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Sightless Romance

Novel By: Diary Of A Musical
Young adult

Seeking revenge for the captain who killed her mother, Shiloh found herself in a race among humans to get her family fortune back. She was saved by an unknown man who accepted her just like his own family and he taught her things she had never knew existed in the world including the passionate feeling of love, acceptance, and giving up revenge. Could these valuable things really make her life change? There was no hope in a blind world, but could the man that she loved really be the angel she had been looking for? View table of contents...



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Chapter 1: A Blind World

A sharp-explosion sound, like a balloon filled with air that had been stepped on, erupted. I winced, feeling my left eye winking. I heard the gasping sound of my mother's voice from faraway and I hesitated trying to follow the direction I heard the sharp "Bang".

Someone had committed murder on the ship, and it sounded like Clara was involved.

I was sure that I heard her shouting my name from the end of the ship. I could smell the salt-water of the ocean mixed with the misty smell of the Earth and some rusted-metal smell from the ship. I could hear the sky rumbling with thunder and soon it would be raining. The waves were crashing like a gigantic monster, and I was feeling sea-sickness coming into me but it was Clara I was most worried about. My head was lightened and I felt knots inside my stomach of uneasiness that something was wrong with my mother. I could feel the wind blowing my hair past my face, and the cool water droplet that began to wet my clothes as it plummeted down. The boat was beginning to get unbalanced like a scale with one end heavier than the other.

Where was Clara? Are we near the paradise she promised to take me to, yet? What had she done? Is she safe?

The questions were screaming inside my head. I felt the wooden walls on the boat, and I shifted slowly alone to the end, letting sprays of water splashing onto me as the boat hit the water. Clara had promised to take me to the paradise-our new home- and now all of a sudden she disappeared. Where did she go? Was she with the captain, Henry? Where is my beloved mother Clara? Was she safe or not?

I heard footsteps of a group of sailors approaching after me as if they noticed the sound also. I couldn't see them but at least I could smell their fresh suit and hear their deep breathing. They were inhaling and exhaling, in and out, and the sound got closer to my ears.

"What's going on?" I asked trying to get information from them. There was a bad feeling coming into me. I knew that I had heard gun-shots and Clara's voice gasping my name out loud. The salted-rubbery fresh sailor suit's smell was closer to me, but I frowned when I feel a bound of air of thousands of men breathing around me as they crept slowly toward me like an army attack trying to kill the last survivor. This ship frightened me, and I wondered what could possibly go on because I couldn't even see it.

"Get her!" a deep-voice commanded behind my back.

I felt my wrists being locked together like a shackle by two strong arms. I screamed Clara's name, but a hand already clasped my mouth shut and I knew that I was being kidnapped by sailors-no they shouldn't be called that; they should be earned the name pirates- in the middle of the ocean where there was a huge gigantic storm.

I tried to writher free from those grasp, demanding for the captain of the ship, Henry, but those hands were too secured and I could feel the burns on my wrist as bad as any sunburn I had before. It was painful, but I couldn't see the marks when the entire world around me was just pitch black. I had never seen color in all my life.

I allowed them to drag me on the floor and then I felt the hands pushed me next to a cold, lifeless, body that was felt with blood. I was sure it was a body, because I could feel the human skins and the face with hair and the expensive attire. I gasped when I smelled the suntanned-lotion that Clara loved to use on beach holidays. I felt her body.

"Clara?" I asked.

The limp, slender, body that was wet with damp liquid was my mother's but she didn't seem to move or breathe when I felt her tummy. Shakily I felt her face, and when I felt her nostrils it didn't suck in the air at all and I realized what had become of my mother. There was a hole in her head and it was leaking with blood. I could feel the thick density of the liquid, and it was a fresh killing.

Clara was dead. My mother, Clara was dead and now I was lonely. I could feel tears dripping down my sightless eyes. My best friend, tutor and only parent, Clara Autumn was gone. I felt her soft long hair, and I could feel her eyes wide-open. She was murdered on purpose and yet there had to be somebody to blame for this.

I heard a similar voice whispered. I gasped, thinking it couldn't be him. My body was shaking as I heard Henry's voice ordering someone to throw me off the ship into the fearsome sea. Even if I died ten times in my life, I could still recognize his throaty-voice. It couldn't be him-it's just impossible to believe that someone could kill their best friend. Could it really be the truth?

Then I smell the cigarette and coffee smell that only one man on this boat smoked. He picked me up, lightly with his grasps and I felt his hands tightened on my throat. The first day that I had met him, Henry was smoking the exact cigarette. I could smell it on him right now. The bitter-coffee smell mixed with tealeaf scents.

"Where's the map?" Henry asked choking my neck with his fists and I gasped, widening my eyes although I couldn't see his face at all. He had gone mad, had he?

"What map?" I gasped tasting the rainwater on my tongue.

"Don't say it like you never knew about it, girl. I knew that you knew where it was. Spit it out, and we shall spare your life. You won't like to get thrown into the ocean would you?"

"I don't know", I told him truthfully, spitting it out. He had killed my mother. That murderer! Now was he planning to get something out of me that I knew nothing about and then what? Kill me? Throw me into the ocean so that I drown or was it that he thinks that it would be a clean execution by having sharks devouring me.

"Liar", he accused. "The damn bitchy mother of yours wouldn't tell me, and you wouldn't want to follow her would you. Speak it! Tell us where the map to the island is".

"I- Am- Telling- you- the- Truth", I separated each word out. "I don't know".

I tried to wriggle free from his bonds but he was holding my neck tight. He dug his fingers into my neck, and I moaned feeling my neck being squeezed.

"She looks like she's telling you the truth, sir", someone said. "I don't think she's lying".

"Maybe you got a point there", Henry said examining my face. "Did your mother leave you anything?"

I shook my head, but this was my first lie. My mother did give me a necklace the night before yesterday. "Keep it well, and don't give it away to anyone", she had told me.Whatever Henry wants, the secret must had been inside the necklace.

He released my neck, and I knew that he bought the lie. He believed the false words that I spoke, and now I was freed. I tried to feel for her body but it was gone."Throw the body into the sea and make it clean", the captain instructed and I gasped."You can't do that", I said but I heard something heavy being thrown into the wailing water. No, of course he can. He was a killer and he was an enemy now.

The gravitational sound being pushed into the marine was so sharp that I could hear it easily. A "clean kill" he had called it and I knew that my mother was waiting for me at the bottom of the ocean.

The memories of us girls drifted together like the memory I had with my father. It was a blind world for me where there was nothing but darkness. I had never seen their faces or even knew what I looked like. Clara was the only one who helped me describe the beautiful places we had went around the world. Now without her, I was just a useless doll preparing to be burnt, slaughtered, or whatever they were going to do next.

I was prepared for death every single moment from now. There was so much anger in me-angered that I couldn't save Clara, anger that she left me alone in the darkness, revenge toward Henry, and my eyes unable to see my mother's face or the murderer. Without one my senses, I was useless and I couldn't kill Henry. Yet, because I knew that my mother would want me alive to kill him.

"She's useless to us now, and it's lucky the woman leave us some information and clues about the map. We just need to find The Key and then we'll be able to reveal it", Henry muttered and I heard his heavy boots walking around.

"What should we do with her captain?"

"She's nothing to us, so just feed her to the shark".

"She's kinda pretty", another crew muttered and I felt a hand touching me.

I slapped it away freely and I felt my hands slapping his cheeks.

"Get your shit away from me", I told him scarcely and he growled slapping me back. His hands were stronger than me, as I felt his palms smacking into my face. I screeched, rubbing the marks on my face, and allowing teardrops dripping. I had never been slapped all my life, and yet this demon just slapped me.

"Just throw this witch into the sea and let her be gone", the demon who tried to touch me muttered infuriately. "I don't want to see her ugly face anymore". He slapped the other side of my face and then I was pushed to the ground, feeling my head hitting the wooden floor and I could feel something leaking behind me. The damp, warm, fresh blood from my body and I felt my eyes closing slowly and my breath stop. I laid there motionless, unable to move.

"Aw, man, Trevor, you killed her. She's not breathing".

"I didn't mean to push her that hard. She was the one who slapped me in the first place", he confessed.

"What are we waiting for? Let's throw her away".

I felt my body being lifted off the ground, hands on my wrists and both my legs and I was carried away feeling nothing but an uneasy death experience coming up. They swung me over their shoulders and then I was flying alone in midair, feeling the water surface galloping me in. There was water every inches and part of my body, and I felt water getting inside my nostrils making me breathless and choking. I tried to struggle to fight for life but there was no excuse. I could feel myself floating in the middle of the water, and hear bubbles floating around, breathlessly.

For one full lifetime, my world had been nothing but the sight of darkness. There was darkness in both life and death for me. I could never tell the difference just like the night and daytime.

My world is a world of darkness. There was no hope in the blind world.


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