentally spilling the contents on the red floor,  "Oh, I'm sorry!" The man sigehd heavily and buried his face in his hands. "Uh, heres a few, uh, pictures I took when I was in class." The man snatched th pictures and examined each one with a tight mouth and a slight nod, " Your good. We want people like you (but, with better loooks) to work here." He threw them back at her and dialed a few numbers on his phone which lay on his glass desk before him, "Stacey? Call the "Hotty'." he hung up quickly and, taking out an expensive black perfume bottle from his desk, sprayed it on himself in huge quantities. "'H-Hotty'?" Barbara asked uncomfortably as she shifted in her seat with a worried look.

"Well, yes. See, "Hotty' is short for 'Kallen Hanzter'."


The short man dropped the bottle he was holding and reached out fo Barbara rapidly, "Don't tell me you don't know who Kallen is." Barabar fearfully shook her head and watched as the individual in front practically began to yell, " Kallen Hanzter is the #1 hottest male model in our industry. He's the diamond on a gold $10,003,567 Tiffany ring! Without him, 'Rebel' will be nothing but ruins!!"With a quick, terrified glance up, the man whispered in a low voice, "He's coming, I hear his footsteps! You get over there in that corner and act normal. Don't move or say anything unless instructed to."

The short man rushed to the door and opened it with a flamboyant expression on his face. As he waited for Kallen to enter, Barbara couldn't help but wonder what was it about this 'Kallen' that drove everyone insane. Her nerves began to build up and sudenly exploded when a man entered the office.

He was tall, about 6'5" with a skinny pale body and a thin, clean face. The man's lips seemed smooth and his hazel eyes scanned the room with a strict glare around. His hair (which was straight and black) matched perfectly with the elaborate punk outfit he wore. Barbara's eyes widened at how handsome this being was that her mouth widened and the saliva, unintentionally, rose to her mouth.

"Jessy, you called me right in the middle of my shoot. This better be good." The short man named Jessy nervously fixed his tie and pointed to Barbara who fidgeted with her brown, paper bag. Kallen gave a look of disgust and continued in his seductive, Brittish accent, "What is that."

'That', Kallen, is your new photographer. She'll be working with you starting tomorrow." The model smirked at Barabara who seemed astonished at not only getting the job, but also being able to work with a hot male. "She won't last, " He chcukled with a rude glance at Barbara, "She know nothing about fashion or I doubt has even put make-up once." Jessy tried to calm his model down with a soothing voice " At least she's not like the other 4 you had before. She's...different."

"Oh, I know she's different." At this, Barbara shot up from her seat and bit her lower, chapped lip nervously, " I-I may not look like an expert at all, but, I am. Just give me a chance to show it."

Jessy gave Kallen the puppy eyes who, in turn, crackd his knuckles and sighed heavily, "You need to educate yourself first, girl. A photographer who knows nothing about their model is worthless." With that, the grand model turned and left the room. As the tensions and anxiety slowly dissapeared, Jessy turned as well and walked back to his desk quietly. Barabra, who felt bad for talking when not instructed to, started to apologize heavily, "I'm so sorry, i should'nt have spoken, it's just-!"



"You did a good thing. I'm actually suprised that you would talk up to a man like him." Barbara fixed her glasses with a small smile, "Really? Wow."

"See, Kallen is the stubborn type and -I'm sorrry to say- you're going to have to put up with that for a long while." The photographer nodded and kept a mental note of that, "He said," she began, "That I should be 'educated'. What exactly does that mean?" Jessy shrugged with a small laugh, "Isn't it obvious? He wants you to know about him first before you start your job. A photographer or whatever has got to know about the model or you'll be lost." Barbara nodded with a determined look in her eye, " So, it's just like pressing 'Google' right?"


"N-never mind." The geeky photographer began to thank Jessy and leave, but he stopped her halfway out the door. "Are you married?"

"Excuse me?"

"Are. You. Married."

"No...I mean," Barbara swallowed and began to slowly drift away into her own world, "He hasn't asked me to marry yet, but he must sooner or later because he likes me, right?...He...he has too..he said so when he asked to live with me. But, words are useless without action," The woman's eyes popped out of her head, "He's never kissed me though we've been going out for 5 years. He's never once told me he loves me, just 'I like you'. He's never invited me anywhere except at his work so I could help him woth his papers. he's-"

"Probably using you" Jessy finished as a matter-of-factly and watched as Barbara's eyes swelled up with tears, "I thought he thought me pretty." Jessy, who had become involved in this issue whioch he had no business of intruding upon, asked for a picture of Barbara's boyfriend. She wiped her eyes and handed one she kept well protected in her worn out wallet. After half a second, Jessy gave it back with a shake of his head, "Oh, honey. He's using you."

The photographer wailed at this and was asked to leave his office. "Don't forget!" a high voice said behind her, "Research him ot your out!" Barbara, with tears in her eyes, nodded and closed the door sobbing.


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