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This story also displays love, trust, having fun when your young and not to forget the people around you.

This is a sequel to the story Thank You Damien, unfortunately i couldn't find the content for that so i'll use this, it's about a senior who struggles with his family, his girlfriend, the people around him.

Somethings you might not understand so i'll fill you in on it, Damien one of the main characters, was kicked out of his parents house when he was 15 but not for the reason you may think, his dad blew up at him for something he didn't do(plus his dad was drunk)so now Damien lives in the guesthouse. Alyssa's life isn't all to good either, her mom was killed in a car accident, her boyfriend was shot and with that her dad became an alcoholic which caused him to be abusive. Shortly Alyssa's sister Ashanti goes missing. Along with all the sadness and unfortuante events within their families Alyssa and Damien become close and help each other get through it...in the end though Ashanti comes back. I think that is all you need to know, if you don't understand something please do tell me. View table of contents...


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I'm Sorry...I Think

"Alyssa, please!" I said chasing after her.

I ran towards her room, needing to talk to her, I was definitely sorry about this. I never would done that to her before, so why now? What made Alice an exception? Why did I even kiss Alice to begin with.

I bolted towards her door, before she would close it, but once she caught sight of me, she slammed the door in my face and locked it.

I sat down with my back against the door, thinking through everything, that I had done, I was really messing up our relationship. It started off when she told me she wanted to move in and well I wasn't to thrilled (I didn't really want her here), then I had to go and read her diary (best thing I've ever done!!) and to top it off, the cherry on top I kissed the one girl she hated; you're a real genius Damien. I softly started to hum "All Around Me" by Flyleaf, in a way lower octive then Lacey. This totally sucked though!!

I sat and hummed, hummed and sat for about and hour hoping she's get sick of my humming and open the door, I sat for 15 more minutes and unexpectedly she opened the door, causing me to fall on my back.

She looked at me and sighed, "Why would you hum that song? You know that's not our song," she asked. Why was it so hard to look at her? The first time I saw Alyssa with make-up streaming down her face I found attractive,very attractive. At that time i didn't even see the mess on her face. But now i saw all of it, all the make-up, this was really bad, why was this happening? There was mascara streaks along her face, her eyes were red and puffy, I was bad friend er...a boyfriend.

I looked up at her, or least in an attempt I tried to look up at her and said, "I know, Alyssa...I'm sorry, I don't know what happened, well I do, what I should say is I don't know what came over me."

"Yeah I guess, I'm sorry for being manipulative, so i guess everyone can talk to you again...but it doesn't make up for everything you did, I can't forgive, you may go now," she said, the ol'bitch was back.

"What the hell? I sit outside of your door for over an hour...when I could have been doing something entertaining or studying for exams...and you still don't forgive me? God you have some serious issues also." I paused because I knew what I was about to say would hurt her, a lot. "I'm not sorry for kissing Alice, I enjoyed...so yes i guess i lied but at least i had the guts, to confront you...which you didn't you would have never told me you still liked Chris, or that you lost your virginity to him...nope...that's the one thing I hate about you Alyssa, I always knew you were manipultive but I never knew you were a hypocrite...I need a break from you, a big one so we a certainly not going to prom together you can go find someone else...see you Sunday, this dinner is going to be a joke!"

I started to walk off then she said, "does this mean, you don't want to be near me until Sunday dinner with your dad? Don't you think that'll cause a lot of drama?"

"Yep...oh well you win some and you lose some...if I win back his love and vise-versa well then good, but if everthing goes downhill...oh well."



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