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A Love That's Real

Novel By: Dee Nicole
Young adult

This is a urban story of how love conquers all, filled with drama and certain things that you can relate to. The main characters are Qway, who dreams of playing professional basketball and swears off girls in an attempt to fulfill his dream. Until he meets Brielle, a teen mother with a past that still haunts her to this day. View table of contents...


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A Love That's Real By: Danielle G

Chapter 1: Qway

It is the first day of school during my senior year at Brown-Murray High, a ghetto-fabulous school, inadvertently known for its disreputableness. It just doesn't have a history of below average test scores, but it has a long, notorious history of scandal as well. Everything has happened at this school from major drug busts and gang violence, to shootings and lockdowns, and even illicit student-teacher relationships. Brown-Murray isn't necessarily one of the worst schools in Louisington and it isn't one of the best either, but it is hard to tell because of how it's constantly been depicted in the media. I think it's messed up how the negative events always get more attention than the positive ones. It's rare to ever hear about the good things, like the different philanthropy donation fundraisers and sports' team winning championships. I can't blame society though as a reputation like that would probably scare most people off, but not me. I know this perhaps isn't the best school choice for me, but everybody in my family has gone to school here, and I want to keep the tradition going. Plus NBA great, Clark Smith, attended high school here. I know if he can get recruited from here, I can too!

My first three years at Brown-Murray High were not the best. They were filled with many ups and downs. I experienced all the things that teenagers normally go through in high school: love, heartache, depression, rebelliousness, popularity, stress from home and school, among other things. It was a lot to deal with, but fortunately enough, I was able to endure it all. I can honestly say that everything I been through did help shape me into the person I am today. I learned a lot and I am determined to make sure that this year is going to be different from my previous three years of high school. I am going to do things differently and not get caught up with girls and all that other stuff. I'm going to stay away from any and all kinds of bullshit. I'm just going to focus on my grades and basketball so I can get into a good college. I'm not going to let my grades slip so bad to the point where I would have a 1.3 GPA. After all, I have dreams of going pro while playing basketball in college. If this is going to work, I'm going to have to graduate from high school with better grades than Steven Hawking. I'm going to do whatever it takes for me to be a top recruit to one of the best college basketball teams in the country. It's going to be a stretch, but I know it's something I can accomplish.

I never really been excited about school or the start of a new school year, but today is different. This is going to be my year. I walk through the double doors of Brown-Murray High with a renewed sense of hope. I stood there in the middle of the hallway, taking everything in. I watch as other students reunite with old friends, while some are already making new ones. I see some teachers standing in the hallway conversing with other teachers. I see some new faces mixed in with the crowd of old faces from earlier years. I begin walking down the beige and orange colored hallway to search for a more familiar face.

"What's up, Q?" a boy greets me as I walk past him.
"What's up, man?" I respond, stopping to dab his fist. "You hoopin' this year?"
"Naw, man. I can't. My knee is still messed up." he answers.
"Damn, that's messed up. We gonna need you on the team this year, too." I respond. The boy just shrugs his shoulders and I continue walking.
"Hey, Qway." a group of girls say in unison.

"Hey, ladies." I smile. "Y'all looking good today."
I hear the group of girls start squealing because of that compliment.
"Girrrl! He is just too fine!" I hear one of them say.
"I know! He really is!" I hear another girl agree.
"And he smells so good!" a third girl comments. I can't help but laugh to myself at their conversation.

Halfway down the hallway, I see two of my best friends, Lazar and Miles, standing at some random lockers.
"My brothas!" I greet, walking up to them.
"'Sup, Q?" Miles says, slapping my hand.
"Wat's good, Q?" Lazar responds, pounding my fist.
"I'm smooth." I reply, posting up against the lockers as well.
"You kno Coach Johnson is doing' an open gym today instead of havin' tryouts?" Lazar asks.
"I don't even blame him." I say. "We lost most of the squad last year because everybody graduated. He's probably tryna get an early start to make sure this year's team is as good as last year."
"Yeah, true. But you kno we gonna be his go-to guys, 'specially since Romell can't play dis year." Lazar adds.
"These chicks is what's really up, mane." Miles states, changing the subject. "Yeah, if you wanna catch a charge or sumtin." Lazar sarcastically jokes.
"I got on my green so I just might get lucky this year, guys." Miles states.
"How is you wearing green gonna help you get girls?" I ask, confused.
"Easy." Miles explains. "'Cuz green is the color of luck, right? So if I wear green all the time, it's bound to bring me some better luck at getting the girls.
I exchange glances between him and Lazar. The expression on Miles's face let me know that he is serious. Lazar just busts out laughing, dismissing Miles's theory completely.
"I don't think it works like that, Miles." I disagree.
"I just hope yo' whole wardrobe ain't green." Lazar says, in between laughs.
I nudge Lazar with my elbow. "I don't think it will really be a good look for you, man."
"Hey, Lazar." a girl in a tight skirt says, walking past us with a smile.
"Wat's up, cutie?" Lazar responds, nodding his head. "Aye, where you goin' wit all dat, girl?" He watches as the girl slowly makes her way down the hallway. I see her turn around and wink.
Lazar turns to us. "I'll be right back." he announces before following after the girl.
Miles' mouth drops and he looks as if someone just told him he is going to be the next 40 year old virgin. "See, that's what I'm talkin' bout, mane! You're always wearing red, and Lazar's always wearing blue. And you both get all the girls!" Miles protests. "So why can't I wear green?"
"Lazar and I do that because that's our thing. You just needa find your thing and it'll help you get the girls." I try to explain. "Wearing certain colors isn't what will help get you girls. It's your swag."
Miles shrugs his shoulders and leans against the lockers. "Why couldn't that have been me, Q? I mean, I'm attractive enough, right?"
"I don't be looking at you like that, Miles." I answer. "Don't sweat it too much, though. Maybe you just need to try a different approach or something."
"Q, can you teach me how to get girls? Miles blurts out.
"Wait!" I pause. "You want me to do what?"
"You know mane, teach me how to get girls. Like show me what you do to get the girls." he explains.
"Man, I don't know, Miles." I hesitate. "It's kind of a secret."
"Aw, c'mon, Q! It's not like I'm gonna tell somebody." Miles begs. "You have to be breaking some kind of guy code rule not to teach me, mane!"
I think about what Miles just said. He did have a point. I probably would be breaking guy code if I didn't teach him how to pick up girls. Guy code is never meant to be broken. And I can't just break guy code. Plus, Miles seems so desperately hopeless when it comes to picking up girls. I would prefer to keep some of my pick-up secrets to myself, but I have to help a friend in need.
"Okay, Miles. I'll teach you how to pick up girls." I say, finally taking Miles up on his offer.
"Cool, mane! I can't wait to start learning from the master of picking up the girls! Den the girls will be all on me, too!" Miles exclaims, slapping five with my hand.
"What's up with ole girl?" I ask Lazar, as he walks back up to us.
"I got ha numba." Lazar answers with a smile. "We gon' hook up lata."
"That's what's up." I say, commenting on Lazar's accomplishment.
"Mane, you wanna know something, Q?" he asks me.
I hesitate at first because Miles obviously has a tendency to say some pretty off-the-wall stuff. I wasn't sure if what he has to tell me is something that I would really want to know. "Uh, sure." I finally answer.
"I think it's crazy how they can have these bangin' ass bodies, but aren't even legal yet." he sighs.
"Sumtin must be in da water 'cuz yung girls nowadays be stacked like olda women." Lazar responds.
"Don't worry, Miles. You'll find you a good girl one day and hopefully she'll be old enough to vote." I enthuse.
"Dat's fucked up!" Miles raves, his Dominican accent coming out. "It's just not right, Q! It drives me loco, mane!"
"Yeah, it's such a shame," Lazar agrees, with a shrug. "Dat those beautiful bodies are forbidden from us until dey hit 18."
"Finally somebody who understands!" Miles exclaims, like a light bulb just went off in his head.
I look at Miles and Lazar. "Y'all are just sick." I comment. "Y'all won't be satisfied until y'all sitting in jail somewhere with Big Bubba as your cellmate."
Lazar scoffs. "Like I ain't neva been to jail befo'."
"You're not the only one who's been to jail, so we both know how it is in there." I retort. "But I was just saying though."
Lazar just sucks his teeth and looks away, ignoring my last comment.

We continue standing there, checking out all the new freshman girls like the senior boys did every year. The boys weren't the only ones checking out the freshman girls either; upperclassmen girls were doing the same thing. Sizing up the girls to see who might be considered a threat and who didn't matter in the least. "Fresh meat" is what they are called because they are so naïve and don't really know what to expect from high school. It is always the most naïve ones that get caught up in some kind of drama for messing with the boyfriends of the upperclassmen girls. As easy as some freshman girls were, I'm just not the type to prey on them, let alone try to date them. I don't have the time to be getting caught up in all that mess. There was once a time when a freshman girl was attractive enough to make me want to talk to her, but I decided against it. I just couldn't get past the fact that she was so much younger than me. This year, I didn't see one girl that even interested me enough to make me want to think about doing that again.
"Yo, Q! You got fans." Lazar jokes, he pointing in the direction of who he is talking about.
I look around to see who he is talking about when I notice this junior girl, named Kita, is walking towards me. She has the biggest crush on me since I saved her from getting jumped by a group of girls during her freshman year. She is one of girls that got caught messing with a few of the boyfriends of upperclassman girls. The girlfriend didn't like that very much, so her and a group of her friends confronts her about it in the hallway one day after school. The girls surround her, push her around while cursing her with all kinds of horrible, derogative insults. They look like they were about to move in for the kill when I finally step in and stop it. I guess she must really think I am her knight in shining armor or something because of that. It was six on one, not even a fair fight. I couldn't standby and let them jump her like that. She is a nice girl and all, but not the type of girl I like. Too promiscuous and clearly too much drama for me.
"Hi, Qway. You gonna take us to state again this year?" Kita asks smiling, showing only bad gums and a huge gap. The smell of her bad breath fills my nostrils as she speaks.
I pretend to be aloof and uninterested, as I glance around the hallway searching for anything that was better to look at. "Don't I always?" I answer nonchalantly.
"Cool. I'll be cheering for you." she smiles showing off her gap again before walking off.
Miles walks up to me. "Mane, how could you not be interested in her?" he questions, pointing in Kita's direction. "She is always all over you."
"Well, I don't know. Maybe because she is not cute and she's been around the neighborhood more times then the Neighborhood Watch." I answer sarcastically.
"Yes, that is true." Sav adds, approaching us while eating a papaya. "She is not that good anyway, but she gives great head though."
"How do you even know that?" Miles asks.
"I don't think I even wanna kno how Sav knows dat." Lazar states.
"I don't either. I'm not gonna have time for girls anyway, especially those ones that give it up to everybody, like her." I declare. "This year my only focus is on going pro."
"What?" Sav coughs, choking on his papaya.
"Q, I kno you and I kno when you're lyin. It just doesn't seem like you to go one day without getting some." Lazar says. He is right. Nobody knows me better than Lazar. Out of all three of my best friends, I am the closest to him because we've been through a lot together. When it comes down to it, I know he will always have my back, just like how I will always have his. We are practically inseparable because we grew up together. He is the brother I never had.
"Yes, I think Lazar is right. I mean, you did use to have a different girl for every day of the week. And you are the type to just have sex with them and never talk to them again." Sav agrees. "What is that line you always used to say all the time?… Aw, yeah. 'They call it being committed. I call it being selfish.' Personally, I just do not think you can do it." he continues.
"Man, whatever. That's how the old Q was." I scoff. "I don't know why you insist on holding that shit over my head."
"Mane, that's just ridiculous." Miles states in my defense. "Besides, that was before he met Torie."
"Ahem!" I say, clearing my throat. Miles knows that talking about Torie is a sensitive topic for me and it is something that should never be brought up in the middle of conversation. Torie and I started dating the summer before our freshman year and broke up the summer after our sophomore year. It hurt to find out that she was cheating on me with a number of different dudes, but it hurt even more for her to leave me for a girl that looked like a man. It was embarrassing that the whole school knew about it before I did. I never felt more like a fool in my entire life. I thought I was being a good boyfriend to Torie. There is nothing that I didn't or wouldn't do for that girl. After all, she was my first love. I didn't lie to her, never cheated on her, gave her everything that she wants. Looking back now, I was silly to have ever believed she would reciprocate all of what I've ever done for her. I was extremely hurt, heartbroken even; never knowing if it was ever something I did wrong to make her do what she's done. I used to think maybe I gave her too much, or maybe it wasn't enough. I beat myself up for weeks trying to figure out where I went wrong in loving Torie. I eventually ended up falling into a deep depression. I really didn't understand how I gave that girl my all only to get slapped in the face in return. Call it a lesson learned because I'll never make that mistake again.

"Oh, sorry, Q." Miles says sheepishly.
Sav quickly changes the subject. "Well, I got $20 saying that he cannot last two weeks without getting any."
"Well, I got $30 that says he can last the whole month." Miles bets, pulling out the money.
I look at Sav as I think about his offer. "Okay, it's a bet. What happens if I lose?"
"Nothing really. This is just a test of your willpower and to see if you are really serious about swearing off girls." Sav answers.
"Wait! Hold on! Since wen did da love life of our best friend become sumtin that you can make bets on?" Lazar questions.
"What is wrong, Lazar? You scared to place a bet? Scared to lose a lil' money?" Sav teases. "It is not like we are trying to humiliate him. It is all in good fun. We do not mean anything by it."
"Exactly. Dat's how it all starts out, 'all in good fun.' And dat's when people's emotions get involved and hearts get broken. And den what? Don't you watch movies 'bout stuff like dat?" Lazar explains.
"Noo, not everybody is a big movie buff like you, Lazar." Sav sarcastically replies.
"I don't think you guys understand. This is something I'm really trying to do." I interrupt. "So, if this is gonna work, then I have to make some changes."
"But would that make you fake, right?" Sav asks.
"In some people's eyes, maybe, but I'm still gonna be me. I'm still gonna be Q." I defend, as the bell for homeroom begins to ring.
"So you are going to be fake then?" Sav repeats.
"I'm changing the way I am, not who I am. Changing myself for the better won't make me fake." I answer. "I'm serious though guys, fo' real. I'm done with girls and the bullshit they come with. I just wanna work on my game."
"I agree with Q." Miles chimes in. "Maybe I should change the way I am and it could probably help me get the girls."
"No, Miles. Doing that would make you fake too because you are pretending to be someone you are not." Sav explains.
"No, it wouldn't." Miles argues. "We're making lifestyle changes. There's nothing wrong with that. Reformed people do it all the time."
"I'm just gonna say dis, 'A real man may be hated for who he is, but a fake man is loved for who he is not.' My grandfather used to tell me dat all da time when I was little." Lazar interrupts. "Dat's jus sumtin for y'all to keep in mind."
"Thanks, Lazar. It's so good to know that one of my best friends is supporting my decision." I say, looking at Sav.
"I was just saying." Sav replies and shrugs his shoulders. "I am just calling it like I see it. To me, that would make you fake. It is okay though because I am still gonna be cool with you."
I wave my arms in dismissal. "Man, wateva." I say, walking towards my homeroom.

-¨- -¨- -¨- -¨- -¨- -¨-

"Mrr. Joones. Howw nice it is to knoww that Ii have the pleasure of having yyou annd your cohhorts in myy homeroomm classroomm again this yearr." Mrs. Jenkins greets, as I walk into the classroom, with Lazar, Miles, and Sav in tow.
"And I can say the same thing about you, too Mrs. Jenkins." I reply with enthusiasm. I make my way to the group of four desks in the middle of the room where we always sit at. I sit in a desk on the left, Miles sits behind me, Lazar sits next to me, and Sav sits behind him.
"Settlle down, now. I am goonna take attendance." Mrs. Jenkins orders, in an attempt to quiet all side conversations. She retrieves the attendance sheet from her desk. I block Mrs. Jenkins's nasally voice out as she begins calling the first and last names of my fellow peers. As slow as she is going, it will be awhile before she gets to my name. The sound of the door opening makes me zone back into reality. I hear Mrs. Jenkins call some girl's name, but I didn't really pay attention to who it was. The person who opened the door has my full, undivided attention. My eyes are glued to this mysterious, unknown beauty.

I know I said I'm swearing off girls this year so I can focus on my grades and basketball, but that was before I saw her. She has to be at least 5'5 with the body of a video vixen and walk of a model. Unlike some of the other girls in this school, I assume that the hair on her head is real. At least, it looks that way to me. Her long black hair sits nicely above her ample set of breasts. She looks like one of those girls who didn't need to wear makeup because they have a natural beauty about them. She is beautiful in every sense of the word. At first glance, she looks like any other fine girl walking around this school, but there is something different about her I just can't seem to place my finger on. Her cat-like eyes is what attracts me the most to her. I don't know what it was about her, but I plan to find out.

She must be a new student because I haven't seen her around school before. There is no way she can be an underclassman because this is a senior homeroom. Just the thought of her brings many thoughts and questions to my mind. Is she single or maybe she's married? Does she have a boyfriend? There's no way a girl like her can be single. Maybe the reason she could be single is because she's one of those crazy stalker-type females. Or maybe she has a crazy ex-boyfriend that stalks her. I wonder if I have a chance with her. Maybe not. Maybe she's into girls. Or maybe she's into both boys and girls. If she is, that's fine with me. She can bring her girlfriend, too. My mind is abuzz with all the possibilities of who this girl could be. And I need a way to distinguish between what's true and what's false. Well, I think have another goal to accomplish this year and it's to get that girl on my arm. I just have to make this girl mine. Man, I can see it now, how good we're going to look together. I'm playing pro ball while she's my personal cheerleader. We can be a power couple.

"Ay, Lazar." I whisper. "Who's dat?" I point in her direction.
"Her right there?" he looks at her. "I don't know. She's cold, but she looks real familiar though."
"Damn! She is hot." Miles agrees. "Hey, I just got an idea."
"Oh, Allah. Miles has an idea." Sav exaggerates. "Brace yourselves for the stupidity that is about to come out of his mouth."
"Miles probably has a good idea and I think we should hear him out." I suggest.
"I try to holla at this girl and you guys tell me what I'm doing wrong." Miles explains.
I exchange looks with Sav and Lazar. Sav just shrugs his shoulders.
"Don't look at me, man. You da love coach, not me." Lazar says, holding his hands up.
"C'mon, Q! You said that you would teach me and this can be my first lesson, you showing me what I do wrong when I approach girls." Miles pleads.
"Just for the record, you are the one who wanted to 'hear him out,' not me." Sav interjects.
"Also, you did say you would help him get the girls." Lazar adds.
"Yeah, don't mention it." I mumble, cutting my eyes at the two of them.
"What?" Lazar asks. "We jus tryna help 'cuz Miles seriously needs some help getting da girls."
"Right. Besides, how can you say no to a face like this?" Sav says, grabbing Miles's face.
I sigh before giving Miles an answer. "Okay, I'll do it." I reluctantly agree. "Let's see what you got. Try to talk to her when she walks past."
We sit at our desks and wait for Miles to make his move on the mystery girl. He quickly fixes his hair and checks his breath. The mystery girl makes her way down the aisle when Miles sticks his leg out, blocking her path.

"I know you saw me coming this way, so why would you put your leg right here?" the mystery girl says.
"You don't need to sit all the way back there." Miles smirks.
"And that is how he gets her attention? By sticking his leg out? Really?" Sav observes. "No 'excuse me, miss' or nothing. Un-freakin-believable."
"He's fuckin up already." Lazar comments, folding his arms.
"This is not going to end good." I predict, covering my face with a hand.

"So where am I supposed to sit then?" she asks.
"You can sit right here." Miles turns in his chair and pats his lap.
The mystery girl cuts her cat eyes at Miles. "Really? Are you being serious right now?"
He just continues to smile, as if everything is cool. "Yeah, girl. It's more comfortable then the chairs in here,"
"Naw, I'm not yo girl." she protests, with an attitude. "I don't even know you, so why would I sit on your lap?" We watch as the mystery girl rolls her eyes and rudely brush pass him.
Miles sat there looking confused, as if he didn't know that he had just been rejected.

"Ouch." Sav comments. "That kind of hurt me a little on the inside."
Lazar places his hand on my shoulder. "You definitely got yo' work cut out fo' you. Good luck wit dat, man."
"I guess I messed that up, huh Q?" Miles asks with a sad look on his face.
"Yeah, you did." I confess. "She is just too much of a challenge for you."
"Every girl in this school is too much of a challenge for Miles." Sav jokes and slaps fives with Lazar.
"Why don't you try to talk to her and show me how it's done then?" Miles suggests.
"So I can embarrass myself like you? I'll pass." Sav replies.
"I think I might get at her." I announce.
"Go for it den, bra. Seeing as how Miles failed miserably." Lazar says.
"Wait a minute." Sav interrupts. "I thought you said you were swearing off girls this year."
"I know what I said, but it doesn't hurt to have friends to talk to." I tell him.
"I mean if you really want her, go for it. But to me, it doesn't look like you're her type either." Sav states.
"Man, why are you sweating Q? With his looks, he can get any girl he wants." Miles declares.
The three of us just stare at Miles. "This is not the time to go gay on us." Lazar says.

While they start to argue over Miles' sexual orientation, I couldn't help but think of how right he is. My mother told me all the time that I 'would be a heartbreaker, but don't break hearts' when I got older because of my looks. I have my mother's flawless skin and light brown eyes, combined with my father's 6'0+ muscular frame and almond complexion. People always tell me about how I would be a perfect male model. If I wasn't so obsessed with basketball, I would probably try modeling and give Lance Gross a run for his money. Maybe, if I decide to retire early or something.

Sav interrupts my thoughts. "I just thought of a way to make our little bet more interesting."
Lazar folds his arms and shakes his head. "I'm not even gonna to say anything anymo' 'cuz y'all act like y'all don't hear me."
"Man, Lazar, why are you trying to act like you are such a saint? Like you never done anything wrong?" Sav questions curtly.
"I'm not tryna to act like I'm a fucking saint 'cuz I know I'm not. I'm not tryna to act like I'm perfect or dat I'm betta den anybody else 'cuz dat's not me. Dat's not sumtin I would do and you fuckin kno dat. So don't even go derr wit me." Lazar retorts.
"Really, Lazar? I cannot believe what I am hearing right now! I cannot believe that this is coming from the guy who did not have a fucking heart! This is coming from the guy who didn't give a fuck about anybody, but himself! This is coming from the guy who did not care about who he hurt as long as he got what he wanted in the process." Sav replies.
"How many times do I have to tell you dat I've changed! Wat is it den, Sav? Are you mad dat I'm not de same person dat I used to be? I'm not goin back to how I used to be! I've grown up!" Lazar yells back. "I know da things dat I done in my past were wrong. I was able to realize dat the path where I was headed wasn't the right path for me and dat it wasn't too late for me to try to change."
Miles and I sit there watching as their argument becomes more heated. I know Lazar and he is trying his hardest not to punch Sav in his face.
"Gentlemen!" Mrs. Jenkins shouts, looking in our direction. "I do not allow yelling in my classroom! You need to keep your voices down or I will assign you both detention!"
The four of us exchange glances amongst each other. Everybody in the classroom is looking at us, including Mystery Girl.
"You are such a hypocrite. I do not want to hear anything else you got to say." Sav states.
"You don't wanna hear what I gotta say? Naw, fuck dat. You don't even have to worry 'bout dat cuz I'm not saying shit else to you! I'm tired of talking to muthafucking brick walls cuz obviously it's not doing me any good!" Lazar fumes and walks out of homeroom as the bell rings.
As everybody else in our homeroom starts to leave, we just sit there looking dumbfounded. I guess neither of us can believe what just happened. I forget that Lazar goes off like that. I know Miles and Sav are definitely not used to seeing that side of Lazar, but it is nothing that I'm not used to. He must have really changed because that is nothing compared to how he used to snap. If he did, then Sav would be in a coma or dead, the classroom would look like a tornado just blew through it, and no telling how many people would have been hurt in the crossfire. Thank God he didn't.
"Well damn." Miles comments as he gets up to leave.
I finally decide to break the silence. "You know what you said was kinda harsh. Maybe you should apologize."
"Apologize? For what? What he said to me was just as bad." Sav protests.
"I don't care. It doesn't matter. Both of y'all were wrong for what was said. You need to be the bigger man and apologize because you know Lazar won't. Lazar is not the kind of person that you want as an enemy. Trust me." I warn and walk away.

I scan the room to see where Mystery Girl went. I don't know her name so I didn't want to call her just anything. I am finally able to catch up to her in the hallway.
"Hey!" I say trying to get her attention. She turns around and we make eye contact. Green. Her eyes are green. I get lost in her eyes and forget what I was about to say. Mystery Girl gives me a weird look.
"Look, I apologize for my friend back there. He doesn't really know how to talk to girls, so you'll have to excuse him." I finally say.
"It's cool, but you're gonna have to teach your friend a better way of how to talk to girls." she says.
I want to say more to this girl, but our conversation is cut short by the late bell. "Well, I better get going. I just wanted to apologize on my friend's behalf." I declare.
"Yeah, me too." Mystery Girl agrees.
"Yeah, so maybe I'll see you around or something." I say, before walking off.
"O-kay." she says awkwardly.
I rush down the hall to my first period class. As attractive as Mystery Girl is, I had to get away from her. Talking to her made me a little nervous. I haven't been nervous when it came to talking girls since Torie. I guess this must be how Miles feels when he tries to talk to girls. I don't really know how to feel about that.


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